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VMware Fusion 4

We’ve seen this dance before: a few weeks ago Parallels introduced its latest Desktop 7 Windows virtualization software for Macs, and right on cue, VMware has released its response in the form of Fusion 4 ($50). Although there are more than 90 new features, the company is focusing on three main selling points. Fusion 4 is designed for OS X Lion, even more Mac-like, and offers turbocharged performance.  Read More

September 2011

Sifteo Cubes

Announced in 2009 as Siftables, Sifteo’s Cubes ($149) will finally become available this month, and we’re seriously intrigued by what they’ll mean for the future of interactive gaming. The basic kit includes three of the Cubes, a charging dock and AC adapter, as well as the USB wireless adapter that hooks into your Mac. Your computer beams games over to the tiny-screened Cubes, which serve as interactive displays and toys, with a minimum of three and a maximum of six Cubes working together at a time. Imagine a bunch of iPod nanos interacting with each other’s screens and you’ll have the right general idea. Read More

September 2011

Wacom Cintiq 24HD

It mightn’t be as mainstream as Apple’s new Thunderbolt Display, but we have a feeling that the new Cintiq 24HD ($2,499) is going to be an object of lust for graphic designers, other creative professionals, and regular folk alike. This behemoth interactive monitor combines a 16:10 ratio, 1920x1200-pixel HD screen with the company’s pen technology, and is capable of detecting 2048 levels of pen pressure. You can write directly on the screen to interact with drawing and painting apps. Drooling yet? Read More


Celmaro Plug Spy

We’ve talked about ways to protect your Mac from theft before—Griffin’s TechSafe Cable Lock System was a noteworthy hardware solution. Unfortunately, even that well-designed accessory doesn’t have universal compatibility across Apple’s notebook line—it doesn’t work with the MacBook Air—and a locking system can be a pain to actually set up. Fortunately, Celmaro has come up with a software solution that really does work with any Apple laptop running Lion: Plug Spy ($1). This ingenious little app integrates right into the screensaver and password system of your computer, transforming your power supply into a theft alarm. Read More


IOSPIRIT Remote Buddy Express

Although it may not be quite as ubiquitous as it was a few years ago, the Apple Remote is still a handy little device for Mac users—even though Lion has nixed the media management app Front Row. Thankfully, German developer IOSPIRIT is looking to increase the value of your plastic or aluminum accessory with Remote Buddy Express ($20). Read More

November 2011

mLogic mBack

We’ve always wanted to fill that hole on the iMac’s leg with something other than just cables, but to the best of our knowledge, no company has come up with something meaningful to do with it. Now, with the announcement of mBack ($169-$349) from mLogic, the hole has a purpose beyond cable management. mBack is an external hard drive that takes up no space on your desk; it mounts right on the iMac’s back, leaving you room for all your other gadgets. Read More

Coming Soon

HP TopShot Laserjet Pro M275

With all the chaos that’s been taking place at Hewlett-Packard recently, we weren’t expecting to see anything neat out of the HP labs any time soon—but with its computer, tablet, and phone businesses up for sale, that leaves printers. So it’s nice to see that the upcoming TopShot Laserjet Pro M275 ($400, aka Laserjet Pro 200 Color MFP M275nw) has a cool new trick up its sleeve: 3-D object scanning. The feature’s impressive in and of itself, but the price makes this multifunction printer and scanner sound like a steal. Read More


Feral Interactive Colin McRae: DiRT 2

Originally released two years ago for pretty much every other platform save the Mac, Feral Interactive’s Colin McRae: DiRT 2 ($40) has finally found its way on to Apple computers through the Mac App Store. This off-road racing title is another nail in the coffin for the “Macs don’t play games” argument: with beautiful graphics and plenty of tracks, racing fans are going to be pretty happy with this one. Read More


AgileBits 1Password

Whether or not it’s obvious, you almost certainly have a huge number of logins, passwords, and usernames for various web sites—as well as credit cards, drivers licenses, passports, and other information that you sometimes would like to access on your computer. Our favorite way to manage them all is 1Password from AgileBits, which has recently received two major updates: first, AgileBits added support for OS X Lion and Safari 5.1, and then it released a new version for the Mac App Store. 1Password gives you the luxury of security without the need to actually remember everything on your own. Updated: We’ve added some screenshots and new information about the Mac App Store release of 1Password; check it out after the break! Read More


Tynsoe.org GeekTool

Just a word of caution: this app is only for people familiar with UNIX—a fact that the developer is quick to point out in the Mac App Store listing—but if you’re not intimidated by shell commands, Tysoe.org’s GeekTool (Free) can pull off some pretty cool tricks. It can display information right on your desktop, eliminating your need to go to a separate app. Three different default plug-ins are supported. Read More


Knomo 15" Helena Shoulder Bag with Flap

Most of the MacBook bags we feature are pretty masculine or unisex; Knomo’s 15” Helena Shoulder Bag with Flap ($350) is designed with female customers in mind. It looks a lot more like a purse than a backpack or messenger bag, but still has room for up to a 15” laptop. Made of real leather, the bag is available in brown, black, and nutmeg colors, each with large shoulder straps. Read More

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Most Mac users agree that Apple makes the best keyboards for its machines, but there’s always a reason to check out other options—especially if you want new and different features Apple hasn’t implemented yet. Logitech has come up with a solution to address two common Apple Wireless Keyboard issues—the hassle of changing the batteries whenever they run dry, and the lack of a number pad. The new Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 ($60) ships at the end of this month, comes in multiple colors, and even beats Apple’s version on price. Updated! New photos and details have been added below the fold. Read More


Colibri Games The Tiny Bang Story

The price is almost worth it for the graphics alone, but Colibri Games’ The Tiny Bang Story ($10) has plenty of other things going for it on top of its good looks. Like Myst and Machinarium, this point-and-click puzzler is conceptually simple—find objects hidden throughout the world and complete puzzles to advance—but it’s a bit more challenging than it sounds. Read More

Seagate 4TB GoFlex Desk External Hard Drive

4TB of storage space in a 3.5” consumer hard disk? It hadn’t been done before today. Now Seagate has pushed the envelope just a bit further with the introduction of its 4TB GoFlex Desk External Hard Drive ($250). The capacity isn’t the only big deal here; this drive is also capable of growing additional Thunderbolt connectivity. Is Apple and Intel’s new standard finally ready for average consumers? Read More


Chris Laurel Cosmographia

As much as we all may want to head into space, the chances of that happening any time soon are pretty slim. But thanks to the magic of computers and Chris Laurel’s Cosmographia ($10), you can move through the solar system, traveling between stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. The high-resolution graphics are sure to impress; in fact, they’re so intensive that they won’t work on older Intel GMA 950 and 3100 graphics processors. Read More

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