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August 2011

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim

There are several ways to describe the Canon X Mark I Mouse ($60). “Insanely clever” might be one. “Insanely cool” might be another. Just plain ol’ “insane” might be a third—but whatever your feelings about it, it’s certainly unique. Read More


Griffin TechSafe Cable Lock System

You already know that unsavory people would love to steal your Mac. Most people lock their machines up by sticking something in the Kensington-style lock slot on the side. But there are other options, right? Of course! Griffin has a solution: the TechSafe Cable Lock System ($30), which works with any laptop, regardless of the holes on the sides. Updated with new pictures! Read More


FreeMacSoft AppCleaner

We Mac users have it easy. Uninstalling an application is a piece of cake; just drop it in the trash and it’s gone. But some software titles leave small plist and other files behind. That’s where AppCleaner (Free) from FreeMacSoft comes in. The app does one thing, and it does it well. Now it’s been rewritten from the ground up and is Lion compatible. Read More


Travelteq Trash Canvas Messenger Bag

We’ll be the first to admit that Dutch design company Travelteq’s Trash Canvas Messenger Bag (€525/$753) might not be the best named product that we’ve ever come across. And that the price, even with 15% taken off for those outside the European Union, is ridiculously high. But there is no denying that the bag is a sexy way to carry around your Mac, and functional too. Read More


Nuance Dragon Dictate

It’s good to see a company continue to innovate, even when it’s the only game in town. There’s no real competition to Nuance’s Dragon Dictate when it comes to voice recognition, yet it keeps getting better. Just released, version 2.5 (Free-$300) is the latest step. It adds a slew of new features that are worth getting excited about. Existing 2.0 users get a free upgrade, while a digital download is $180, a boxed version is $200, and a copy with a wireless mic included is $300—although you probably won’t need that last one. Read More


Bare Bones Software BBEdit 10

Whether you’re a hardcore HTML coder, a dedicated programmer, or simply looking for the best text editor around, you’re going to want a copy of BBEdit 10 ($50). The latest version of the de facto standard for text editing on Mac OS adds in a ton of new groovy features while dropping the cost of entry in half, thanks to the Mac App Store and its lack of a license migration feature—hence why the App Store is still showing v9.6.3, as v10 will be a free upgrade once it drops. Read More

Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive

So you just stopped by the Apple Store to pick up your new MacBook Air or Mac mini, and you’re wondering how you’re supposed to rip your CD collection. If optical media are still part of your life, then you might want to consider dropping $79 for Apple’s MacBook Air SuperDrive. Don’t let the name fool you; it works with both of the company’s drive-less Macs. Read More


Apple OS X Lion

The day has come! First shown back in October, Apple has finally launched Mac OS X Lion ($30), and brought with it a lot of goodies from iOS. It contains over 250 new features including multitouch gestures, full screen applications, Mission Control, new features for the Mac App Store, Launchpad, resume, Auto Save, Versions, AirDrop, and a new Mail.app. Time to start clearing out a few gigs on your hard drive—four, to be exact—for this one. But there are also a couple of surprises—it’s no longer “Mac OS X,” and Lion Server is a separate $50 download. Read on for more on what’s new. Read More

6-8 Weeks

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch)

It looks the same as the now-discontinued LED Cinema Display, but Apple’s brand-new Thunderbolt Display (27-inch) ($999) has a whole new set of tricks up its sleeve. Rocking the same huge, beautiful screen as its predecessor, it’s the perfect desktop enhancement for your MacBook, especially the MacBook Air. The under-the-hood changes bring it up to speed with the latest Mac computers, too. Read More


Apple Mac mini (Mid 2011)

Okay, okay, we get it, Apple—optical drives are on the way out, at least, for users who don’t want Blu-Ray players or burners in their computers. The ultimate expression of this is the just-introduced mid-2011 Mac mini ($599 and up), a 7.7” rounded square of silver aluminum that has now completely dropped the prior version’s SuperDrive in favor of a completely solid face—only a pinhole power light and IR sensor are on the front. Of course, Mac mini makes up for the omission with some big changes: a lower $599 base price, Core i5 and Core i7 processors, some new Radeon HD GPUs, Thunderbolt, and Bluetooth 4.0. Click for more details. Read More


Apple MacBook Air (Mid 2011)

The rumors have been a few weeks off, but our predictions were right. About ten months after Apple took a second, far more successful swing at the MacBook Air ($999-$1,599), it has followed it up with an impressively improved new lineup—changes that aren’t groundbreaking, but all very much welcome, and considerably improving the horsepower of Apple’s new base model MacBook. That’s right—the MacBook’s gone, so long live MacBook Air. Read More

Numark DJ2GO

So you taught yourself to DJ, and now you want to spin the ones and twos pretty much wherever you are. You could use your mouse or trackpad to control your favorite software, but dedicated hardware is better, right? That’s why we’re checking out DJ2GO ($60) from Numark. It weighs less than a pound, and has everything you need to spin. And how’s this for easy: it’s powered by the USB port on your Mac. Read More


Just Mobile Drawer

Need a bit of extra room on your cluttered desk? Want to raise your Mac’s screen up a bit? Like aluminum? If your answer to these three questions is “yes,” you’re going to want to check out Just Mobile’s newly-released Drawer. Created by the award-winning Apple accessory designer as a stand for your iMac or Cinema Display, it lives up to it’s name with—yup—a built-in drawer, extra storage space that will definitely come in handy to tidy up your desk. Updated with new details! Read More


The Omni Group OmniPlan

It would be nice to just sit down at a desk, start every project, and finish it efficiently. But let’s face facts: without structure, big projects—and even some small tasks—aren’t going to make steady progress. Ideally, you’ll have something to keep your projects on track. That’s where OmniPlan ($200) from The Omni Group comes in. Just updated to version 2.0, it’s the last project management app you’ll need. Read More


Edifier Prisma E3350 2.1 Speakers

We don’t know what it is about speakers. Manufacturers occasionally go crazy with their designs, and many people—us included—eat them up. Take Edifier’s Prisma E3350 2.1 Speakers ($130). They may look like futuristic obelisks or pyramids, but we’d be happy to have them next to a Mac. Oh, and they have pretty good specs, too. Read More

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