2014 iPad iPhone iPod Buyers' Guide from iLounge.com


Megawing Hookeychain Magnet

If you often lose your keys, you’ll appreciate anything that eliminates those countless hours of searching. That’s why Megawing’s Hookeychain Magnet ($16) is a welcome addition to the world of keychains. It’s a simple, stylish way to hold and mount your keys, and it doesn’t take up much more space than the keychain bottle opener it’s going to replace. Read More


Hard Candy Cases Candy Convertible Air

After Apple rolled out the white iPad 2 and white iPhone 4, Hard Candy Cases decided to follow suit with a bright white collection of cases for all of Apple’s mobile products. Candy Convertible Air ($50) is the MacBook Air option—a smooth “animal-friendly faux-nubuck material” (read: fake leather) folio that is indistinguishable from real leather. It’s thin but doesn’t look or feel cheap, and keeps your Air substantially covered inside. Updated: We’ve added pictures of another colored version of Candy Convertible which uses a different soft faux suede material instead. Read More


6 Wunderkinder Wunderlist

There’s already one ring to rule them all. How about one to-do manager? That’s the idea behind Wunderlist (Free) from 6 Wunderkinder. It’s a Mac App Store Download that allows you to organize your life, and it syncs across all of your devices—PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web. Yes, you read that right: all those platforms and it’s free. Read More

Quirky Space Bar

Desk space is always a precious commodity—almost as much as open USB ports. That’s why Quirky’s Space Bar ($79) makes so much sense. It’s a combination of a stand for your iMac or Cinema Display with a USB hub. And it looks pretty cool. Read More


Feral Interactive LEGO Star Wars Saga

LEGO. Star Wars. On your Mac. That’s right, the bafflingly awesome LEGO Star Wars Saga ($30) is now available in the Mac App Store. It combines LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, so you get to play through all six of the theatrical Star Wars releases—and blow up Jar Jar as much as you see fit—all with beautifully updated cartoony graphics. Read More


WaterField Designs Trackpad Slip and Trackpad Socket

We’ve spoken highly of Apple’s Magic Trackpad in the past, and with Lion popping up next month, it’s going to become even more indispensable. If your MacBook’s built-in trackpad isn’t enough, you might be wondering how to carry the Magic Trackpad around—you have to keep that pretty glass top safe somehow. WaterField Designs has the answer with its Trackpad Socket ($12) and Trackpad Slip ($25). Read More


Power Support Air Jacket Set for MacBook Air

Who would have thought that a couple of clear pieces of plastic would make us say “wow?” Power Support’s new Air Jacket Set for MacBook Air ($60) from Power Support may seem as simple as a computer case gets, yet it’s surprisingly gorgeous. Read More

Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse

First things first. We know Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 9 Gaming Mouse ($150) will look sort of ridiculous to non-gamers, particularly if your idea of an input device involves touchscreen controls and zero physical buttons. But some hardcore computer gamers will see this as a beauty. With the Mac finally becoming a legit gaming platform, Mad Catz has released an official OS X driver for its entire Cyborg R.A.T. line of PC accessories. Windows gamers have been using R.A.T. 9 for almost a year, and now it’s the Mac’s turn to try wrestling with this beast. Read More


Gameprom War Pinball HD

Pinball machines may have disappeared along with arcades, but they’re still awesome. And since it’s unlikely that you’ll have an actual machine in your house, Gameprom’s digital versions are as close to the shiny steel balls and flashing lights as you’re going to get. We liked the company’s standard Pinball HD for Mac, so it was cool to see the previously iOS-exclusive title War Pinball HD ($3) make the migration to the desktop, too. That’s right: Charlie Sheen and Chuck Norris are together in one pinball game. Read More


Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air

Think different, right? We do it with our computers, so it makes sense to do the same with our computer cases. Most laptop sleeves are the same—slide your computer in and zip it up. Acme Made takes a somewhat distinctive approach with Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air ($40). It ditches the zipper, and a lot of the bulk too. Read More


Strata Design 3D SE

Looking to get into 3D, but don’t feel ready to spend the money on—or the time required to learn—a program like Maya? Strata Design 3D SE ($50) is a good option. With Mac OS roots that go back farther than most users care to remember, it offers up pro-quality results without the bloat of a more serious, pro-only app. Read More


Zoomdoggle Buckyballs

Everybody needs that one thing at their desk to fiddle with during conference calls. Maybe it’s an action figure or even just a clicky pen; for at least a few of our editors it’s Twelve South’s Compass. If your workspace is devoid of just such a thing right now, you may want to check out Buckyballs from Zoomdoggle ($35-$38). Read More


Newer Technology 11 Piece Portable Toolkit

Of course the guys and girls behind the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store are always appreciated. After all, you really don’t want to be the one to clean up your MacBook Pro after you spill coffee on it. But sometimes it’s more convenient to get in the machine yourself, and if you’ve ever tried before, you know you need the right tools. Thankfully Newer Technology has collected all the instruments you’ll need in its 11 Piece Portable Tool Kit ($18). Read More


Hard Graft Leather MacBook Sleeve

Ever wondered what you would get if you left British and Austrian designers alone in a room with some leather and wool? Straight from Vienna—or as Hard Graft calls it, the heart of Europe—comes the answer: the Leather MacBook Sleeve (€189/$271). We’ve seen plenty of high-class sleeves before, but this one is undeniably stylish, and at this sort of price, it has to be. Read More


Acrylic Software Pulp

Ever used Acrylic Software’s Times reader app? Well, the name’s changed—now it’s called Pulp ($20). There’s no shortage of newsreaders these days, but Pulp is definitely one of the prettiest and has a bunch of killer features, particularly standing out on the Mac. Think of it like a totally customizable newspaper that actually looks like a newspaper. Read More

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