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Apple iMac (Late 2013)

The timing’s a little odd—the week after an Apple keynote, and before the launch of the already-announced Mavericks operating system—but, hey, new iMacs are new iMacs. The late 2013 edition ($1,299-$1,999) of Apple’s all-in-one desktop has seen some internal spec bumps over last winter’s more significant body upgrade. Announced via a press release this morning, the updated computers will be available starting on Thursday, September 26. Read More


Cocoon Slim Backpack

Cocoon has based its business around its Grid-It! elastic band accessories, which are available as standalone products and built into various accessories. The latest, currently an Apple Store exclusive, is Slim Backpack ($80). Designed to hold any current Mac laptop up to a 15” MacBook Pro, the waterproof ballistic nylon bag is attractive enough from the outside, though not terribly different from the pack. It’s the faux suede-lined interior design that makes this one stick out. Read More

Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

Belkin’s YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad ($60) is exactly what it would look like if you took a Magic Trackpad and stuck some numbers to it. If Apple were ever to make a number pad of its own, we’d imagine it would look just like this. For the accountants and other number crunchers out there, it’s worth checking out.  Read More


Nikon 1 AW1

The new Nikon 1 AW1 is more than just another camera body from the imaging company. The big deal here isn’t the sensor—which is respectable—but rather, the fact that the camera is super tough. Tough as in waterproof down to 49 feet, shockproof against drops up to 6.6 feet, and able to operate in sub-freezing temperatures, tough. It used to be that if you wanted a camera like this, you had to buy a cheap point-and-shoot, or splurge for an expensive housing for your DSLR. This provides a nice middle ground.  Read More

September 23, 2013

Sonnet Echo Express SE II

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for a Thunderbolt 2 accessory, good news: we have one to show you… sort of. Sonnet has announced its Echo Express SE II ($499), a Thunderbolt expansion chassis for PCIe cards. It’ll be available on September 23, and at that time, it’ll ship with a standard Thunderbolt connection. Whenever Apple ships its new Mac Pro this fall, Sonnet will allow you to upgrade to Thunderbolt 2, for free. Read More

Free / $2/year

Ivan Pavlov Parcel - Delivery Tracking

Ivan Pavlov’s app Parcel - Delivery Tracking (Free / $2/year) isn’t novel, but it’s a well-designed package tracking tool. Designed to work across your Mac and iOS devices, it ensures that you’ll be able to keep tabs on your deliveries at all times. The apps are free to use, and allow you to track up to three simultaneous packages gratis. Subscribe for $2 a year, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on unlimited deliveries, plus get push notifications about their travels. Read More

October 21, 2013

Orée Touch Slab

If you were to ask us what materials we’d expect to see a Magic Trackpad competitor made of, wood certainly wouldn’t be at the top of that list. In fact, we’re not even quite sure how that would physically work. But apparently it does, as Orée is launching its Touch Slab (€150/~$200) on October 21. Read More


OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini

Available in a wide array of capacities, ranging from 240GB of SSD storage to 3TB of traditional spinning hard drive space, OWC’s Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini ($192-$1,028) is more interesting than the standard portable hard drive. Each different model actually comes with two equal size drives, preset to either RAID-0 or RAID-1, based on your preference. If you want to take advantage of the total storage space, go with the former, and if you want data redundancy, choose the latter. Read More


Toast Tech Covers for MacBook

Wood and aluminum may seem to make odd bedfellows on paper, but the combo can work under the right circumstances. Toast has seized on this, creating an entire business out of selling thin wooden stickers for Apple devices. Recently added to the lineup are Tech Covers for MacBook ($60+), currently including covers fitted for the non-Retina 13” and 15” MacBook Pros, 13” Retina Pro, and 13” Air. Read More


Wacom Intuos

It’s time to say goodbye to Bamboo, and say hello to Intuos. Wacom has just issued a major update to its line of drawing tablets, including the introduction of the new Intuos line ($79-$199). There’s a range of options, from Intuos Pen, with its 6 x 3.7 inch active area, to the bigger Intuos Pen & Touch, offering a much larger drawing surface and touch controls. There’s even a dedicated Manga edition. Read More


JBL Pebbles Stereo Computer Speaker System

JBL makes some truly great portable Bluetooth speakers, as well as some nicely priced multimedia speakers. That’s why we have high expectations for the Pebbles Stereo Computer Speaker System ($59). Visually consistent with the company’s recent iOS audio systems, this new pair of speakers will sit on your desk and make a great addition to an iMac. JBL has packed them with 50mm drivers, as well as built-in cable management to reduce clutter. Read More


mLogic mBack (2013)

First announced nearly two years ago, mLogic’s original mBack never actually made it to market. Based on feedback, the company decided to redesign the mountable hard drive to support 2.5” platters. Now, mBack ($100-$260) is a real, shipping product that you can get your hands on. The concept is the same, but some real improvements have been made. Read More


VMware Fusion 6

The back and forth has been going on for years: last week, Parallels announced the newest version of its Windows-emulating software Parallels, and now here’s VMware with Fusion 6 ($60). Like its competition, this software allows you to run multiple operating systems on OS X at the same time, including newly-added support for Mavericks and Windows 8.1. If you’re already running a 4.x or 5.x version, the upgrade is $10 less. Read More

HighPoint Technologies RocketStor 5212 Dual-Bay Thunderbolt Storage Dock

You’ve got old internal hard drives, and them you’ve got your fancy Thunderbolt-equipped Mac. Just how do the two come together? Why, with HighPoint Technologies’ RocketStor 5212 Dual-Bay Thunderbolt Storage Dock ($200), that’s how. Although it doesn’t have the same premium metallic look we’ve seen from most Thunderbolt accessories, the relatively inexpensive dock seems to be a useful solution. Read More


Aspyr Media Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite ($40) is one of the most highly regarded video games of the year, and has finally found its way to the Mac thanks to Aspyr Media. Six months after it was launched for consoles and PCs, it can now be downloaded through the Mac App Store, among other outlets. It’s the third game in the Bioshock series, though not a direct sequel to the first or second games. Read More

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