2014 iPad iPhone iPod Buyers' Guide from iLounge.com


Altec Lansing Orbit USB Speakers

Are your anemic laptop speakers not getting the job done when you’re out on the road? Let the Altec Lansing Orbit USB Speakers ($50) pump up the volume. Sporting a compact design, they should fit comfortably down into your laptop bag. Read More


Stefan Hafeneger Sofortbild

Who said great software has to be expensive? Despite its funny name, Stefan Hafeneger’s Sofortbild (Free) lets users of Nikon’s DSLR cameras control their rigs right from their Macs, making it a godsend for portrait photographers, or anyone else who needs immediate access to their shots—we’ve used it ourselves to cover events live, and it works flawlessly. Read More


Killspencer Special Ops Backpack

You don’t need to be a gun-toting operative to appreciate the military-inspired minimalism of the Killspencer Special Ops Backpack ($340). This premium bag sports a dedicated, padded laptop zipper pocket that can accomodate MacBooks up to 15 inches in size, letting you carry your Mac without advertising to passerby the precious cargo inside. Read More


The Container Store Silver Mesh Wastebasket

Apple’s Mac OS X trash can icon is, well, iconic at this point, and we’ll confess to having hunted down a real-life counterpart to place under a desk in our offices. The Container Store’s Silver Mesh Wastebasket ($10) is a highly similar option with the benefit of finer mesh on its round walls, making it more capable of safely holding things other than paper. Unlike Ikea’s now-discontinued circular Dokument, the silver color’s a little brighter and it’s just a little taller, too. Read More


SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader

Plenty of Macs these days ship with built-in SD card readers, but what do you do if you’ve been shooting with a CF-eating high-end DSLR? You pick up a SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader ($70), that’s what. Offering transfer speeds of up to 40MB/sec, it’ll chew through your latest batch of shots faster than a hungry kid goes through candy. Read More


Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve for MacBook Air

Hard Candy made one of the earliest sleeves for the original iPad—Bubble Sleeve, a cool ballistic nylon sheathe with double zippers running around the thin edge. Now it’s back with versions for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air ($50 each), and they’re just as impressive: sphere-shaped bubbles dot the front and back sides, while repositionable red corner grips hold the Air in place inside. Read More


Bloop Time Track Pro

Lawyers do it. Creatives do, too. Now you can automatically track the time you’ve spent working on projects with Time Track Pro ($5), an inexpensive new tool from Italy’s Bloop. Install it using the Mac App Store and a little ruler icon will appear on the top right of your screen. Click it whenever you need to see a breakdown of how you’ve spent your time, app by app. If you want to focus solely on one aspect of how your Mac’s been used throughout the day, you can turn off its ability to track certain apps and web sites; Time Track Pro keeps a daily log that you can analyze by the day, week, or month as you prefer. Reports are easy to read and accompanied by simple bar graphs. Read More

$400 and Up

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

When you work in front of a computer all day, you end up spending nearly as much—if not more—time in your computer chair as you do in your bed. As such, you want to get one that’s as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank. And the Herman Miller SAYL Chair ($400 and up) fits the bill. Read More


Twelve South BackPack Shelf

Since Apple has tried to eliminate cord clutter from its desktops—going so far as to ship all new iMacs with wireless keyboards and mice—it seems a shame to clutter up their looks with hard drives and other peripherals. Which is why they make the Twelve South BackPack Shelf ($30). Read More


Popcap Games Zuma's Revenge

Technically, Popcap’s colored ball matching game Zuma’s Revenge ($10) has been out for a year and a half, but it’s worth spotlighting today for two reasons. First, it’s beautifully crafted: like all of Popcap’s recent titles, the production values are nearly off the charts by puzzle game standards. As in the original Zuma, you control a frog-shaped cannon that fires red, green, yellow, and blue balls into a snaking line that will kill you if it reaches a certain end point—every three or more balls you match shrinks the line, a fun if familiar play mechanic. Second, the recent debut of Zuma’s Revenge on the Mac App Store drops the original price of entry in half, and lets you install the game on all of your Macs without registration hassles. Read More


Encore Software Home Design Studio 15

If you’ve ever tried to remodel a room on your own, you probably know how challenging it is to visualize the “before” and “after” at the same time. Encore Software’s Home Design Studio 15 ($150) is there to take the guesswork out of your plans: it opens with a simple 2-D grid that you can use to create individual rooms or an entire house, then lets you place common objects into the empty spaces, and do a complete walkthrough from your choice of multiple 3-D vantage points. Suddenly, remodeling becomes a simple matter of making easy drag-and-drop tweaks to a floor plan—only as complex as you want to make it. Read More

$2100 and up

Gallotti & Radice Air Desks

In the right designer’s hands, glass and metal office furniture pairs spectacularly with Apple’s glass and metal Macs. The Air Desk series ($2100 and up) from Artisanal Italian design house Gallotti & Radice is a clear example - crystal clear, actually, thanks to transparent 12mm tempered glass panes that form the top and sides of the basic Air Desk, the extended Air Desk L, and the smaller matching Air Desk Console. You get to choose from an anodized aluminum, stainless steel, white embossed or black lacquered metal bar to hold the glass together; it can support the weight of current iMacs and all MacBooks. Read More


AGLogic Swackett

You can check the weather on your iPhone or Mac at any time. But if all you want is for someone to tell you whether or not you need to wear a jacket, Swackett (Free) from AGLogic has you covered. Give the app your location, and you’ll quickly see the temperature, weather conditions, and a graphical representation of what to wear: sweater, jacket, or coat. Simple. Read More

Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB Turntable

Have a vinyl collection that dwarfs your iTunes library? Perhaps it’s time to pick up a Audio-Technica AT-LP240-USB Turntable ($500). Sporting a USB port for direct connection to your Mac for conversion purposes, it also offers a built-in phono preamp for connecting to traditional hi-fi systems, giving you the best of both worlds. Read More


VinotekaSoft Vinoteka

Fancy yourself a wine collector? Well Vinoteka ($50) from VinotekaSoft might just become your new best friend—think of it as Delicious Library for fermented grapes. Featuring a clean design with the wood and glass you’d expect from a virtual wine gallery, this Mac app helps you monitor all of your bottles across your cellar and wine fridge, keeps track of tastings and food pairings, and syncs with several different professional sources for ratings. You can digitally recreate your collection and organize it however you see fit. Read More

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