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Gameloft Tank Battles

Atari created the overhead tank shooter genre with its classic VCS/2600 pack-in game Combat. Now Gameloft has brought the game into the modern era with Tank Battles ($7), a Mac App Store download that’s far better in motion than screenshots would suggest. You take control of a yellow, green, blue, or red tank, steer it with one hand and move a targeting reticule with another, firing off shots in a series of four-player deathmatches in 50 city, country, and military settings. Power-ups fill the screen with explosions until one tank emerges as the leader of the pack. Read More


Andreas Ganske Launchpad-Control

We want to like Lion’s new Launchpad, we really do. But the fact that every single app on your Mac shows up there—with no way to remove most of them—takes away from the experience. After all, how often is the average person going to use ColorSync Utility? Thankfully, German developer Andreas Ganske has released Launchpad-Control (Free) as a solution to that problem. Hopefully Apple will take the hint and add a similar feature in an OS X update. Read More


How-To: Remove, Limit, Or Fix Adobe Flash On Your Mac

People freaked out when Apple flatly refused to let the iPhone and iPod touch support Adobe’s Flash plug-in, forcing the companies into a messy public battle over Flash’s power consumption and stability. Four years later, it’s long past obvious that Apple was right, particularly since Flash is now wreaking havoc on Macs with OS X Lion installed. Here are some quick tips for removing, limiting, or sandboxing Adobe Flash so that your Mac doesn’t lock up or lose half of its battery life. We’d recommend that you dump Flash altogether, but if you can’t do that, we have some tips to (try to) fix it, as well. Read More


Samsonite Aluminum Attaché

Metal boxes imply important, top-secret contents—they’re the stuff of James Bond movies, the President’s nuclear “football,” and even Apple’s classic iPhone 3G commercial. If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your MacBook to secret agent status, Samsonite’s Aluminum Attaché ($300) will help you create the same aura of mystery and importance. It’s actually available on the company’s website and from Amazon for half the MSRP—a pretty reasonable deal, really. Read More


Focal XS Book Music System

French manufacturer Focal’s upcoming XS Book Music System ($400) is the follow-up to its impressive XS computer-ready speaker system from a few years ago. This time around, the company has ditched the subwoofer and iPod dock; what you have instead are two thesaurus-sized silver and black speakers that fit right in place alongside the current Mac lineup. They’re made from plastic and fabric, and match the iMac and Apple’s 27” LED Cinema Display / Thunderbolt Display designs really well. Updated August 11, 2011: We’ve added some additional impressions to our prior coverage below. Read More

Mobee Technology The Magic Bar

We’ve already seen Mobee Technology pull off a similar trick with the Magic Mouse, so it is not a huge surprise to see the company unveil The Magic Bar ($60)—but we’re still interested in this neat accessory, which we first checked out at CES in January. Just like its little brother, The Magic Bar is an inductive charging station, but this time it’s for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It’s an easier and more environmentally-friendly solution than having to replace and throw out your AAs every few months. Updated August 11 and 30, 2011: Although it took a few months longer than expected, Magic Bar has finally been released. We’ve added detailed pictures to our photo gallery. And subsequently, we added new detailed impressions below. Read More


Incase Neoprene Slim Sleeve

Incase’s Neoprene Slim Sleeve ($40) has been a standard accessory for years. Watch the bag section of an Apple Store for an afternoon and you’ll definitely see a few make it out the door. Ready for a change, the company has updated the unit across the board with new versions for everything from the 11” MacBook Air to the 13” MacBook Pro. Updated: New hands-on pictures after the break! Read More


Freshcode Bodega

As great as it may be, the Mac App Store isn’t the only or even the original digital storefront for Apple’s computers. Back in 2009, Freshcode released Bodega (Free), and it’s still going strong today. Just like Cupertino’s version, you can browse through free and paid apps, and buy them right through the store. Bodega also has some features that Apple doesn’t offer, including the ability to update tons of apps that aren’t in the App Store. Read More


Illusion Labs Touchgrind

The iPhone version came out all the way back in the beginning of 2009, making its way into early iPod gaming TV commercials. Now Illusion Labs has brought Touchgrind (Free) to the Mac through the Mac App Store. If you’re familiar with the original, then you know what this one is all about: use your fingers to control a skateboard and pull off awesome tricks around the park. Except… you’re no longer touching the screen. Read More

Moshi Zefyr 2

Under light usage conditions, Apple’s base-model MacBooks, Airs, and Pros tend to run almost silent and pretty cool to the touch, but there are times when even the latest power-sipping machines can get hot. So it’s great that Moshi’s just-introduced Zefyr 2 ($80) to cool them off, using a unique folding aluminum housing and three-speed, USB-powered fans. One model is designed to accommodate any Apple laptop from 13” to 17” in size. Read More


Cocoon Grid-It! Wrap for MacBook Air

There are all sorts of laptop bags and cases with a few accessory pockets—they’re almost always preconfigured and incapable of changing over time. But your carrying needs may change a lot from day to day. That’s why we like Cocoon’s Grid-It! Wrap for MacBook Air ($50). Available in both 11” and 13” variations, it’s a clever way to carry your computer and organize the stuff that goes with it. Read More


Fiplab Tab for Google+

With 10 million users signing up during its first two weeks—and close to double that now—Google+ is shaping up to be a real competitor in the social networking world. If you’re one of the circle-loving service’s account holders, you’ll probably like what British developer Fiplab has done with Tab for Google+ (Free*). This Mac App Store title sits in your menu bar, giving you quick access to everything Google+. Read More


MotoArt Airplane Desks

If you liked the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk we featured last week, then you’re going to love MotoArt’s Airplane Desks (~$5,500+). These guys are the real deal: actual repurposed plane parts, modified to become your new work surface. That’s assuming, of course, that you can work with the distraction of something this awesome sitting immediately beneath your Mac’s screen. Read More

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Moshi Universal Media Reader

Apple may be steadily trimming physical media readers out of its Mac computers, but the need for those readers isn’t going away quite yet. For the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to use memory cards to transfer photos from your favorite digital camera into your Mac photo library and editing apps. That’s why we’re digging Moshi’s Universal Media Reader ($35). It’s especially handy if you have an 11” MacBook Air without any sort of card reading capabilities, but the CompactFlash slot is useful on any Mac computer. Read More

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