GoPro Hero3

With Hero3 ($199-$399), Go Pro has truly taken its action camera line to the next level. Coming in White, Silver, and Black editions, each shares the company’s latest, slimmest body and many of the same features, but different consumer, prosumer, and professional quality specs. Designed to record video and audio that can be edited on your Mac, all three include Wi-Fi, and work with an $80 remote that comes packed in with the top of the line Black professional Edition, as well as the GoPro iPhone app.

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Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

After photos leaked out without specific details, Logitech’s new Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam ($199) is now actually available for pre-order. While at first glance it looks like just another webcam, this Apple-centric unit is different from the pack: it connects to your Mac wirelessly over Wi-Fi, allowing you to move away from the traditional view of the camera at the top of the display, and packing in other cool features as well.

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Promise Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

Promise is racing to create the fastest—and most expensive—external solid state drives around. The Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution combines two costly technologies—SSD storage and Thunderbolt connectivity—into a palm-sized package. Retailing in Apple Stores at $799 for 256GB or an astoundingly high $1,499 for 512GB, the drive does have some impressive features that aren’t immediately obvious.

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NimbleBit Pocket Planes

NimbleBit’s games are the kind that suck you in and refuse to let go—at least one member of our staff had a pretty bad Tiny Tower addiction until he quit cold turkey. The developer’s latest title is Pocket Planes, including the just-released free port to the Mac. Once you’ve loaded it, good luck pulling yourself away from this airline simulator.

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Kanex mySpot

Kanex didn’t make the functionality of its mySpot ($60) crystal clear at first, but now that we’ve had a chance to explore it, it makes sense and is actually pretty darn cool. Heavily advertised as a solution for hotel rooms, it’s a tiny wireless router—although that term is never used by the company. The 2.75” x 1.0” x 0.75”, 1.1oz device turns any wired internet connection into a Wi-Fi network for use with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any other wireless devices.

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Just Mobile AluRack

We’ve called Just Mobile “the master of metal” in the past, and its latest creation continues that lofty reputation. AluRack ($60) is an elegant way to store an item on the back of your iMac or Thunderbolt Display—anything from a MacBook to an external hard drive. The largely metal holder fits into the hole in the computer or monitor’s leg, perfectly matching its look while becoming ready for whatever you want to place on it.

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Flutter Flutter

This isn’t the first Mac app to offer audio playback control via hand gestures, but none has worked as well as Flutter (Free), developed by the company of the same name. Described as “Kinect for Mac,” the app only recognizes three gestures, but they let you play your music, pause it, and skip back and forth between tracks using just your Mac’s FaceTime camera and your hand.

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Ships November 2012

Modbook Modbook Pro

Well before Apple jumped into the tablet game with the iPad, Axiotron was transforming MacBooks into touchscreen slates. Now the company has returned as Modbook, and it has announced that it will ship its brand new Modbook Pro ($3,499+) starting next month. Unquestionably expensive by iPad and other contemporary tablet standards, the entry-level version is a converted base model 13” MacBook Pro, featuring a 2.5GHz Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. To cut down on weight and moving parts, Modbook swaps out the hard drive with a 64GB SSD by default.

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Application Systems London Bridge Project

It’s time to bring out your inner engineer. We didn’t know what to expect when we heard about Bridge Project (£16/~$26), but after checking out Application Systems London’s new game, we’re actually pretty impressed. The developer clearly put some real muscle into this bridge-building title, which looks gorgeous and uses real-world physics, making the higher-than-typical-App-Store-price tolerable. 

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Twelve South HiRise for iMac

We’ve been impressed with plenty of Twelve South’s products in the past, but the company may have just outdone itself. Its just-announced HiRise for iMac ($80) could be its coolest product to date. HiRise not only elevates your iMac or Thunderbolt Display to one of six different levels, it also adds a hidden compartment for storing accessories. And man, does it look good. Updated October 3, 2012 with pictures and hands-on impressions!

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AOC i2757fh 27" IPS Monitor

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is a thing of beauty, but the static $999 asking price keeps it out of reach for many users. If you’re searching for a similarly giant display that won’t break the bank, check out AOC’s i2757fh 27” IPS Monitor ($349). The name’s nowhere near as elegant and the specs aren’t completely equivalent to the Thunderbolt Display, but it’s definitely worth considering as a budget solution. It looks pretty nice, too.

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Yantouch JellyWake (2012)

We have a soft spot for Yantouch’s lamps; they’re really unlike everything else out there. That’s as true for its new 2012 edition of JellyWake ($129) as anything else it’s put out. Unlike the previous version, this one is designed to serve primarily as a clock, with several notable changes that help it fulfill that purpose. You might still have a hard time finding it in the States, but design fans might want to seek this one out.

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Aspyr Media Call of Duty: Black Ops

Originally released two years ago for game consoles and PCs, Call of Duty: Black Ops ($50) has just debuted in the Mac App Store, continuing Activision’s most popular franchise to date. Set in the 1960s and featuring guest appearances by virtual versions of JFK and Fidel Castro, Black Ops is a traditional first-person shooter with atypically excellent intensity, graphics and audio, focusing on the CIA’s covert “black” operations during the Cold War. Helping to justify the price tag in a world of $10 apps: Hollywood-caliber voice work by actors Sam Worthington, Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, and Ice Cube.

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ECBC Trident Messenger Bag

Most of our editors subscribe to the “smaller is better” school of thinking when it comes to both MacBooks and bags, but we appreciate that many users still prefer bigger machines. For them—or anyone else who just needs to carry around every accessory they can think of—ECBC’s Trident Messenger Bag ($120) is worthy of consideration. We’ve seen bags with lots of pockets, but this nylon satchel is definitely near the top of the list.

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LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series

LaCie’s new Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series is the kind of external hard drive we can get behind. We use the term “hard drive” loosely, though—while Rugged comes in a 1TB spinning disk configuration for $250, it’s also available with a 120GB SSD for $200 or 256GB SSD for $350. It pairs super-fast storage with super-fast transfer rates, supporting both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.

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