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Kenneth Cole New York 15"/13" Single Gusset Flapover Messenger Bag

It’s not often that the fashion and fanboy/fangirl worlds collide, but great things can happen as the result of such mash-ups. Case in point: the Apple Store-exclusive Kenneth Cole New York 15”/13” Single Gusset Flapover Messenger Bag ($200). This canvas and leather bag has enough room for Apple’s mid-sized MacBooks and MacBook Pros; of course, it can hold smaller machines, too. Read More


Tkaro Bottle

iLounge + Mac’s mission is to feature cool products that make your Mac experience better in different ways—including things that look great next to it. Take Tkaro’s Bottle ($37), which is pitched as “the glass you take with you.” It’s a gorgeous vessel for your favorite cold beverage, and thanks to glass and stainless steel construction, it just happens to complement the industrial design of many Apple computers. Read More


Skype Limited Skype 5.2

Sure, Mac users love iChat and are warming up to FaceTime, but Skype is still an incredibly popular multi-platform audio and video calling platform. If you just can’t get enough of showing your face to people over the Internet, Skype’s newest version, Skype 5.2 (Free) is out and ready to go. Some of the “new” features may look familiar to Mac owners, but they’re all pretty useful. Read More


The Little App Factory Tagalicious

Even if you’re an iTunes fiend, at least some of your music library surely comes from other places. Consequently, there are probably tracks in your library that are a mess with missing or wrong information. It’s a pain to clean them up yourself, so why not just let an app like Tagalicious ($20) from The Little App Factory take care of it for you? Read More


Panic Spinner T-Shirt

If you’ve ever used an Apple product, odds are you’ve seen the spinner at least once or twice—and power users likely see it multiple times a day. Now you can pay homage to your iconic buddy with a Panic Apple Spinner T-Shirt ($19). Read More


Zentertain Facebox Pro for Facebook

Revolutionary? Magical? No. But Zentertain’s Facebox Pro for Facebook (Free, version 2.1) is certainly handy, letting Mac users access the popular social networking site with one click from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Facebox Pro basically just compresses most of the standard Facebook Safari page into a roughly 600x500 window that floats above everything else on your desktop, then disappears whenever you switch to a different window. Because it relies on Safari rather than a proprietary client, it includes full support for Facebook chat, auto-sized photo browsing, and everything else in Facebook’s left and center web columns. Read More


PowerbookMedic My Devices

Yes, Mactracker offers plenty of great information about the different generations of Apple products, but My Devices (Free) from PowerbookMedic digs deeper into something you might care about more: your Apple products. It’s kind of like Apple’s My Support Profile page, but with a lot more info about the components inside each of your Macs and other devices. Read More


Jumsoft Money

Personal finance and budgeting are necessary evils—nobody likes taking care of them, but they have to get done. At least there’s an easy way to keep track of your resources in the form of the newly-updated Money ($38) from Jumsoft. You probably do most of your financial transactions online already; Money just makes the process a whole lot easier. Read More


WaterField Designs Keyboard Travel Case + Keyboard Travel Express

If a company is going to make sleeves for the Magic Trackpad, it’s only natural that they’d do the same for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. So here you go: WaterField Designs’ Keyboard Travel Case ($69) and Keyboard Travel Express ($49) are both designed to be travel companions for your keyboard, as well as other stuff you’re most certainly going to be carrying around. Read More


Aki_null YoruFukurou

It may not be the prettiest Twitter app out there, but Aki_null’s YoruFukurou (Free)—Japanese for NightOwl—is ridiculously powerful and customizable. It’s perfect for Twitterers who are looking to organize their streams using custom tabs, awesome notifications, personalized color schemes, and appearance modes. Particularly since there’s no charge to give it a shot, it’s definitely worth firing up the Mac App Store for this one. Read More


G-Form Extreme Sleeve for Laptops

Sure, some people just need to keep their MacBooks safe from dings and scratches. But others put computers through hell and expect them to keep opening spreadsheets without complaint. If you fall into the latter category, you’ll want to check out the Extreme Laptop Sleeve from G-Form ($70-$80), now available for 11-, 13-, and 15-inch laptops, including MacBooks. G-Form has claimed that the smaller iPad version can survive having a bowling ball dropped on it and being thrown from an airplane, so you can expect the same resilience from this model. Updated! We’ve added new pictures and details for the both the black and yellow versions! Read More


Promise Pegasus R4 + R6 RAID Storage Systems

Now that you can finally get your hands on Apple’s Thunderbolt Cables and Thunderbolt-ready Macs, you might just want to try some of the high-speed accessories that work with them. Pros and semi-pros out there can start snacking on this: the new Pegasus R4 and R6 RAID Storage Systems ($999-$1,999) from Promise. Don’t forget to snag one of those $49 Apple cables at the same time—it’s not included. Read More

Apple Thunderbolt Cable

Four months have passed since Intel introduced Thunderbolt high-speed interconnect technology, and today, Apple finally released the first Thunderbolt Cable ($49) to take advantage of it. We knew Thunderbolt devices were going to start popping up in stores soon, and the fact that this cable’s now hitting the shelves is a sign of what’s to come. The six-foot (two-meter), male-to-male cord is the first real accessory of any kind to support the 10Gbit/s transfer medium. So just what do you get for plopping down nearly fifty bucks on a cable? Read More


LaCie Porsche Design USB 3.0 Hard Drives

For most of us, external hard drives—whether they be desktop or mobile—have become a necessary evil of modern computing. But they need not be something you want to hide behind your monitor, in a drawer, or inside an old shoe box. These new LaCie Porsche Design USB 3.0 Hard Drives ($105-$160) feature stylish enclosures that you’ll be proud to display on your desk. Read More


iLuv iCC1203 Protective Flexi-Frame for MacBook Pro

Most developers are so focused right now on slimming down their MacBook-protecting shells that they’ve stopped trying to use two different colors at the same time. iLuv’s new iCC1203 ($60) takes a different approach—it isn’t trying to be the thinnest option on the block. Instead, it tastefully combines frosted clear hard plastic cores with soft rubber edging in your choice of four different colors, letting part of the 13” or 15” MacBook Pro shine through while accenting the rest. Read More

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