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Illusion Labs Touchgrind

The iPhone version came out all the way back in the beginning of 2009, making its way into early iPod gaming TV commercials. Now Illusion Labs has brought Touchgrind (Free) to the Mac through the Mac App Store. If you’re familiar with the original, then you know what this one is all about: use your fingers to control a skateboard and pull off awesome tricks around the park. Except… you’re no longer touching the screen. Read More

Moshi Zefyr 2

Under light usage conditions, Apple’s base-model MacBooks, Airs, and Pros tend to run almost silent and pretty cool to the touch, but there are times when even the latest power-sipping machines can get hot. So it’s great that Moshi’s just-introduced Zefyr 2 ($80) to cool them off, using a unique folding aluminum housing and three-speed, USB-powered fans. One model is designed to accommodate any Apple laptop from 13” to 17” in size. Read More


Cocoon Grid-It! Wrap for MacBook Air

There are all sorts of laptop bags and cases with a few accessory pockets—they’re almost always preconfigured and incapable of changing over time. But your carrying needs may change a lot from day to day. That’s why we like Cocoon’s Grid-It! Wrap for MacBook Air ($50). Available in both 11” and 13” variations, it’s a clever way to carry your computer and organize the stuff that goes with it. Read More


Fiplab Tab for Google+

With 10 million users signing up during its first two weeks—and close to double that now—Google+ is shaping up to be a real competitor in the social networking world. If you’re one of the circle-loving service’s account holders, you’ll probably like what British developer Fiplab has done with Tab for Google+ (Free*). This Mac App Store title sits in your menu bar, giving you quick access to everything Google+. Read More


MotoArt Airplane Desks

If you liked the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk we featured last week, then you’re going to love MotoArt’s Airplane Desks (~$5,500+). These guys are the real deal: actual repurposed plane parts, modified to become your new work surface. That’s assuming, of course, that you can work with the distraction of something this awesome sitting immediately beneath your Mac’s screen. Read More

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Moshi Universal Media Reader

Apple may be steadily trimming physical media readers out of its Mac computers, but the need for those readers isn’t going away quite yet. For the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to use memory cards to transfer photos from your favorite digital camera into your Mac photo library and editing apps. That’s why we’re digging Moshi’s Universal Media Reader ($35). It’s especially handy if you have an 11” MacBook Air without any sort of card reading capabilities, but the CompactFlash slot is useful on any Mac computer. Read More

PNY 16GB Hook Flash Drive

Take a quick look in your drawer and you might just find more flash drives then pens—they’re super-common these days, but most of them are terribly forgettable. So if you’re going to carry one, it might as well look good and have plenty of storage space. Enter PNY’s 16GB Hook Flash Drive ($45), available at your neighborhood Apple Store. Read More


Namco Bandai Games Time Crisis 2nd Strike

Stop and think for a second: just how many quarters have you dropped into Time Crisis arcade games over the years? If you’re anything like us, the figure is probably much higher than you’d like to admit. But right now, a single roll of those quarters is enough to let you play a new Time Crisis game as much as you want. After separate appearances on iOS devices, Namco Bandai Games has brought Time Crisis 2nd Strike ($10) to the Mac App Store—somewhat impressively, with a new GunCon control option. Read More


Kanex SnapX

Up until now, if you used an Apple Cinema Display with more than one Mac, you’d have to manually change the plugs each time you wanted to switch machines. Kanex decided there’s a better way to manage cables, and that’s why it has introduced SnapX ($69). This switcher allows you to use all of the features of your display—the FaceTime camera, audio, and USB ports—with two different Macs, toggling between them at the push of a button. Read More


Henge Docks Docking Stations

If you’re planning to use a Thunderbolt Display or some other external monitor with a MacBook, you’re probably looking for the least obtrusive way of storing the MacBook Pro it’s connected to. Enter Henge Docks’ Docking Stations ($60-$75). Unlike some other docks, they stand your notebook computer up on its thinnest edge, making the footprint a lot less intrusive than it otherwise would be. Read More


Guillaume Gete Lion Disk Maker

One of the downsides of OS X Lion is the absence of a reinstallation DVD. Gone are the days of your Mac coming with a couple of discs or a tiny flash drive loaded up with the OS and iLife apps—if you need to do a reinstall of the operating system, your computer will boot from a partition it created when you installed Lion and then redownload Lion—all 3.49GB of it. Having a bootable local copy of Lion makes this process a whole lot faster, and now there’s a simple way to make one: Lion DiskMaker (Free) from French developer Guillaume Gete. Read More


Yantouch JellyWake

We loved Yantouch’s amazing color-shifting lamp JellyWash+, which we first spotted at CES earlier this year. Now Yantouch has released a tweaked version called JellyWake ($139), which has been modestly redesigned to make use of the unique sleep and wake timers easier. The result is in some ways an even more impressive LED-powered lamp—a beautiful way to change the look and even the sound of the office or bedroom where you use your Mac—but there is one reason that some users may prefer the original JellyWash+ design. Updated: We’ve had the opportunity to fully test JellyWake and have revised this article with new details and photos! Read More


Arne Martin Aurlien Safari Keyword Search

Apple’s new version 5.1 of Safari killed support for WebKit Plugins, so now Extensions are the path forward. One that we’re really digging right now is Safari Keyword Search (Free) from Norwegian developer Arne Martin Aurlien. It’s a simple tool based off Keywurl that allows you to use the address bar as the search input for any site you want. If you’re looking for YouTube videos of cats, you can just type “y cats” and you’ll be right there. Read More


Yantouch JellyFish Black

We’ve previously discussed our love for Yantouch’s LED-illuminated, color-shifting lamps, the highest-end versions of which are still a little challenging to find in the United States. So here’s a more affordable version: JellyFish Black ($85), which we’ve actually located in stock—for now. JellyFish Black has the same general look and illumination features as the $139 JellyWake model, but is controlled with a front-mounted touch panel rather than gestures, and leaves out the audio and timer functionality in favor of pure lighting. It’s an inexpensive way to radically change the color of the otherwise dull room where your Mac lives, and it’s a lot of fun to play with, too. Read More

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