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Gameloft N.O.V.A. 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

Remember when Bungie unceremoniously walked away from the Mac platform, taking its soon-to-be-blockbuster first-person shooter Halo to Microsoft’s nascent Xbox platform? Well, you still can’t play Halo’s sequels on a Mac, but Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 2 Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance ($10)—the iOS alternative to Halo 2—is arriving in the Mac App Store today, complete with high-resolution graphics, a 13-mission single-player campaign, and a 10-player online multiplayer mode. You take control of Kal Wardin, a Master Chief-alike protagonist who makes his way through sci-fi military base, space station, desert and jungle levels, armed with futuristic guns, vehicles, and even a giant mech. Read More

Cropmark LMP Bluetooth Keypad

Sure, not everybody needs it, but for those who do the lack of a number pad on Apple’s Wireless Keyboard can be a killer. Well spreadsheet jockeys rejoice, there’s an option now. Cropmark’s LMP Bluetooth Keypad ($39) is just what you need—it’ll get you tearing through those cells in no time. Read More


Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers

Designed and named after the New York City neighborhood known for its music culture, Audyssey’s new Lower East Side Media Speakers ($200) are pretty cool. Sure they have the same form factor as a lot of computer speakers—albeit with a more attractive design than many—but they also pack in some interesting features you may not have seen in the past. On top of promising great sound, the company is offering options to make them usable with more than just your computer. Read More


Apple Time Capsule (Mid 2011)

Oh so stealthily this morning, Apple bumped the storage capacity on its router and hard drive combo Time Capsule ($299-$499). Now you have the option of 2 or 3TB for the same prices as before; either model should be enough to wireless back up two or three of your home computers. Previously rumored features, such as an A4 or A5 processor inside for dramatically improved functionality, either didn’t make the cut this time or haven’t been promoted in any way by Apple. Read More


Apple Final Cut Pro X, Compressor 4 + Motion 5

It’s the day video editors have been waiting for since Apple made Final Cut Pro X ($300) official at a special NAB Users Group event in April: the completely rebuilt 64-bit editing package has just hit the Mac App Store. And surprise: the company also released brand new Motion 5 ($50) and Compressor 4 ($50) updates as companions. Details are after the break. Read More


Fox Digital Entertainment Predators

Putting aside the Alien vs. Predator movies, the techno-vicious Predators have always been pretty awesome, especially as a counterbalance to the purely animalistic Aliens. Luckily Robert Rodriguez didn’t blemish the Predators’ reputation with his 2010 take on the franchise. So now, they’re starring in the Mac App Store game Predators ($5) from Fox Digital Entertainment. Read More

$699 and Up

Apple Mac mini + Mac Pro (Mid-2011) Expectations

If you were thinking of buying a Mac mini ($699 and up) or Mac Pro ($2499 and up), now would probably be a good time to wait. Following the successful transitions of the MacBook Pro and iMac to Intel’s latest lineup of Sandy Bridge processors—and the impending similar update of the MacBook Air—Apple plans to refresh its other desktop machines with new processors and ports over the next couple of months. As of this week, Cnet is claiming the new machines are coming in late July or early August. Read on for the details of what’s expected to change. Read More


You probably know that January’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. But did you know that a summer version is starting up again in New York City? Today marks the start of CE Week, a week-long collection of events at which many of 2011’s hottest technologies will be debuted. And our team of editors will be covering CE Week live. Here’s some of what you can expect inside. Read More

July 4, 2011

BookEndz Docking Station for 13" MacBook Air

Yeah, it’s crazy expensive, but BookEndz has been making notebook docks for years, and its upcoming Docking Station for 13” MacBook Air is the latest in a family of similarly-themed accessories. If you have an external display and other plug-in accessories at your desk, you probably already know the pain of trying to turn the Air into a full-time desktop machine. Who wants to mess with plugging and unplugging all those cables all the time? Read More


Many Tricks Moom

Chances are your Mac’s virtual desktop is as messy as the physical desk it’s sitting on. Sure, OS X Lion is going to push users towards full-screen apps, and blending Dashboard, Exposé, and Spaces into Mission Control when it launches in July—a great way to move between windows. But Lion isn’t made for working with a bunch of them at once. That’s where Many Tricks’ Moom ($5) comes in. With one or two clicks, you can automatically resize, move, and snap windows together, shortcuts that let you quickly reference two or four apps at a time for simultaneous use. Read More


Sauder Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter

As the spiritual successor to the desk used by one of iLounge’s editors, Sauder’s Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter ($200) offers iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini users an affordable and fairly elegant way to set up a computer—maybe even two—in a corner. With twin tempered glass tops that are capable of holding even a 27” iMac with plenty of room to spare for peripherals and desktop work space, LS 1000 has a pewter-painted steel frame that works nicely with the lighter-colored aluminum Apple computers. A corner nook is right-sized for a printer or fax machine, assuming you still have a need for one of those. Read More


IvySkin IvyPouch Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning cloths are a dime a dozen, but how often do you actually have one on hand when you really need it? Any photographer who has prepped for a perfect shot only to accidentally smudge the camera lens knows that keeping a microfiber wipe nearby is critically important. That’s why we like IvySkin’s IvyPouch Cleaning Cloth ($1) so much—it’s built to be right on your camera strap when you need it. Read More


Adafruit iCufflinks

Who says you can’t let your nerd flag fly in even the fanciest of situations? Adafruit has you covered with its new LED and aluminum iCufflinks ($128). If you can imagine tearing the power buttons off a couple of MacBook Pros, making them gently pulse like Apple’s famous status lights, and throwing them on the sleeves of a tux, you’ll understand what’s being offered here. Between the outfit and the accessory, you’re bound to impress somebody. Read More


Ambient Design ArtRage Studio Pro

Back in ye olden days o’ Macintosh, artists could play with Apple’s MacPaint, a basic piece of software that created basic black and white drawings. When you see Ambient Design’s ArtRage Studio Pro ($80) for the Mac, you’ll be amazed at how far art programs have come since then—from metallic oils to realistic watercolors and airbrushes, ArtRage Studio Pro goes so far beyond even the tools in Photoshop and Illustrator that you can actually create digital paintings that look like physical ones. There are less expensive $20 and $40 versions, as well as an iPad edition, but Pro is loaded with extra tools and layer features that serious artists will want to have at their disposal. Read More


Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB + ATR-2500-USB Microphones

So you’re loving Apple’s GarageBand and you kinda-sorta taught yourself to play music. Now it’s time to take a stab at singing along with your strings, keys, and beats. You’re going to need something better than your Mac’s standard mic for the vocals… something like Audio-Technica’s ATR2100-USB Handheld USB/XLR Microphone ($80). And hey, it looks good enough that you wouldn’t get laughed off the stage if you pulled it out at a show. Updated! We’ve added new pictures and details for the both ATR2100-USB and its companion model ATR2500-USB ($100)! Read More

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