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Luma Labs The Loop V2

When we first saw Luma Labs’ The Loop, we balked at the very idea of coughing up $70 for a glorified camera strap. We thought it couldn’t possibly be worth the price. But over time, the weight of a 5D Mark II and a 70-200 lens added up, so we sought relief from neck strain—by then, Luma had introduced The Loop V2. Now we’re hooked, and would never go back to an old-fashioned neck strap again. The Loop V2 redistributes your camera’s weight across your shoulder, chest and back, holding it at your hip like a gunslinger. When you want to take a shot, the camera slides up the band towards your chest, sliding back to your side to rest between photos. Read More


RadTech RadSleevz

Looking for a super simple sleeve for your MacBook? Something that’ll add virtually no thickness, but still keep the machine protected? RadTech has the answer for you: minimalist sleeves called RadSleevz ($25-$30). Tailored versions are available for all current model Apple notebooks—as well as classics like the iBook and PowerBook G4—in your choice of six different colors. We’re partial to the gray. Read More


Advenio MacGourmet

At this point, a computer has become as indispensable in the kitchen as a sharp knife—who wants to use paper cookbooks when the world of recipes is available digitally? Since there’s no shortage of cooking apps in the Mac App Store, it means something when we say that MacGourmet ($25) is amongst the best. Think of it as iTunes for recipes. Read More


OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD for MacBook Air

You love your MacBook Air. And you should! It’s fast, it’s thin, it’s light. But the SSD is a bit light on capacity, too. Eleven-inchers are stuck at 128GB; 13’s maxxed out at 256GB. You’re eventually going to need more space. Luckily, Other World Computing is on the same page. It’s pumping out SSD upgrades for the 2010 editions of the MacBook Air called Mercury Aura Pro Express ($480-$1,580). They’re not cheap, but they pack more capacity into those little chips than Apple’s drives. Read More

$22 and up

NLU Products BodyGuardz for MacBooks

To say that we’re fans of MacBook-protecting film would be an understatement: this is the very first accessory we order after buying a new laptop. Burned by Zagg InvisibleShield films that yellow and go brittle over time, we switched to NLU’s BodyGuardz ($22 and up) and haven’t looked back. The glossy clear film is eye-catching enough that Apple Store employees have asked us where to get it, and durable enough that we feel safe carrying MacBooks around with nothing else - or tossing them into bags for travel.  Read More


CB2 7-Piece Groove Aluminum Coasters With Stand Set

It’s time to free your desk from the rings left by morning coffee, and puddles from sweating water bottles. No, we’re not talking about picking up a bunch of doilies. Crate and Barrel’s imprint CB2 has a solution that’s similar to the ones iLounge’s editors use and love: the 7-Piece Groove Aluminum Coasters with Stand Set ($20). Read More


Fabrix Black Satchel

Leather, nylon, fabric—most laptop bags don’t stray too far from the usual materials. When something different pops up, the change of pace is always refreshing. That’s part of the reason we’re excited about Black Satchel for the 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, fresh from Fabrix. The name almost says it all with this one, but the photo is worth a thousand words. Read More


Bluelounge StudioDesk XL

Did you know that removing clutter from your workspace can help de-clutter your mind as well? Yup, and the Bluelounge StudioDesk XL ($800) was designed for exactly this purpose. Featuring a hidden, secret storage compartment, it lets you stow enormous power bricks, cords, cables, drivers, hubs, and other electronic junk out of sight, leaving your working environment as cord-free as possible. Read More


Power Support Anti-Glare Film for Macbooks

We happen to be fans of Apple’s glossy laptop screens, but we’ll still readily admit that there are times - particularly outdoors - when we wish they weren’t so mirror-like. So if you do a lot of work outdoors, or simply can’t stand looking at your own reflection, give some Power Support Anti-Glare Film for MacBooks ($35) a try. Read More


Pinza Cord Holder

Take a look at any Mac user’s desk and you’ll probably find the same thing: a nest of cables creating visual clutter—chargers, USB, or Dock Connector cables, most likely a combination of all three and then some. Pinza has a minimalist solution to this problem with its Cord Holder ($18-$26). A simple but nicely formed hunk of steel, it offers an easy to way to clean up your workspace—at least a bit. Read More

$24 and Up

Crucial RAM for iMac (Early 2011)

Now that you’ve dropped some cash on a crazy fast new iMac, the single best thing you can do to improve performance is to stock up on RAM. Both the 21- and 27-inch models start with a bare 4GB and officially support up to 16GB. Maxing out isn’t cheap if you have Apple do it—add $600 for 16GB. Our advice: go with Crucial’s memory modules. Only $188 will get you two of its 8GB kits. Not a bad savings, huh? Read More



Zykloid Software Posterino

Ordering poster-sized prints in iPhoto is easy. Making poster-worthy images to print out is hard—unless you’ve got Zykloid Software’s Posterino ($30). This deceptively simple app helps you to layout photo collages in sizes up to 20” x 30”, making it a perfect companion for your favorite large format online printing service. Read More


Design Within Reach Lim C Table Lamp

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not a lamp can be sexy, here’s your answer: Lim C Table Lamp ($250) from Design Within Reach is a gorgeous source of illumination for your desk. The metal arm is slim and clean, perfectly complementing your Mac. And not only does it look great, it’s environmentally friendly too. Read More


Incase Perforated Hardshell Case for MacBook Air

It’s an ongoing challenge for the MacBook Air: how do you keep the ridiculously thin and light notebook ridiculously thin and light while preventing it from getting scratched or dinged? There’s no shortage of solutions, but we’re really digging the looks of the new Perforated Hardshell Case for MacBook Air ($60) from Incase. While pretty similar to the company’s traditional Hardshell Case, this new version ups the ante by dropping the weight, and incorporating the tiny holes we’ve loved in prior Incase designs. Read More

Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer

Are your standard inkjet’s 8” x 10” prints no longer cutting it for you? Take your digital photography reproduction to the next level with the Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Printer ($500). Capable of prints up to 13” x 44” in size, it can take full advantage of your modern camera’s multi-megapixel shots. Read More

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