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Ecamm Printopia 2

Everyone was excited when Apple announced AirPrint for iOS last fall, but too few supported printers killed the buzz. Printopia 2 ($20) from Ecamm helps resolve that issue by acting as a print server on your Mac, allowing you to route printing to any of the devices on your home network. Read More


Moshi TeraGlove

The Onion got it right when it said that 90% of your time is spent in front of glowing rectangles. If you’re going to be staring at them all day, you might as well keep them clean. That’s why Moshi came out with TeraGlove ($16), a screen cleaning cloth that’s designed to work on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPad—really any of those rectangles. And no, it’s not just another cleaning cloth. Read More


The Iconfactory Flare

Even if you haven’t already spent a small fortune on Adobe’s Creative Suite, you probably want to have some fun with your digital photos. That’s where Iconfactory’s Flare ($20) comes into play. This simplified photo filter app gives you the ability to quickly add effects and textures to your pictures, but gives you a lot more control than most of the other filter apps out there. Read More


iLifeTouch Finger Alarm

Haven’t you always wondered why there’s no alarm clock built into your Mac? Well at least that leaves plenty of room for companies like iLifeTouch to come in and introduce awesome apps like Finger Alarm ($2). Sitting right on your desktop, this insanely simple clock allows you to set two separate alarms, and it looks gorgeous to boot. Read More

£80/$131 - £100/$164

Tuff-Luv Saddleback Brown Genuine Leather Case Cover

Let’s be honest: when was the last time anyone came out with a new kind of case for a MacBook? Sure, there are clip-on hard-shells, bags, and plenty of sleeves. Leave it to the Brits to turn cowboy fashion into a great new option to protect your MacBook Air: this is Tuff-Luv’s Saddleback Brown Genuine Leather Case Cover (11” - £80/$131, 13” - £100/$164). Looking like a distressed leather portfolio, the Saddleback has flaps that hold tight to the bottom corners of the Air. Brown leather covers the entire body, and the halves are held shut with a magnetic closure. Read More


Christian Kienle Store News

Apps are good. Cheap apps are better. So based on the laws of physics, a free app that finds cheap apps for you has to be awesome on some meta level. With this in mind, Christian Kienle has released Store News (free) in the Mac App Store. Instead of spending your time looking for deals, Store News finds them for you. Read More


PKG Rubber Bag

Computer bags are made from all sorts of common materials—leather, fabric, nylon, neoprene, and on and on. But PKG’s Rubber Bag (Small - $80, Large - $90) is sort of unique: the body is made from reused and recycled truck inner tubes, and the shoulder strap from seat belts. All of the parts were found in Delhi, India, and the bags were assembled there too. Read More


Gumdrop Surf Convertible

Looking for a way to protect and show off your MacBook Air without making PETA mad? Gumdrop’s new Surf Convertible ($50) for the 11- and 13-inch models might just be the right thing for you. Available in either blue or black, this folio is made of faux-suede microfiber, so no need to feel guilty about carrying this one around. Read More

Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II

Remember when everything you needed fit on a floppy? Yeah, well those days are long past gone. At this point we’re talking terabytes, and Western Digital is taking it to the next level with the MyBook Studio Edition II ($550), weighing in at a whopping 6TB. It’s the same size as the previous 4TB version, so no worries about clearing extra space on your desk. Read More


MobileAge Shanghai Mahjong

Mahjong: it’s not just for grandmas in tea houses any more. The iOS App Store has been littered with also-rans for a few years, but MobileAge has stood head and shoulders above most rivals with its premier title Shanghai Mahjong ($2)—a “concentration-style” tile-matching game that’s now available for the Mac. Featuring realistic graphics, dozens of free downloadable tile sets, and the ability to personalize the backgrounds, it is a gorgeous iteration of the classic puzzler, challenging you to deconstruct stacks two tiles at a time. Read More


Acme Made Lombard Sleeve

Sometimes, you just have to be a little showy. Acme Made’s Lombard Sleeve ($65) is a great way to display your style and protect your 13 or 15-inch MacBook Pro at the same time, and at a semi-affordable price. Available in either a shiny silver on black or black on white, this funky plant stem kaleidoscope design is definitely going to get you some attention. Read More


Artwizz Induction Charger

Apple has a long and checkered history with mouse design. Only a few years ago did it release an almost universally-praised option in the Magic Mouse, now packed-in as standard with every iMac. Problem: Magic Mouse eats batteries every two or three months. That’s where Artwizz comes in with the Induction Charger (€40). This induction charging platform allows you to simply toss your mouse on it when not in use and come back to a full charge, never having to worry about replacing batteries or plugging anything in again. (Sound familiar?) Read More

$4,900 and up


Without a doubt one of the coolest desks we’ve ever seen, the MILK ($4,900 and up) line demonstrates that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. Available in a Classic, extra large Grande, multi-person 4MILK, or half-sized Mini, the desks provide the same clean European design across the board. Colors and finishes are customizable; in fact MILK must be ordered through a licensed dealer who help in individualizing every detail.The modularity of the desk makes it that much more personal. The two or four compartments (depending on the model) can be accessorized with everything from stylized lids to toolboxes to wastepaper baskets. At the same time, built in drawer spaces allow for easy storage and charging of an iPad or MacBook. Read More


Lexar Professional 133x SDXC Card

Want a gigantic SD card? Well, all right, how does 64GB sound? Not enough? Fine, how about 128GB! High-def photographers and videographers can rejoice now that Lexar has released the Professional 133x SDXC Cards (64GB - $200, 128GB - $330), each with plenty of space for anything you could hope to shoot in several typical sessions. And you probably don’t need to worry about upgrading your computer: they’re compatible with the SD/SDXC readers built into the newest MacBook Pros and iMacs. Read More


Apple MacBook Pro (Early 2011)

Yes, Apple’s last MacBook Pro update wasn’t particularly exciting, but the new MacBook Pros ($1,200-$2,500) pack a lot more awesome into otherwise familiar enclosures. On the outside is the same body we’ve seen since the October 2008 overhaul, but new graphics chips and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors offer huge performance jumps over earlier, same-priced models, and a new Thunderbolt port promises faster I/O with future peripherals. Available in the standard 13”, 15”, and 17” sizes, these workhorses live up to the Pro name. Read More

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