2014 iPad iPhone iPod Buyers' Guide from iLounge.com


ioSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive

Ever gone mountain climbing or swimming with your external hard drive? We’re assuming not—nor are we recommending either of those activities—but if you are the kind of person prone to destroying hard drives in one way or another, check out ioSafe’s Rugged Portable Hard Drive ($200-$300). Available in either 500GB or 1TB, this guy offers USB and two FireWire 800 ports, a Kensington-style lock slot on the back, and is made to stand up to pretty much anything you throw at it. Read More


Pack & Smooch Laptop Sleeve "Hampshire"

Felt is an under appreciated material. It doesn’t usually get mentioned along with the likes of leather or canvas, but it’s actually really nice in computer cases and sleeves. Take Pack & Smooch’s Laptop Sleeve “Hampshire” (€64/~$86). Made of wool felt that’s 3mm thick, these sleeves look great and are available in sizes to fit Apple’s entire laptop lineup. Read More


iZotope The T-Pain Engine

What would happen if Apple decided to release a crunk version of GarageBand? Chances are, it would look a lot like iZotope’s The T-Pain Engine ($20*), now available for a 33% introductory discount on the Mac App Store. With a steampunk look and intuitive controls, this app is all you need to make the new club hit. Read More

Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB Solid State Hybrid Drive

With data storage, like most things, you typically need to choose between size or speed. Of course you can custom order a super-fast solid state drive in the MacBook Pro, but at an $1,100 premium for 512GB, it’s not very practical for typical consumers, and space is still somewhat limited. That’s where Seagate’s newly updated Momentus XT 750 GB Solid State Hybrid Drive ($249) comes in. It’s the best of both worlds. Read More


Martin Konrad Gloeckle Bendino Lamp

Flat lighting just took on a whole new meaning. Check out designer Martin Konrad Gloeckle’s Bendino Lamp ($72), available from online retailer Sleek Identity. It’s a playful take on a standard lamp that takes what you’re used to and shrinks it down to two dimensions, creating something that almost resembles your Mac’s icons. Read More

December 2011

Crypteks Crypteks USB

If you take the security of your data extra seriously—or you just really liked that one scene from The Da Vinci Code—then Crypteks’ Crypteks USB ($130-$160) is probably right up your alley. This fully funded Kickstarter project is more than a simple flash drive. It features 256-bit AES encryption that’s controlled by the hardware cypher encasing the drive.  Read More


Running with Crayons Alfred

Think about how much time you spend searching on your computer. Whether it be on the web, rummaging through your file structure, or using Spotlight, chances are it’s a sizable chunk of your day. It makes sense then to have one centralized app for all your searching needs. That app exists, and it’s called Alfred (Free), from Running with Crayons. Alfred helps you find and launch any file or app on your computer, search the web, and more, all from your keyboard. Just hit your custom hotkey setup, type your query, and hit the on-screen combo to open your result. Read More

M-Audio Fast Track

Alright rockstar, you’ve got the Mac. You’ve got the instruments. You’ve got the mic. The only thing holding you back from making that platinum record at this point is a way to get your tunes flowing into your computer. Enter M-Audio’s Fast Track ($150). This simple breakout box is an incredibly straightforward solution for musicians recording to their Macs. Read More


Broken Rules And Yet It Moves

We love games with cool gameplay mechanics, and those with unique graphics, so it’s no wonder Broken Rules’ And Yet It Moves ($10) caught our eye. What started as a student project got turned into a full-fledged physics game, and for good reason. The world is made out of a collage of cardboard and shreds of paper that’s vaguely reminiscent of the Paper Mario games, although a bit more bleak. Read More


Susan Kare ICONS

We’ve featured Susan Kare’s work before; she and her icons played a large role in Mac history. If you’re looking to dive in to a broader array of her images, check out her new book ICONS ($40); it features 80 of her favorite images.  Read More


Incipio MacBook Sleeves

Just in time for the holiday travel season, Incipio has conjured up three new MacBook sleeves with an “executive traveler” theme in mind. Named after some of the nation’s busiest airports, you have the choice of SFO Laptop Sleeve ($35) for the 11” or 13” MacBook Air, and DEN Laptop Sleeve ($35-$40) or SEA Laptop Sleeve ($35-$40) for the MacBook Pro line. Each model has slightly different characteristics, depending on just what you’re looking for. Read More

$3/month and up

Cirrus Thinking Dolly Drive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: backing up your Macs is a must. As seldom as Macs crash, a loss can be catastrophic when it happens. Thankfully, users have tons of backup options. iLounge + Mac has already featured plenty of external hard drives that utilize Time Machine, as well as online backup services such as Backblaze. Cirrus Thinking’s Dolly Drive is a combination of the two alternatives: it lets you use Time Machine, but backs up to the cloud rather than a hard drive at your place. And it starts at only $3 a month. Read More


Moshi iVisor Air

Although we’re generally pretty big fans of screen protectors for Apple’s pocket devices and tablets, installing film can be a big pain. If you don’t get everything lined up perfectly on the first try, you might be out of luck; even if you do, you may be forced to accept dust and air bubbles trapped between the film and screen. That’s why Moshi’s iVisor Air ($37) for the MacBook Air is so appealing; it reduces glare, fingerprints, and other issues on your MacBook’s screen, while eliminating installation issues. Read More


iBrewMaster, Inc. iBrewMaster

Home brewing is a fun hobby, relying on science and creativity to produce a popular product: beer! If you’ve never tried using a home brewing kit, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish using one along with iBrewMaster, Inc.‘s iBrewMaster ($20*) from the Mac App Store. This app truly has everything you need to manage the brewing process from beginning to end, educating you on how to tweak the steps to change the flavor of your beer. Read More


Speck TrimSleeve for MacBook Air

There’s no shortage now of protective cases and sleeves for the MacBook Air, but new options are always appreciated. Speck is probably best known in the Mac world for its clip-on plastic cases, and now has a new sleeve option: TrimSleeve for MacBook Air ($50). Unlike the SeeThru series, this one only protects your computer when it’s folded shut, but it looks good and is reasonably priced. Read More

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