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April 16, 2012

Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac

Click click click click click. Hear that? That’s the sound of Das Keyboard’s made-to-be-loud Model S Professional for Mac ($133), which is now available for preorder at a $20 discount. A modified version of the PC keyboard that’s been around for a few years now, this black slate is inspired by IBM’s Model M with mechanical switch keys that ensure you’ll hear every single key press. It’s not designed to look particularly Mac-like, but the glossy black shell does go nicely with the glass bezels of contemporary iMacs. Read More

Mid-March 2012

STM Bags Hood

Summing up STM’s canvas bags in a single word is easy: awesome. Over the years, we’ve consistently found their design, construction, materials, and functionality to be superb. Clearly, the upcoming release of some new bags is reason to get excited—alongside a pilot-style bag and a messenger bag, the company will be rolling out Hood ($85) in in the middle of March.  Read More


Rapid Turtle Games Starfighter Overkill

Back in the NES and SNES days, we had a blast with side-scrolling shooters with crazy power ups; think Gradius and all its sequels. That’s why Starfighter Overkill ($3) from Rapid Turtle Games has us excited. It’s not a clone, but this Mac App Store title definitely takes cues from classic arcade shooters, filling the screen with bullets, lasers, and of course, plenty of bad guys. Read More


Might Tees His Steveness T-Shirt

At this point, serious Mac fans likely have Apple’s famous “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” commercial memorized. Since Steve Jobs’ passing in October, not only has the version he narrated been watched 1.9 million times on YouTube, but the text has been reprinted over and over in a number of different mediums. One of our favorites comes from Might Tees’ His Steveness T-Shirt ($29). The copy from the ad has been typeset and sculpted to form Steve’s face and hand—one of the more iconic images of the former CEO. Read More


Quirky Metal Cordies

Many desktop cable organizers are designed to only hold one or two cords. Some users may be fine with this limitation, but a lot of desks—including ours—are tangled forests of cables in need of being tamed. That’s why we appreciate Quirky’s Metal Cordies ($15); it holds four or more cables and looks really nice, to boot. If you’ve been hoping for a way to keep Apple’s many Cinema Display/Thunderbolt Display cords in a handy location, you’ll find this to be particularly useful. Read More


Booq Python Camera and Computer Bags

Booq makes some darn nice bags, and its newest line, Python, is no exception. Although it’s a set of camera bags, three of them actually have dedicated space for your computer too. Python blur ($230), Python pack ($260), and Python sling ($230) are all smart ways of carrying around a mobile photo studio, with dedicated spaces for your DSLR, accessories, and a MacBook Air or Pro, depending on which model you choose. Read More


ZeptoLab UK Cut the Rope

Everyone’s favorite candy-munching monster, Om Nom, has finally made his way to the Mac with the recent release of ZeptoLab UK’s Cut the Rope ($5) in the Mac App Store. Featuring the same gameplay as the original iPhone and iPad version—and the subsequent followups—your goals sound simple: swing a piece of candy around on the screen in an effort to collect all three stars, then drop the treat in Om Nom’s mouth. Actually making that happen is easier said than done, though.  Read More


Edovia Screens

Along with updates to its universal iOS companion app, Edovia has bumped its popular virtual network computing program Screens ($30) to version 2.0. Previously well-regarded for its ease of use, the virtual desktop client adds new features and a fresh UI. If you need to access your computer—or a few of them—on the road and from all your devices, this is the app for you. Read More


Chief Kontour Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Clamp Mount

Carried in international Apple Stores and available through other shops in the United States, Chief’s Kontour Dual Monitor Dynamic Column Clamp Mount (€460/~$610) might look expensive, but can actually be had here for less than half the list price. This beautiful aluminum mounting solution will be a big hit with people who use multiple monitors: it can hold two at once, including iMacs. Read More


Pulse Surface Controller System

Some people like to turn any surface—desk, steering wheel, kitchen table—into a drum. Thanks to Pulse, there’s now a way for those amateur musicians to turn those beats and thumps into real music. The Surface Controller System ($59-$64) combines a microphone, suction cup, and custom software together to turn any flat surface into a playable MIDI instrument. Read More


Droplr, LLC Droplr

Ever since the launch of the Mac App Store, our computers’ menu bars have been filling up with handy new icons. The most recent addition to the bunch is Droplr (Free) from Droplr, LLC. If you’re familiar with Linebreak’s CloudApp, then this one is going to look very familiar: it’s an incredibly easy way to share links, images, documents, and more.  Read More


Apple Messages

In a move that’s been anticipated for years, Apple has finally merged Messages—the increasingly popular iOS SMS/MMS/iMessaging application—with its Mac app iChat, resulting in a brand new release: Messages for Mac (Free). Carrying a version number of 6.1, the Mac version of Messages includes iChat’s past functionality, including everything from AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk, and Jabber text chats to file transfers, audio chats, and multi-person video chats, while adding support for iMessages and two-person FaceTime calls. Everything’s tied together in a mashed-up interface that’s half iOS and half Mac, starting today in a seemingly feature-complete beta form. Read More


Spaces of Play Spirits

Just released on the Mac App Store, Spaces of Play’s Spirits ($10) is a port of the developer’s well-received iOS title, which earned our general recommendation last year. This game combines many of our favorite elements: beautiful graphics, a great soundtrack, and gameplay inspired by the classic puzzler Lemmings. Expect to spend a few dozen hours with this one. Read More

Q1 2012

Moshi Luna

Apple pitches smaller as better, and with only a few notable exceptions, we’re usually inclined to agree. But sometimes the ergonomic needs of an input device can justify a larger footprint, and that’s why we’re interested in Moshi’s new Luna ($100), a keyboard the company unveiled at the 2012 International CES. Yes, it’s bigger than Apple’s Wireless Keyboard—wider, taller, and deeper than even the Apple Keyboard with the numeric keypad—but some users will find that its good looks make up for the added size. Updated February 14, 2012 with hands-on details! Read More


JBL Studio 130

If you loved JBL’s recent “weave” design theme but need more power than its inexpensive Jembe speakers, good news: Studio 130 ($299) is here. Incorporating the company’s signature weaved lines into a more traditional boxy wood chassis, each Studio 130 packs a 1” dome tweeter and 4” cone woofer—a driver combination with the crisp treble and deep, powerful bass JBL is known to deliver. Sold as a set of two speakers, this package offers great value for the dollar, though there’s also a catch. Read More

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