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Feral Interactive Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition

The gap’s shrinking between the release dates of big console/PC games and Mac versions, as demonstrated by Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition ($50), published by Feral Interactive. First released in August 2011, the prequel to the popular series has now landed in the Mac App Store, and is ready to be downloaded by anyone who meets the—admittedly high—minimum specs. Read More

MacPhun Color Splash Studio

Selective saturation can be an awesome photo effect when it’s done right — and MacPhun’s Color Splash Studio ($4) makes doing it right easy. Thanks to specialized tools and high-end algorithms, it can take even the most mundane photo looks great in a snap. Read More

Adobe Creative Suite 6

If you’re in a creative field, odds are you’ve got at least one piece of Adobe’s Creative Suite installed on your machine — and if so, it’ll soon be time to upgrade. Adobe Creative Suite 6 ($1,300-$2,600) includes all new versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Prelude, and Audition, among other applications. Read More


MW3D-Solutions Cheetah3D

In the Apple world, there are plenty of things you can buy for a hundred bucks: an iPhone 4 or an Apple TV, for example. Believe it or not, 3D modeling software is on that list too. Cheetah3D ($100) from MW3D-Solutions costs the same as a pair of iPod shuffles, but it’s no slouch. This Mac App Store title, designed specifically for OS X, is made to be easy to learn and to use but is a full and powerful CGI solution. Read More


Anne Geddes My First Five Years

It’s time to add baby books to the list of physical items that are successfully being replaced by digital versions. With the release of Anne Geddes’s My First Five Years ($15) in the Mac App Store, new parents can easily chronicle the first five years of a child’s life, using a variety of templates to create an interactive book-like experience. Unlike a printed book, this app gives you the ability to customize the pages to your liking, so it’s easy to see a bright future ahead for the digital evolution of this successful print-based product. Read More


Contract Web Development Fast TM Restore

Time Machine is an awesome OS X feature—a savior when you’ve lost a file or experienced a hard drive failure. The only real problem is the interface, which requires you to take an animated trip through time and space just to find missing files. Sometimes you just want your data restored without graphical flourishes, and that’s where Contract Web Development’s Fast TM Restore ($6) comes in. Read More


Juan Leon FlashbackChecker

Macs have largely been spared the virus and trojan issues that have crippled Windows PCs for years, but Flashback malware is now making rounds—and the news. Statistically, you’re probably not in any danger, but it’s worth checking your Macs to confirm you’re not part of the 1% that’s been infected. The easiest tool we’ve seen is developer Juan Leon’s Flashback Checker (Free), which handles the dirty work for you.  Read More


Frictional Games Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When it comes to video games, the term “fun” can be pretty subjective. Some people are content to stack blocks and watch lines disappear, while others want to shoot everything in sight. Then there are those who get a kick out of being scared to death—or close to it. If you fall in to that group, Frictional Games release of Amnesia: The Dark Descent ($20) on the Mac App Store is sure to come as frighteningly good news. Read More


Cobook Cobook

When it was introduced, Flexibits’ Fantastical was a totally new interface for iCal on the Mac, bringing natural language recognition and more to your calendar. Now Cobook’s Cobook app (Free) is seeking to do the same for Address Book. Available as a public beta, this software allows you to interact with your contact information in a whole new way, and from what we’re seeing so far, it works quite well. Read More


Bartels Media ShareMouse

There’s no shortage of hardware KVM—keyboard, video, mouse—switches out there for the Mac; we featured a particularly full-featured one from j5 create a few months ago. Now Bartels Media has decided to shake up the game a bit with the release of ShareMouse. Free for personal use, this piece of software replicates those physical switches, allowing you to share a mouse and keyboard between two computers… or up to a staggering 26 Macs or PCs if you’re a Pro User. Read More


Feral Interactive LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

We remember being skeptical at first, but LEGO getting the rights to make sets and games based on various movie properties was a smart choice. The games are ridiculously fun takes on some of our favorite titles such as Batman and Star Wars, injecting humor into the familiar plots. Now Feral Interactive is adding to the catalogue with the just released LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 ($30), available in the Mac App Store. Read More


Rovio Mobile Angry Birds Space

Statistically speaking, there’s a better than good chance that you’ve already played Angry Birds in one of its now numerous forms. Fans of the uber-popular franchise have been excited by the news that a brand new version was on its way, and now it’s finally landed. At the same time as it debuted on a number of other platforms, Rovio Mobile has brought Angry Birds Space ($5) to the Mac App Store, and this puzzle game is very cool—ready to fill all your intergalactic pig smashing needs. Read More

April 2012

SilverWiz MoneyWiz

Having to keep track of your finances isn’t fun, but everybody has to do it, so you might as well use tools that make the process as painless as possible. That’s why we’re looking forward to SilverWiz’s upcoming MoneyWiz ($25) in the Mac App Store. Based on—and compatible with—its iPad and iPhone versions of the app, this is no simple port. It’s a souped-up version designed to take advantage of the Mac. Read More


Apptrocity Twitify

Spotify’s integration with Facebook is pretty cool—it’s great to be able to automatically share songs and playlists with friends—except, of course, when a guilty pleasure’s making its way through the queue. Apptrocity’s new Mac app Twitify ($1) gives Twitter users a similar sharing option, and throws in support for iTunes as well. Whenever you listen to a song, it’ll automatically tweet out to your followers, so it’s time to start building some respectable playlists.  Read More


Empoc Screen Vault

Sure you can lock your Mac with a password, but everyone knows you use your first dog’s middle name for everything. Empoc’s Screen Vault ($5) lets you secure your machine while you’re away in a more old school way: with a combination lock. That’s right, this Mac App Store title takes you back to the days of high school lockers, but it’s a lot more high tech and you don’t have to clean it out at the end of the year. Read More

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