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Nuance Dragon Express

If you’ve been using Siri on your iPhone 4S over the past month, you’re probably starting to get used to having a personal assistant within easy reach. Voice control may be built into that phone, but the software’s not cheap. The big voice recognition developer is Nuance, whose technology powers many other voice control apps. Nuance’s own Dragon Dictate application starts at $180, but thankfully, the company has introduced a new title that offers a lot of the same benefits at a much lower price: Dragon Express ($50*). Read More


Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Editor

A few weeks ago, we featured the newest version of Pixelmator as a great alternative to Adobe’s expensive Photoshop software. We like that it’s much more affordable, yet still has many of the features home users find important. Well, Adobe has debuted its own low-end option: Photoshop Elements 10 Editor ($80) has just become available in the Mac App Store, two months after the boxed version came out. It has almost all of the same features, with the exception of the Elements Organizer and support for Case Sensitive HFS Volumes. It’s also $20 less expensive than before. Read More

Newer Technology Voyager Q

Ever swapped out the hard drive in one of your Macs? Sure, the computer ends with with more storage space, but you end up with a silver box that doesn’t do you too much good. That is, unless you’re willing to put the drive inside of another housing and connect it to your computer again. The easiest way to do this is a dock such as Newer Technology’s Voyager Q ($80). Compatible with both 2.5” and 3.5” SATA drives, Voyager Q allows you to pop in your old drives and access the contents instantly. Newer Tech explains it succinctly: it’s like a flash drive, but with huge capacity. And an obviously bigger footprint. Read More


SwitchEasy Thins for MacBook Air

SwitchEasy has a history of releasing really great cases for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches over the years—now it’s making a foray into MacBook Air sleeves with Thins, available for both 11” and 13” models. It’s based on the design of the company’s earlier Thins for iPad 2 ($40), but customized for Apple’s ultra-small laptops. We found the tablet version to be worthy of recommending, and this edition seems to carry over a lot of the things that we liked. Read More


David Johnson SpotRemote for Spotify

We’ve enjoyed using Spotify on the Macs since it launched—the ability to listen to virtually anything has introduced us to all kinds of new music. The only downside apart from the annoyingly cheesy ads is the lack of a mini player. Apple’s had one for years in iTunes, but the folks at Spotify haven’t seemed to figure it out yet. Luckily, third party developers such as David Johnson have arrived to fill the gap, so we have SpotRemote for Spotify ($2). Read More


Feral Interactive Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum ($40) isn’t brand new; it’s been available for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PCs since 2009. But even by today’s standards, the game is so impressive that it’s definitely worth spotlighting its release for the Mac, courtesy of Feral Interactive and the Mac App Store. If you’ve never played it, Arkham Asylum is stunning, packed with a rich story, beautiful graphics, an awesome combat system, and plenty of fan service—a great game for comic enthusiasts and general video game lovers alike.  Read More


Austin Blackwood VirtuaScore Basketball

One of the coolest aspects of the app culture Apple has created is how many single-use, physical objects can be replaced by relatively inexpensive apps on multifunction devices. We’ve seen this time and time again with the iPhone and iPad, and the latest example for the Mac is developer Austin Blackwood’s VirtualScore Basketball ($5*). It turns your computer into a customizable basketball scoreboard, complete with a classic design, quick controls, and video output for monitors or projectors. Read More

December 1, 2011

Red Scarlet

It’s been quite a while since Red started talking about the follow up to its Epic camera. But, finally, Scarlet has been fully revealed, as has its pricing and release date—the body will start at $9,750, and is expected to ship starting December 1, 2011. As far as high end cameras go, this guy is the real deal. It shoots stills at 5120x2700 (5K) resolution at 12fps, and 4096x2160 (4K) video at 25fps. Yeah, pretty ridiculous. Read More


Krystian Majewski Trauma

Trauma ($6) by German developer Krystian Majewski is surely one of the most different games we’ve ever played. Not different in a bad way, and not different in a “gee, there are some weird characters and levels” way. Different in that the gameplay mechanics, plot, level layout—everything, really—are unlike anything we’ve seen in a game before. And the result is a really cool experience, now available in the Mac App Store. Read More


Retickr LLC Retickr

Some people get their news by visiting sites multiple times throughout the day. Others use RSS readers to stay up to date. With its eponymous app, Retickr (Free) presents a third option: it’s a scrolling ticker that runs across your Mac’s screen with the stories that you care about. It integrates RSS feeds as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show you the posts and articles that you want to see, either with preset playlists or ones that you create yourself. Click on any story, and you get a full view of it instantly. Read More


Uncommon Sleeve for MacBook Air

Uncommon is best-known for its custom iPhone and iPod touch cases; in fact, those are the only products available on its site right now. But now the company is working its way into the notebook sleeve field as well, with the Japanese—and pending U.S.—launch of its Lady Dots or Night Garden sleeves for MacBook Air (¥4,980/$40). Although they’re not available in the States yet, our sources indicate that we’ll be seeing them sooner rather than later. Read More

$60, $149-$199

MCE Technologies Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray Disc playback has long been a white whale for Mac owners, and if the Mac mini and MacBook Air are any indication, the chances of seeing any optical drive incorporated into future Apple machines is getting slimmer and slimmer. The drives that you can currently hook up to your Mac only allow you to author; you can’t even watch Blu-ray movies without dual-booting into Windows. Or at least that’s the way it was up until now. MCE Technologies has finally found a solution to the problem, and is now offering its Blu-ray Player software as a free add-on with its internal drive for the Mac Pro ($149) and external USB 2.0 and eSATA drive ($199). If you want to buy the software on its own, it’ll cost you $60. Read More

$99 Upgrade/$199

Alien Skin Software Blow Up 3

Shrinking a photo is easy, but making it bigger is challenging. Stretching just resizes the pixels you have, so the result is blurry, pixelated images that don’t look too great. Alien Skin Software has been making Photoshop plugins for almost 20 years, and its Blow Up 3 ($99 Upgrade/$199) is a direct solution to this issue. It works with Photoshop CS4 or newer, Elements 8+, and now Lightroom 2+ as well. Read More


Maha::Software PandaBar

In recent months, music services such as Pandora have become essential parts of our working and relaxing time. One big problem with some services is that there’s no convenient way to control them as easily as iTunes offers with the Mini Player. That’s where Maha::Software’s PandaBar ($5) comes in. This Mac app gives you a variety of quick controls for your Pandora stations, including an easy-access Menu Bar tool. Read More


Freitag F81 Mac Sleeve

There are hundreds of sleeve options for the MacBook Pro. Freitag’s F81 Mac Sleeve ($153) for the 13” MacBook Pro is one of them, but the company has taken strides to set it apart from the crowd. The novelty comes from the recycled material used to make the case: used truck tarps, which obviously helps the environment, and also lends itself to some really cool designs. While it’s expensive, you’re definitely getting something unique. Read More

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