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OnLive CloudLift

We had high hopes for OnLive, the service that once promised the ability to stream high-end games to practically any device. After some false starts and tumbles, its newest service, CloudLift ($15/month) looks like it may be setting the company back on the right path. Instead of buying games through the service, you’re paying for the ability to play games you already own, wherever, whenever. Read More



Tumult Hype 2.5

It’s hard to believe that nearly three years have passed since we wrote about Tumult’s original release of Hype, a web design program that eased the process of creating HTML5 alternatives to Adobe Flash pages. These days, Tumult’s selling a much-improved sequel called Hype 2.5 ($30), which is available through the Mac App Store. The new Hype can create HiDPI/Retina-ready pages, as well as pages laid out with “springs and struts”—capable of automatically resizing to fit iPhones, iPads, and computers regardless of screen size. Support for all modern browsers (and many past ones) is built right in, as well as the ability to output files in an iBooks-ready interactive format. Read More


H-Squared Air Mount for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule

While some brands choose to stretch their focus out over all sorts of products, others stick to one category. H-Squared focuses on mounts for Apple devices, including Apple TV, Mac mini, and now the company’s routers. Air Mount for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule ($45) is just what it sounds like: a sharp-looking holder for the newest generation of AirPorts. Read More


Ogio Commuter

While portables are getting smaller and smaller, bigger bags seem to be the trend lately. Take Ogio’s new Commuter ($100). The water resistant backpack is almost 20” tall, with 1,350 cubic inches of space inside. Read More

Skoog Music Skoog

The ability to make music just isn’t there for some people — while some may simply lack musical talent, other would-be musicians are unable to participate due to disabilities. Skoog Music’s Skoog ($799) immediately caught our eye with its funky design, but it’s what the squishy cube does that’s really impressive. Believe it or not, it’s an instrument, and it’s made for anyone to be able to play. Plug it into your Mac, and you’re ready to start making music. Read More


Apple OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Update

We don’t usually go out of our way to mention point-updates to Apple’s Mac operating system. Usually, there are few revolutionary new features to be concerned with; we figure most people will update whenever they get around to it, and be just fine until then. OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 (Free) is one of the rare instances in which we suggest going out and upgrading right away. Sure, there are a handful of new tricks, but security is really what’s at stake here. Read More


Apple Motion 5

While it’s hardly the best-known of Apple’s professional tools, Motion 5 ($50) packs an extraordinary punch for video creators and editors, particularly given its low price. Pitched as a tool to let you “customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects”—and certainly valuable for use with Apple’s video editing apps—Motion can create standalone 4K, 2K, and web-ready animations using text, shapes, photos, music, and videos. Recently-released version 5.1 includes support for Mac Pros, but the app runs impressively on more affordable Macs, as well. Read More


Tiny Speck Slack

It’s not often that a Mac App Store title uses a single line description, but sometimes, that’s all that’s needed. “Slack is for making your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” That’s the entire summary on the page for Tiny Speck’s Slack (Free). It’s a group communication tool made to compete with the likes of Campfire and Hipchat. We’ve been using it for a few days now, and have found it to be a very nicely designed app, offering a number of features we desire, and some we didn’t even know we needed. Read More


LaCie 5TB Hard Drive

Usually it’s new external components for hard drives that get the attention, not the guts. But LaCie has just introduced a brand new drive to fit inside some of its flagship products, and it’s worth taking note. The new 5TB Hard Drive is available in products ranging from $449 to $2,499, including the company’s d2, 2big, and 5big. This means you can now store up to 25TB of data in a single enclosure. Read More


QuickerTek AirPort Extreme AcHex Upgrade

QuickerTek has a proclivity toward making various Wi-Fi accessories, including add-ons for Apple’s base stations. Its latest product is AirPort Extreme AcHex Upgrade ($199-$598). Made for those who love the most recent AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule, but are dissatisfied with their range, the antenna system boosts the router’s output to three times its normal strength. Read More

April 15, 2014

Sony Alpha A6000

A slew of new cameras has been introduced over the past few days, but none are quite as impressive as Sony’s Alpha A6000 ($650). Also available with a 16-50mm power-zoom kit lens for $800, this mirrorless shooter is an impressive followup to the NEX-6. With a new sensor and faster autofocus—plus a lower price—there’s a lot to like. Read More


Hex Onyx Premium Capsule Collection

Hex has always been known for nice bags, but it’s pivoted to focus on premium options. The latest family is Onyx Premium Capsule Collection, made up of three Mac bags at $180 each. Available as a duffle, tote, or backpack, each has room for a 13” or 15” MacBook, plus an iPad and iPhone. Despite the different styles, each bag uses the same materials and clearly belongs alongside the others. Read More


Tenba Transport Air Case with Wheels

We’re not convinced that traveling with or shipping an iMac is something most people will ever consider, but then again, for certain professional reasons, it makes a lot of sense. That explains why Tenba is one of a handful of companies making travel cases for the all-in-one machines, including its Transport Air Case with Wheels ($655). This edition is for the newest 27” iMacs, but you’ll actually find more than 30 sizes on the company’s web site.  Read More


G-Technology G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt

Looking at the lineup of G-Technology’s drives, it can be tough to distinguish between the many different but similar-looking options. G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt ($700-$850) makes it pretty clear, though: it’s packing two full-speed Thunderbolt ports to take proper advantage of the fast transfer standard. Coming in 2TB and 4TB storage capacities, the drive is housed inside the trademark aluminum casing that looks great next to a Mac. Read More


Urban Apps Hourly News

It can be tough to keep up with the news all day while working. Maybe you use Twitter to keep track of the headlines, or your favorite news sites to get more in-depth. We happen to like the radio, but find the constant talk distracting. That’s why we’re intrigued by Urban Apps’ Hourly News ($3). Packing a handful of sources, it automatically downloads hourly news podcasts, and plays them when you’re ready. Read More

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