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Feral Interactive SEGA Superstars Tennis

We can almost picture Sonic saying, “hey, I want in, too!” as he watches Mario and his crew playing tennis. Now he has his chance, as SEGA Superstars Tennis ($15) brings together the company’s flagship character and his friends in a fun take on tennis. Expect more than grass and clay courts, and simple serves and volleys. This game travels across crazy levels, with all sorts of fun gameplay features. Read More


Plasq Comic Life 3

Attention aspiring Stan Lees and Jack Kirbys: it’s time to head over to the Mac App Store. Plasq has just released Comic Life 3 ($30), the third edition of its comic-creating software. The app allows you to create single pages, or entire comic books, all in one powerful interface on your Mac. It’s complete with photo filters, comic lettering, speech balloons, and more. Read More


Beautifun Games Nihilumbra

We tend to fall for dark, artsy games, and the Mac App Stores seems to be full of them. One of the most recent is Nihilumbra ($10), from Beautifun Games. Available at a ten percent discount to celebrate its launch, it puts you in the body of a creature created from nothingness, named Born. It’s a side-scrolling physics puzzler that looks to be worth some attention. Read More


Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

It must be that time of the year; here’s the newest version of Adobe’s consumer-level photo software, Photoshop Elements 12 ($100). It’s the same core software as before, but as always, updated with new features for the new year. Mobile connectivity is a big one, but there are plenty of others that might just make the software worth buying if you don’t already have it, or upgrading for a discounted $80 rate. Read More

Free / $2/year

Ivan Pavlov Parcel - Delivery Tracking

Ivan Pavlov’s app Parcel - Delivery Tracking (Free / $2/year) isn’t novel, but it’s a well-designed package tracking tool. Designed to work across your Mac and iOS devices, it ensures that you’ll be able to keep tabs on your deliveries at all times. The apps are free to use, and allow you to track up to three simultaneous packages gratis. Subscribe for $2 a year, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on unlimited deliveries, plus get push notifications about their travels. Read More


VMware Fusion 6

The back and forth has been going on for years: last week, Parallels announced the newest version of its Windows-emulating software Parallels, and now here’s VMware with Fusion 6 ($60). Like its competition, this software allows you to run multiple operating systems on OS X at the same time, including newly-added support for Mavericks and Windows 8.1. If you’re already running a 4.x or 5.x version, the upgrade is $10 less. Read More


Aspyr Media Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite ($40) is one of the most highly regarded video games of the year, and has finally found its way to the Mac thanks to Aspyr Media. Six months after it was launched for consoles and PCs, it can now be downloaded through the Mac App Store, among other outlets. It’s the third game in the Bioshock series, though not a direct sequel to the first or second games. Read More


Parallels Software Parallels Desktop 9

Well, this isn’t terribly surprising: with a new version of OS X just around the corner, Parallels Software has a new version of its Windows-running Mac software ready to go. Parallels Desktop 9 ($80) will be available on September 5 as a fresh download, or can be grabbed now as an upgrade to older versions. As with every new edition, version 9 brings increased speed and fresh features, plus support for the latest PC and Mac operating systems, including the yet-to-be-released Windows 8.1 and Mavericks. Read More


Charles Aroutiounian Hue Menu

Although it’s expensive, Phillips’ Hue Connected Bulb system is still quite cool. It’s fun and sometimes practically useful to change the color and brightness of lightbulbs in one or more rooms. Developer Charles Aroutiounian apparently feels the same way: he just released Hue Menu ($3), an app that gives you full control over the Hue system, right from your Mac. Read More


urbn; pockets This is my body - Anatomy for kids

It’s not often that we feature kids apps here, but then again, it’s not often that we find any that really catch our attention. Just released, urbn; pockets’ This is my body - Anatomy for kids ($3) popped out in the Mac App Store, and upon closer inspection, is certainly worth checking out. Developed by doctors, it’s an interactive tool to teach kids all about the human body. Read More


The Fullbright Company Gone Home

Sure, we’ve played video games without weapons before, but never without any other people, other than the character being controlled from the first-person perspective. That’s new. Gone Home ($20), from The Fullbright Company, is a new title out for those who are looking for a new type of gameplay, and have some patience. Set in a home, it tasks you with finding out what happened to your family after returning to emptiness from a year abroad. Read More


Daedalic Entertainment Deponia

Retro computer gamers (including us) miss the point-and-click adventure games we loved in the 1990s—irreverent titles such as Sam & Max still hold up to this day. Daedalic Entertainment’s Deponia ($22) is a brand-new release in the same vein, and now available in the Mac App Store. With a prince and pauper story set in a world that’s been turned into a garbage dump, we’re certainly interested. Read More

Free with OS X Mavericks
Fall 2013

Apple iBooks

Readers, rejoice! Once you update your Macs to OS X Mavericks this fall, there’ll be a few new apps in your dock, and iBooks (Free with Mavericks) is one of them. Assuming that you’ve been building a book library on your iOS devices, the same content will transfer right over to your computers. Read More


Coppertino Vox

When we actively load iTunes these days, we generally just want to listen to music—no need to sync, visit the App Store, or play back videos on a computer. That’s why we appreciate Vox (Free), from Coppertino. Just out of beta, the app is a lightweight tool that offers quick and easy access to your music, plus support for numerous audio files, including lossless formats. Read More


Emiel Janson Dialogue

Apple’s OS X Messages application lets you communicate through text with iMessage users, without ever having to touch your iPhone. Developer Emiel Janson’s Dialogue ($7) offers similar functionality for phone calls. Using Bluetooth, it connects to any phone, and allows you to place and receive calls right through your Mac. On top of that, it lets you record phone calls, and save the audio files right to your machine. There are a few major caveats, however.  Read More

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