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The Flight Case Company Mac Pro Reinforced Padded Case

It’s more powerful to be sure, but one of the other big advantages to Apple’s most recent Mac Pro in comparison to the one that was around for years before it is portability. Weighing only 11 pounds, it’s a heck of a lot easier to carry than the behemoth towers of the past. But if you plan on lugging your Mac Pro around, a bag is a good idea. The Flight Case Company has developed an option: the Mac Pro Reinforced Padded Case ($134). Read More


The Vienna RSS Project Vienna

The past few years haven’t been great for RSS, with the biggest blow coming from Google’s discontinuation of Reader service. There are of course still viable RSS readers out there, but nothing stands out as a clear winner. Here’s one to consider: Vienna (Free), from The Vienna RSS Project. As the open source software core behind the now-abandoned RSS app NewsFire, Vienna is fully featured, and has seen continuous updates for years. Read More


Feral Interactive Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition

Coming from Feral Interactive, one of the preeminent game publishers on the Mac App Store, Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition ($29) is the latest big name title to make it to the Mac. As is usually the case, it’s trailing the original console release by a few years, but at least that means a lower price and DLC bundled in. One of the titles in the series that’s the inspiration for Hitman GO, recently released on iOS, this is a much more violent game, tasking you with assassinating people left and right. Read More


Booq Boa Flow

One might think that with MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones able to do more and more everyday, people wouldn’t have to carry as much with them as before to accomplish the same tasks. While this can be true in some instances, photographers know that even though an iOS device can snap some nice shots, there’s no ditching their DSLRs. That’s where Booq’s Boa Flow ($225) comes in. Read More


Western Digital My Cloud Mirror

Hard drive manufacturers are no longer content to simply throw a spinning disk in a box with a USB port—they continue to add features and functionality, making external hard drives more than just simple storage devices. Take My Cloud Mirror ($350-$550), the newest drive from Western Digital. Like some other competitors, it incorporates network functionality, and can make its data accessible anywhere at any time. That’s why it’s billed as “a cloud of your own.” Read More


Incase Icon Slim Pack

The smaller sibling to Incase’s flagship backpack, Icon Slim Pack ($150) is still an impressive carrier in its own right. Available in black, red, or gray nylon, it’s a classic design that works in many different settings. For professionals, students, or anyone else needing a protective backpack for their Mac and more, it seems like a very nice option—particularly if you really value slender design. Read More


Feral Interactive LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

It’s done it with Star Wars, it’s done it with Harry Potter, and it’s done it with Lord of the Rings. Now, Feral Interactive is bringing the LEGO treatment to Marvel’s super heroes with, well, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ($30). Set in Manhattan, this title is full of the trademark LEGO game humor we’ve come to expect, plus over 100 playable characters, including both heroes and villains. Read More


Cargo Works MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve

Pretty much every laptop bag or backpack we see these days has room for an iPad too, so it’s not much of a surprise to see a sleeve that does the same. Cargo Works’ MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve ($30-$35) goes beyond the traditional Incase-style neoprene pocket — it’s got an urban aesthetic, an extra pocket, and more. For times when a backpack is too much to carry, but you need a Mac and a tablet, this may be the way to go. Read More


AgileBits 1Password 4

There’s no question that Internet security has been a huge concern over the past few weeks and months, especially in the face of the Heartbleed exploit. That’s why apps such as AgileBits 1Password 4 ($50) are so important. We’ve covered the software in the past, but it does so much more now than just fill in passwords on websites. The most recent update specifically addresses Heartbleed with its Watchtower feature. Read More


OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual

If you need a solid amount of external storage space, value Thunderbolt, and want something with RAID capabilities, then check out OWC’s Mercury Elite Pro Dual ($430-$950). Coming in capacities ranging from 2TB to 10TB, it’s a smart and fast solution for backup, extra file storage, and anything else you might need an external drive for. It’s also going to bring back some memories of the big old silver Mac Pro—although this one’s black, the aesthetic is otherwise similar, and larger than the Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini. Read More

May 16, 2014

Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for MacBook Air

It’s been a while since we’ve covered any accessories from Waterfield Designs, but the company has continued to produce beautiful products using quality materials. Its latest is designed specifically for the 13” MacBook Air—convenient, considering last week’s update left the body design intact. Outback Solo ($109) is a handsome pack for carrying along a computer and more. Read More

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock

Elgato’s dabbled in Thunderbolt before with its Thunderbolt SSD and Thunderbolt Drive+, but now it’s taking a stab at docking stations with the aptly named Thunderbolt Dock ($230). Much like other docks we’ve seen, this unit is made to offer extra ports while only requiring a single connection back to the Mac. Something like this is especially useful for those using a MacBook Air. Read on for hands-on impressions. Read More


Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD Card

Eyefi has made a name for itself with its Wi-Fi-equipped SD cards that automatically beam pictures from your camera to supported devices. Recently, it updated the capabilities of its Mobi WiFi SD Card ($50-$100), introducing cloud features to the mix. Although these cards cost more than traditional ones do, they do offer a truly valuable service. Read More


Artifox Desk 01

Just like iSkelter with its SlatePro, Artifox has a vision for a Mac-centric desk. Desk 01 ($1,199-$1,399) is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right, but there are a number of touches that make it quite smart for Mac users. Available in walnut or maple, and for lefties or righties, it may cost more than an Ikea desk, but it looks like it’s worth it. Read More


Apple MacBook Air (Early 2014)

If you’ve been holding out for a truly new MacBook from Apple, you probably won’t be thrilled by the just-released Early 2014 edition of the MacBook Air ($899+). The updated model has seen a minor speed bump and lower prices compared to the last update. While the speed increase may not compel you to go out and buy a whole new machine, they certainly don’t hurt the thin laptop’s appeal to those who are already in the market for one. Just make sure to keep up with the rumor mill if you’re in that in-between space: a Retina-equipped, 12” model is supposedly due later in 2014. Read More

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