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Susan Kare ICONS

We’ve featured Susan Kare’s work before; she and her icons played a large role in Mac history. If you’re looking to dive in to a broader array of her images, check out her new book ICONS ($40); it features 80 of her favorite images.  Read More


Incipio MacBook Sleeves

Just in time for the holiday travel season, Incipio has conjured up three new MacBook sleeves with an “executive traveler” theme in mind. Named after some of the nation’s busiest airports, you have the choice of SFO Laptop Sleeve ($35) for the 11” or 13” MacBook Air, and DEN Laptop Sleeve ($35-$40) or SEA Laptop Sleeve ($35-$40) for the MacBook Pro line. Each model has slightly different characteristics, depending on just what you’re looking for. Read More

$3/month and up

Cirrus Thinking Dolly Drive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: backing up your Macs is a must. As seldom as Macs crash, a loss can be catastrophic when it happens. Thankfully, users have tons of backup options. iLounge + Mac has already featured plenty of external hard drives that utilize Time Machine, as well as online backup services such as Backblaze. Cirrus Thinking’s Dolly Drive is a combination of the two alternatives: it lets you use Time Machine, but backs up to the cloud rather than a hard drive at your place. And it starts at only $3 a month. Read More


Moshi iVisor Air

Although we’re generally pretty big fans of screen protectors for Apple’s pocket devices and tablets, installing film can be a big pain. If you don’t get everything lined up perfectly on the first try, you might be out of luck; even if you do, you may be forced to accept dust and air bubbles trapped between the film and screen. That’s why Moshi’s iVisor Air ($37) for the MacBook Air is so appealing; it reduces glare, fingerprints, and other issues on your MacBook’s screen, while eliminating installation issues. Read More


iBrewMaster, Inc. iBrewMaster

Home brewing is a fun hobby, relying on science and creativity to produce a popular product: beer! If you’ve never tried using a home brewing kit, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish using one along with iBrewMaster, Inc.‘s iBrewMaster ($20*) from the Mac App Store. This app truly has everything you need to manage the brewing process from beginning to end, educating you on how to tweak the steps to change the flavor of your beer. Read More


Speck TrimSleeve for MacBook Air

There’s no shortage now of protective cases and sleeves for the MacBook Air, but new options are always appreciated. Speck is probably best known in the Mac world for its clip-on plastic cases, and now has a new sleeve option: TrimSleeve for MacBook Air ($50). Unlike the SeeThru series, this one only protects your computer when it’s folded shut, but it looks good and is reasonably priced. Read More


Hammacher Schlemmer Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware

We’re always looking for new office-ready beverage vessels, and we particularly love things that match the Mac’s aesthetics. After all, if you’re going to be setting the cup down next to your machine, don’t you want it to fit in? In that vein, we suggest checking out Hammacher Schlemmer’s Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware ($50). Not only does this four-glass set look great, but it helps keep your drink chilled longer too. Read More


Magic Connector Magic Trackpad Base

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is the pointing mechanism of choice for our editors’ desktop machines, and the Multi-Touch glass and aluminum accessory can be useful away from the desk too: it’s perfect for controlling home theater machines such as a Mac mini hooked up to your TV. But unless you have a hard surface to set it down on, you’ll lose the ability to physically click with its buttons. A solution has arrived in Magic Connector’s new Magic Trackpad Base ($20). Read More


Freecom Mobile Drive Mg

Ten years ago, Apple amazed people by squeezing a 5GB hard drive into an enclosure the size of a deck of cards. Thankfully, plenty of progress has been made over the past decade. Now we have accessories such as Freecom’s Mobile Drive Mg (€109-€219/~$147-$295) that can fit hundreds of times the storage space in similarly tiny enclosures. Available in capacities ranging from 320GB to 1.5TB, these 4.7” by 3.19” by 0.39” external hard drives look really nice, too. Read More


Pop Chart Lab The Insanely Great History of Apple Print

Pop Chart Lab says it was started “to render all of human experience in chart form.” That’s why it has prints ranging from The Evolution of the Video Game Controller to The Breweries of the Original United States, and the newest one will certainly appeal to Mac fans: The Insanely Great History of Apple ($20). This 18"x24” poster is printed on 100 lb. archival recycled stock, and would make a cool addition to any Mac-centric office. Read More


JBL Jembe

If you’re looking for new desktop speakers that deliver big sound in a compact package, definitely consider JBL’s brand new Jembe ($60). This pair of bucket-shaped speakers are relatively small—they each measure only 4-3/16” x 4-3/16” x 5-5/16”—but are made to sound like larger speakers, a claim that we’re willing to trust coming from JBL. Jembe is the first of the company’s computer speakers to take on the Weave design that we’ve seen with products such as OnBeat, and the aesthetic definitely works in this more conservative implementation. Read More


Algoriddim Djay 4

One of the coolest apps to show off your Mac is Algoriddim’s Djay, which turns even the most music-illiterate schlubs into amateur DJs within a matter of minutes—it’s an absolute blast to use. Today, the developer has released the newest iteration of the software, Djay 4 ($20). Because this is a brand new version, there’s no upgrade path, but given the app’s capabilities, 20 bucks strikes us as a fair price. It’s a complete redesign and rewrite of the stellar title, with plenty of new features to make it even better than before. Read More


Hex Recon Sonic + Source Backpacks

While Hex is probably best known to iLounge readers for its iPod nano watchbands and iPhone-ready wallets, the company’s lineup of Mac-ready backpacks is becoming more impressive all the time. Witness Recon Sonic ($100) and Recon Source ($60), two military surplus-style bags made from charcoal- or khaki-colored heavy canvas material with webbed straps and leather zipper pulls; Sonic is the larger version with an iPad-ready pocket up top, and Source is a little smaller with an iPad-sized pocket on the bottom front. Both look seriously handsome, and differ in the way they allocate their internal space. Read More

MacBook / MacBook Pro MagSafe Adapter Settlement

Remember the T-shaped MagSafe Power Adapters that Apple used to ship with MacBooks and MacBook Pros? If you ever had one, the picture above may look familiar: early MagSafes were known to fray under normal use, especially right where the cable met the magnetic connector. The only solution up until now has been to buy a new one—either another T-shaped one, or, more recently, the improved L-shaped model that now ships with all of Apple’s notebooks. If you fall into this category, good news: there’s been a class action settlement, and you may be eligible to get at least some of your cash back. Read More


Maclocks.com MacBook Air Lock

We’ve been looking for a way to secure the latest MacBook Airs for a while; the big issue has been the lack of a lock slot. At one point, it seemed that Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Lock System would do the trick, but that wound up not working out as it should have. Thankfully, we’ve finally found a way to secure the Air with Maclocks.com’s MacBook Air Lock ($40-$60). It definitely takes a different approach than any security systems we’ve seen before—one that some users will be more comfortable with than others—but appears to do the trick. Read More

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