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Alberto Garcia Hierro Meme Generator

Y U No Guy. Socially Awkward Penguin. Philosoraptor. Even if you don’t go looking for them, these memes have pretty much taken over the Internet, so clearly the best thing to do is join the craze and create your own. Developer Alberto Garcia Hierro has made it remarkably easy with his Mac App Store release of Meme Generator (Free), particularly helpful for Mac users because so many of the memes were originally “designed” in MS Paint. Now there’s a simple way to downgrade your graphics tools and join in on the fun. Read More

Early February 2012

Retrode Retrode 2

Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games have held up surprisingly well since the platforms were put to rest years ago. In our experience, old consoles usually stop working well before their cartridges, but the desire to play some of the classic games never really goes away. That’s why we were seriously intrigued by the Retrode 2 ($85) from Retrode—a peripheral that allows you to effectively play your original cartridges on your Mac, using the actual console controllers. How cool is that? Read More

Apple Store Refurbished Macs

Hard-core Apple fans have few greater joys than opening brand-new Mac boxes, removing the plastic from around their computers, and booting them up for the first time. But like anything else, the sooner you want a new Mac, the more you’ll pay. Patient customers should note that Apple offers a fantastic second option: refurbished Macs. From model to model, you’re pretty much guaranteed at least 15% off the standard retail price, and older computers can go for discounts closer to 30%. That means the you can score a current-generation base model MacBook Air for only $849—a heck of a deal—or get a more deluxe refurbished model for the same $999 price as a less deluxe new one. Read More

Audioengine D1

Be warned: Audioengine’s just-announced D1 ($169) is for serious audiophiles only—guys who would consider putting jet fuel in a Ferrari for just a hint of extra speed. But we know you’re out there, so here it is: D1 is a digital-to-analog converter box for your Mac that promises to “improve the sound of ALL your music” by routing it through a USB port to your best pair of speakers or headphones, processing it with a high-performance, low-jitter AK4396 DAC. Read More


Playdead Limbo

When used correctly, monochromatic art can transform a good game into a great one, as illustrated by Playdead’s new Mac App Store release Limbo ($10). The walk-and-jump platforming gameplay is engaging enough to be worthy of recommending in its own right, and is augmented by absolutely beautiful graphics. Read More


Be.ez LE Reporter

We’re already partial to messenger-style laptop bags, so coming across one that looks as nice as French company Be.ez’s LE Reporter ($60-$80) made us pretty happy. Available in a variety of sizes for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air and the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro, we can definitely picture carrying one of these guys around. Of the color options—grey and blue or black and safran—we especially dig the latter, as the yellow really pops against the dark background. Read More

Apparent Doxie Go

We thought Apparent’s Doxie scanner was pretty slick back when we first saw it a few months ago, but the company has one-upped itself with the release of Doxie Go ($199). Like the earlier version, Go is a feeding document scanner that supports paper sizes up to 8.5"x11”, with the ability to process smaller pages as well. The big difference here is portability. Apparent has even touted future iOS compatibility, although we haven’t quite seen that yet. Read More


Newer Technology NuCube Vertical Stand for Mac mini

The G4 Cube never worked out for Apple quite the way the company hoped it would, but the design still holds a special place in the hearts of many Mac lovers and design aficionados, including us. That’s why we were very happy to see Newer Technology has adapted the NuCube Vertical Stand for Mac mini ($40) to fit the current generation of Cupertino’s diminutive desktop computer. NuCube brings back the clear acrylic aesthetics we loved, coming as close to a new Cube as we’re likely to see. Read More

Almove MacBook Holder

Thank goodness for Chrome; its translation feature made it possible for us to read all about Almove’s MacBook Holder (€75/~$98) without having to brush up on our Italian. The design from ddpstudio speaks well for itself, though: available for either the 13” or 15” MacBook Pro, MacBook Holder pulls double duty—it carries your computer, and provides you with a flat surface when it’s time to work. Read More


MICHAEL Michael Kors 13" Sleeve for MacBook Pro

There’s fashion, there’s functionality, and then there’s a nice middle ground where the two meet. The new MICHAEL Michael Kors 13” Sleeve for MacBook Pro ($150) falls right into that middle space by combining a premium name brand design with protection and portability. Read More


Firemint Real Racing 2

Many times, when a game is ported from iOS to the Mac or vice versa, the only difference in the experience is the screen you’re playing it on. Frankly, even if that were the case with Firemint’s new Mac App Store release of Real Racing 2 ($13), we’d be more than OK with it. We found the tablet version to be pretty impressive, especially when played on the iPad 2. Firemint took the same winning formula and added some new controls, so it looks like the developer has another success on its hands. Read More


Ucon Noah Case

If your 13” or 15” MacBook Pro is looking for a classy new home and dropping a few hundred bucks isn’t a concern, search no further than Ucon’s Noah Case (€280/~$366). The design is in collaboration with Rainer Spehl, who has worked with the likes of Nike, Dior, and Gucci in the past. All of the materials are fancy, and the minimalist design offers a great hard case alternative to the many bags out there. Read More


Logic Consulting Drone Station

Before Parrot released AR.Drone in 2010, it gave third-party developers access to software tools so they could create their own games, camera apps, and other tools for the toy. Thus far, AR.Drone apps have only appeared for iOS and Android devices, but now the first one has launched for the Mac. Logic Consulting’s Drone Station ($13) expands not only the ways you can control the flyer, but also gives you video recording and other tools directly from on your computer. Read More


Photojojo Lens Cap Strap Holder

Is there a bigger bane to a DSLR user’s existence than managing your lens cap while shooting photos? Well, sure, but it’s still an annoyance. Lens Cap Strap Holder ($18) is a smart little accessory from Photojojo that solves the issue without leaving you with a dangling cap on the edge of your lens; the name says it all. Read More


Andrés González Photobricks

Putting a few LEGO bricks together does not an artist make, but a cool new Mac App Store title allows you to move up from basic cars and houses to assembling full-fledged mosaics. Photobricks (Free) from developer Andrés González transforms imported pictures into fully mapped LEGO brick layouts, ready for your real-world building enjoyment. Read More

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