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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac

Most people who run Windows on their Macs do so out of obligation rather than a passion for Microsoft’s operating system, but business and occasionally educational software sometimes requires access to a PC. One of the most popular solutions has just been updated: Parallels has released Desktop 7 for Mac ($80), the same great virtualization software that you’re used to, now optimized for Lion with some enhancements and cool new features. Updated: We’ve added some impressions and screenshots of Desktop 7 for Mac below. Read More


Macally Ecopadpro

If you’re using your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for anything processor-intensive—Photoshop, iMovie, or even Final Cut Pro X—you’ve probably heard a fan spin up and felt the machine get hotter. Macally has a new multifaceted solution to help reduce overheating: Ecopadpro ($40). Made from bamboo as an environmentally-friendly accessory, it’s a stand, a fan, and a peripheral tray with nice wood styling. Read More

Cirago USB 2.0 to HDMI Adapter

Cirago’s new USB 2.0 to HDMI Adapter ($60) seems almost too good to be true: it’s designed to connect your Mac to an HDMI display, outputting through the USB port instead of having to rely on Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt. And it doesn’t just carry video—audio comes along for the ride too. Updated! New photos and details have been added below the fold. Read More


Titanium OnyX

Mac users are lucky: Apple’s computers don’t need PC-like constant under-the-hood maintenance. That said, there is some value in occasionally tuning up your machine. That’s where Titanium’s OnyX (Free) comes into play. It’s been around since Mac OS X 10.2, and was just updated for Lion, so it’s ready to clean up your machine. Read More

Mid-September 2011

Wacom Inkling

The concept behind Wacom’s Inkling ($199) digital sketch pen set is almost amazingly simple. Using the included pen and receiver, you can draw on whatever paper you’d like, and the sketches will be digitally transferred to your Mac when you’re ready to refine them using your favorite software. For artists (and writers) who like to work in a physical medium at least part of the time, Inkling seems like it’ll be a great option. It’s just like Wacom’s tablets—minus the tablet. Read More

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D

After what felt like a brief drought, the floodgates are now opening for Thunderbolt-capable accessories. While the Apple Store is still only featuring the Promise Pegasus RAID Storage Systems, Blackmagic Designs has just debuted UltraStudio 3D ($995), a new video capture and playback solution geared towards high-end video professionals. Read More


Sonnet Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter

Apple knows that only professional users really needed ExpressCard/34 slots for their laptops—that’s why the company only continued to include the feature in 17” MacBook Pros. But with the invention of Thunderbolt, pro-grade I/O capabilities are now found in every Mac from the Mac mini on up, and thanks to Sonnet, there’s now a way for every Thunderbolt-equipped Mac to access ExpressCard expandability. It’s called the Echo ExpressCard/34 Thunderbolt Adapter ($150), a plug-and-play card slot that allows you to connect a whole host of adapters to your machine. If you’re thinking about picking one up, make sure you have an extra $49 handy; the Thunderbolt Cable isn’t included. Read More


Autodesk Motion FX

Ever since it decided to take the Mac seriously as a platform, Autodesk has been on a real tear, releasing all sorts of apps—everything from the $900 AutoCAD LT to SketchBook Express, a free drawing app. The company’s newest release is a bit different from everything else it has out now, though: Motion FX (Free) uses your FaceTime camera to create some really cool realtime video effects. Think of it as a pumped up version of Photo Booth, at no charge. Read More


Braun BN0032

Braun is well known for its industrial design, particularly in the work of Dieter Rams, which Apple’s design team has used as inspiration in Macs, iPods, and other products over the years. That’s why we wanted to showcase Braun’s BN0032 watch (£120-£140)—a traditional analog clock face surrounded by clean, timeless lines. You’d be hard pressed to miss the resemblance between it and Apple’s current lineup of products. Read More


Fishlabs Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD

It may be one of the more expensive Mac App Store games we’ve featured, but Fishlabs’ Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD ($20) is also one of the most gorgeous. As an upgraded port of the iOS title, the German developer took advantage of the more powerful Mac platform and really refined the experience. Don’t worry: you still get to blow plenty of stuff up in space, but now everything’s a lot prettier.  Read More


Wrapsol Protective Film Wrap

We’ve already told you how much we like film protectors for our MacBooks, and in the past, we’ve really liked the ones from BodyGuardz/NLU, but Wrapsol’s Protective Film Wrap ($45-$50) is definitely worth considering as well. Available for all the current Mac notebooks, they’re an incredibly thin and light option for protecting your computer. The film uses a wet application method, so it’s not the easiest thing in the world to apply, but if you follow the instructions you’ll be happy. Read More


Sony Alpha SLT-A77

Sony had a busy morning, introducing a slew of new and exciting cameras; the most important of the bunch is probably the Alpha SLT-A77 (~$1,400, aka α77), a mid-priced DSLR rival with a host of new technology inside. Several things set it apart from earlier rivals, starting with 24.3 megapixel resolution: SLT-A77 packs the latest version of Sony’s Translucent Mirror system, which enables accurate 19-point autofocusing, electronic viewfinder accuracy, and high-speed shooting. Twelve shots per second at 24 megapixels is nothing to sneeze at, and full HD AVCHD 2.0 video recording is included, as well. Read More

£651 and up

Supporto Ltd. System Supporto

Apple’s Jonathan Ive is a ridiculously talented designer, and like all great creative minds, his work has been inspired by outside influences. British furniture designer Frederick Scott is credited as one of them, having created System Supporto, a family of office furniture (£651 and up) that Supporto Ltd. says is amongst Ive’s favorite designs, and is in heavy use within Apple’s industrial design studios. If the black-on-silver and glass designs look familiar, that’s no surprise: it’s been speculated that Ive channeled Supporto’s look into the current family of Macs.  Read More


Macessity MiClassic Mount Bracket for Mac Mini

There are quite a few accessories made to slap a Mac mini underneath your desk, but Macessity’s MiClassic Mount Bracket ($55) takes a different direction. Not only is it a tray to hold the headless Mac, but it also has a four-port USB hub built right in. Read More


Evernote Skitch

We almost recommended Skitch last week, but as interesting as the screen capturing app was, the $20 price tag was a pretty big turnoff. What a difference a week can make: the company just got purchased by Evernote, and the price dropped by a full 100%. Now that it’s free, there’s absolutely no reason not to hop on the Mac App Store and pick it up right now. It’s a pretty darn powerful screenshot tool—way more beefy than shift-command-3 or -4. Read More

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