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Kanex SnapX

Up until now, if you used an Apple Cinema Display with more than one Mac, you’d have to manually change the plugs each time you wanted to switch machines. Kanex decided there’s a better way to manage cables, and that’s why it has introduced SnapX ($69). This switcher allows you to use all of the features of your display—the FaceTime camera, audio, and USB ports—with two different Macs, toggling between them at the push of a button. Read More


Henge Docks Docking Stations

If you’re planning to use a Thunderbolt Display or some other external monitor with a MacBook, you’re probably looking for the least obtrusive way of storing the MacBook Pro it’s connected to. Enter Henge Docks’ Docking Stations ($60-$75). Unlike some other docks, they stand your notebook computer up on its thinnest edge, making the footprint a lot less intrusive than it otherwise would be. Read More


Guillaume Gete Lion Disk Maker

One of the downsides of OS X Lion is the absence of a reinstallation DVD. Gone are the days of your Mac coming with a couple of discs or a tiny flash drive loaded up with the OS and iLife apps—if you need to do a reinstall of the operating system, your computer will boot from a partition it created when you installed Lion and then redownload Lion—all 3.49GB of it. Having a bootable local copy of Lion makes this process a whole lot faster, and now there’s a simple way to make one: Lion DiskMaker (Free) from French developer Guillaume Gete. Read More


Yantouch JellyWake

We loved Yantouch’s amazing color-shifting lamp JellyWash+, which we first spotted at CES earlier this year. Now Yantouch has released a tweaked version called JellyWake ($139), which has been modestly redesigned to make use of the unique sleep and wake timers easier. The result is in some ways an even more impressive LED-powered lamp—a beautiful way to change the look and even the sound of the office or bedroom where you use your Mac—but there is one reason that some users may prefer the original JellyWash+ design. Updated: We’ve had the opportunity to fully test JellyWake and have revised this article with new details and photos! Read More


Arne Martin Aurlien Safari Keyword Search

Apple’s new version 5.1 of Safari killed support for WebKit Plugins, so now Extensions are the path forward. One that we’re really digging right now is Safari Keyword Search (Free) from Norwegian developer Arne Martin Aurlien. It’s a simple tool based off Keywurl that allows you to use the address bar as the search input for any site you want. If you’re looking for YouTube videos of cats, you can just type “y cats” and you’ll be right there. Read More


Yantouch JellyFish Black

We’ve previously discussed our love for Yantouch’s LED-illuminated, color-shifting lamps, the highest-end versions of which are still a little challenging to find in the United States. So here’s a more affordable version: JellyFish Black ($85), which we’ve actually located in stock—for now. JellyFish Black has the same general look and illumination features as the $139 JellyWake model, but is controlled with a front-mounted touch panel rather than gestures, and leaves out the audio and timer functionality in favor of pure lighting. It’s an inexpensive way to radically change the color of the otherwise dull room where your Mac lives, and it’s a lot of fun to play with, too. Read More


Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk

Most of the desks we’ve featured in iLounge + Mac have the same kind of clean, modern aesthetic as your Mac. If you want something a little different, you’re going to love Restoration Hardware’s Aviator Wing Desk ($2,195). It’s much more 1940s than 2010s, but the balance of new and old works, and the desk offers a distinctive twist on Apple’s favorite metal. Read More


Gameloft Starfront: Collision

After years of labor to help Macs feel like viable gaming machines, the combination of awesome hardware and the Mac App Store is finally making it happen. Take Gameloft’s Starfront: Collision ($10)—a game that, yes, is incredibly similar to Blizzard’s Starcraft series of realtime strategy (RTS) games. But it’s half the price of the classic title on which it’s based, and we really liked the iOS version when it was released earlier in the year. Read More


Gaijin Games Bit.Trip Runner

If you like trippy independent games, drop what you’re doing and download Gaijin Games’ Bit.Trip Runner ($10) from the Mac App Store. The fourth game in the Bit.Trip series, Runner is a rhythm-platformer that has you running across the moon and fighting moon-slugs. Yeah, like we said, trippy. Read More

Apple Wireless Keyboard

New software warrants new hardware. We saw a few fresh Macs pop up alongside Lion last week, but as Apple is wont to do, it also quietly revved an existing product without even mentioning it. In this case, it was Wireless Keyboard ($69). Since it first launched, Apple’s typer has been among the best, and now it’s just a bit better. Read More


Micromuff Micromuff

Being able to shoot hi-def video on your DSLR is pretty great; it can save you a ton on equipment. But like anything else where you’re saving some money, there are sacrifices to be made. In this case, we’re talking about audio quality. Wind noise can ruin your video if you’re not using an external mic setup. Well now there’s another solution: Micromuff (£13/$22), from the company of the same name. Read More


Oomph Sidekick

Like Big Brother, your Mac always knows where you are. You might as well make the most of it. That’s just what Oomph’s Sidekick ($29) helps you do. It automatically updates the settings on your notebook based on where you are. Different actions will run automatically when you’re home, at the coffee shop, in the office, or wherever else you take your Mac. Read More

$38 and Up

OWC RAM for Mac Mini (Mid 2011)

Having only 2GB of RAM in any Mac really doesn’t cut it these days. Lion claims to only need that much, but everyone knows 4GB is the best starting point. That’s why we were pretty surprised to see that the base model of the new beefed up Mac mini still comes with 2GB. Apple let’s you double that for $100, and go up to 8GB for $300. Luckily there are companies like OWC with memory modules that are a lot less expensive—and they give you options Cupertino doesn’t. Read More

August 2011

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim

There are several ways to describe the Canon X Mark I Mouse ($60). “Insanely clever” might be one. “Insanely cool” might be another. Just plain ol’ “insane” might be a third—but whatever your feelings about it, it’s certainly unique. Read More


Griffin TechSafe Cable Lock System

You already know that unsavory people would love to steal your Mac. Most people lock their machines up by sticking something in the Kensington-style lock slot on the side. But there are other options, right? Of course! Griffin has a solution: the TechSafe Cable Lock System ($30), which works with any laptop, regardless of the holes on the sides. Updated with new pictures! Read More

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