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April 15, 2014

Sony Alpha A6000

A slew of new cameras has been introduced over the past few days, but none are quite as impressive as Sony’s Alpha A6000 ($650). Also available with a 16-50mm power-zoom kit lens for $800, this mirrorless shooter is an impressive followup to the NEX-6. With a new sensor and faster autofocus—plus a lower price—there’s a lot to like. Read More


Hex Onyx Premium Capsule Collection

Hex has always been known for nice bags, but it’s pivoted to focus on premium options. The latest family is Onyx Premium Capsule Collection, made up of three Mac bags at $180 each. Available as a duffle, tote, or backpack, each has room for a 13” or 15” MacBook, plus an iPad and iPhone. Despite the different styles, each bag uses the same materials and clearly belongs alongside the others. Read More


Tenba Transport Air Case with Wheels

We’re not convinced that traveling with or shipping an iMac is something most people will ever consider, but then again, for certain professional reasons, it makes a lot of sense. That explains why Tenba is one of a handful of companies making travel cases for the all-in-one machines, including its Transport Air Case with Wheels ($655). This edition is for the newest 27” iMacs, but you’ll actually find more than 30 sizes on the company’s web site.  Read More


G-Technology G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt

Looking at the lineup of G-Technology’s drives, it can be tough to distinguish between the many different but similar-looking options. G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt ($700-$850) makes it pretty clear, though: it’s packing two full-speed Thunderbolt ports to take proper advantage of the fast transfer standard. Coming in 2TB and 4TB storage capacities, the drive is housed inside the trademark aluminum casing that looks great next to a Mac. Read More


Urban Apps Hourly News

It can be tough to keep up with the news all day while working. Maybe you use Twitter to keep track of the headlines, or your favorite news sites to get more in-depth. We happen to like the radio, but find the constant talk distracting. That’s why we’re intrigued by Urban Apps’ Hourly News ($3). Packing a handful of sources, it automatically downloads hourly news podcasts, and plays them when you’re ready. Read More


OWC RAM for Mac Pro (Late 2013)

With a $3,000 starting price, it may be hard to justify upgrading the new Mac Pro beyond its basic specs when you make the purchase. Thankfully this unit is mostly user-upgradable, including its RAM, and like always, OWC is ready to go with RAM upgrades ($75-$859). While Apple charges up to $1,200 for the maximum RAM — four 16GB chips equalling 64GB total — OWC charges $341 less for the same array. Read More


Toshiba Canvio Home Backup & Share

Of course it’s a great idea to backup your Mac regularly, and thanks to Time Machine, there are plenty of drives that do that for you easily. The latest drives build upon the basics with convenient implementations, at lower prices. So even though Toshiba’s Canvio Home Backup & Share ($150) is far from the first networked drive around, we’re interested because it’s inexpensive and easy to use. Read More


Feral Interactive Tomb Raider

It’s been almost 20 years since the first Tomb Raider game came out, but Lara Craft is still going strong. Feral Interactive has just brought the latest title in the series—a reboot just named Tomb Raider ($50)—to the Mac App Store. It’s an origin story, taking you back to Lara’s development, and explaining just why an archaeologist ends up in such crazy situations. Read More


Edifier Luna Eclipse

If Edifier is known for one thing, it’s the unique shapes it comes up with for speakers. Not content with dull boxes, the company has explored all sorts of different designs. Its Mac-friendly Luna Eclipse ($200) is no exception. This handsome set of desktop speakers is unlike anything we’ve seen from other companies in the past, a design that uses its curves to create what’s almost a floating effect. Updated February 3, 2014 with hands-on details. Read More


Gwinno Software PhotoSweeper

If you have photos on your Mac, there are almost certainly duplicates. Maybe you copied a folder when you meant to move it, or imported twice without realizing it, or even made some minor edits but kept the original around. Regardless, these extra shots take up valuable space on your hard drive. Gwinno Software’s PhotoSweeper ($10) exists to clean up those duplicates. Instead of working with just one app, it’s a solution for iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom, plus any random folders you have lying around. Read More


This Is Ground Cordlupa

This Is Ground has products called Cord Taco and Cordito; Cordlupa ($25) only makes sense to round out the family. The faux leather band serves just one purpose, and that’s to wrap up your MacBook’s power brick and cord, keeping them bundled when you’re on the go. Read More


WILL Leather Goods Kent Messenger Bag

A fine computer deserves a fine carrying bag, right? Well, If you really want to carry your MacBook Air or 13” MacBook Pro in style, WILL Leather Goods’ Kent Messenger Bag ($395) is an option. It’s made from some of the most handsome leather we’ve seen on a bag. The construction process helps to ensure that it’ll stand the test of time, and we have to believe the vegetable-tanned finish will age well over the years. Read More

February 25, 2014

Maclocks Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket with Security Cable Lock

Unlike its giant and hard to steal predecessors, the new Mac Pro is… portable enough to make a purchaser worry about leaving one out in the open. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we came across Maclocks’ new Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket with Security Cable Lock ($126*). The company known for securing Macs and iPads of all kinds is back at it again, this time prepared to lockdown Apple’s newest and most expensive machine. Read More


Apple Mac Icon Font

It was January 24, 30 years ago, that Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh to the world. Fast forward to today, and obviously things have changed a bit. We’re thrilled to see Apple recognizing the anniversary in its stores and on its website, paying tribute to the machine that made the company what it is. Poke around Apple.com today, and you’ll see a cool timeline, complete with line graphics of each and every Mac. Developer Greg Barbosa did some digging, and found they’re actually part of a Mac Icon Font (Free, automatic download). Read More

Fall 2014

Palette Palette

For most people, a keyboard and either a mouse or trackpad is plenty to control a Mac. But people using certain apps, such as music and photo editors, benefit from more granular control. That’s where Palette ($99+), from the company of the same name, comes into play. A modular series of physical controls, it allows you to customize a unique work flow. Read More

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