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Shazam Entertainment Shazam

Shazam has been around for the iPhone since the earliest days of the App Store, and it’s one of those titles that’s really continued to get better with time. It’s not much of a surprise then, that the app has finally made it to the Mac; starting today, you can download Shazam Entertainment’s Shazam (Free) from the Mac App Store. The always-on tool lives in your Menu Bar, ready to name your tunes. Read More

$1,495 Each

MOTU 1248, 8M + 16A

Although it usually gets the most attention, video editing isn’t the only pro-level content creation that benefits from Thunderbolt. Audio does too, and MOTU is all-in with a new lineup of peripherals that prove that point. The company’s new 1248, 8M, and 16A ($1,495 each) audio interfaces all take advantage of the super-fast standard, helping musicians and audio engineers lay down their tracks. Read More

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display (Mid 2014)

If you were waiting for later in the back-to-school season to buy a Mac, that patience has paid off — as long as you’re in the market for a MacBook Pro. As expected, Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro with Retina display ($1,299-$2,499+) this morning. The bumps are modest, but they come without a price increase. In fact, there are even some minor price cuts in the mix. Read More


GuinpinSoft MakeMKV

There were those who were skeptical when Steve Jobs said Blu-ray was a “bag of hurt.” Many people thought the standard would one day come to Macs, despite Jobs’ early resistance. But here we are several years later, and optical disc drives are all but dead now across the Mac family; Blu-rays never were officially supported. However, if you own Blu-ray discs, you likely know there are lot of hardware and software options that allow you to read and play them. There’s also MakeMKV (Free), a tool for ripping them to your computer that works as long as you have the appropriate hardware. Read More


Incase Icon Sleeve

Incase’s neoprene sleeves have long been a staple on Apple Store shelves, and that means plenty of people have ended up with one to accompany their new MacBook. The company has just taken a big step forward with its newest iteration, Icon Sleeve ($70). Available for the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display, it uses a special material and construction to keep your computer safe. Read More

Griffin DJ Connect

Let’s face it: the days of DJs using true turntables is mostly a thing of the past. You may find a purist here and there, but most DJs now use digital turntables and computers—mainly Macs and sometimes even iPads—to spin. There are lots of advanced rigs out there, but Griffin’s new DJ Connect ($100) is a simple way to mix tunes. Plus, it’s designed to work with algoriddim’s djay app, a huge plus. Read More


Booq Cobra Pack (2014)

We’ll be the first to admit that a price tag of close to $300 seems high for a backpack, but at least when it comes from Booq, you know you’re getting something good for the money. The 2014 edition of its Cobra Pack ($295) is one of several bags the company has released this year. It’s also the sequel to a pack of the same name we first covered in 2011. Read More


Etsy MacBook Stickers

Apple’s new Stickers commercial for the MacBook Air is one of our favorite ads out of Cupertino in a long time. Featuring quick shots of dozens of different Airs decorated with stickers, it shows how people actually personalize their Macs; not everyone keeps them pristine. We’ve found Etsy to be the best source for these stickers, with literally tens of thousands available to choose from at various price points. Read More


Tenba Air Case for Mac Pro

There are only a handful of companies making cases and bags for the current-generation Mac Pro, including Tenba with its Air Case for Mac Pro ($440). It’s definitely not cheap, but then again, it’s a protective carrier for a machine that costs a minimum of $3,000—it may be worth it to spend a few bucks. While most people will leave their towers at their desks, pros on the go could very well need something like this, whether for carrying themselves or for shipping. Read More


Mobee i-Vesa iStand, iStand Duo + iStand Duo Pro

Mobee, best known for its wireless charging accessories, is expanding its product family with a whole new sub-brand called i-Vesa. The lineup is composed of three different mounting options—iStand, iStand Duo, and iStand Duo Pro ($797-$1147+)—tall metal holders for iMacs and Apple displays. While iStand holds a single unit, the Duo models hold two, with iStand Duo stacking them on top of each other, and iStand Duo Pro placing them side-by-side. Read More


Grovemade Keyboard Tray

While it’s certainly not the only company making wooden accessories for Apple devices, Grovemade seems to be in a great position. It’s expanded its lineup well past iPad and iPhone cases and bamboo MacBook stickers. Recently, it introduced a whole new family of desktop accessories, including its Keyboard Tray ($59). Pictured here in walnut, it’s also available in maple. Read More


VectorWerks Cup Holder

Sometimes, new products appear that you knew you needed. Other times, the thought may never have crossed your mind, but once you see it, you realize the value. VectorWerks’ Cup Holder ($50) falls squarely in the second category. No, the company is not being cheeky with the name. We’re actually talking about a cup holder here, suitable for use in a surprising number of places. Read More


Bluelounge Kickflip

Anyone who’s used a laptop for an extended period of time—that is, most people—can tell you that it can get uncomfortable to type on after a few hours. Bluelounge isn’t the first company to address this issue with an accessory, but its minimalist approach may really appeal to some users. Kickflip comes in two different versions, one for 13” MacBooks ($18), and one for 15” computers ($20) Read More

QuickerTek mCard

A month ago, we wrote about QuickerTek’s QCard 2, a replacement Wi-Fi card that adds 802.11ac support to a handful of recent MacBooks. Now the company is back with mCard ($149), a wireless card designed for even older machines. mCard allows access to faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks, as well as adding the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless standard. Depending on Apple’s software support, this might be useful for people who want to take advantage of the Continuity features of OS X Yosemite without buying all new Macs—just be aware that there’s still some ambiguity over whether Continuity will be supported for third-party wireless hardware. Read More


Rainfrog Pocket Yoga

They say yoga is good for the mind and spirit, but there are plenty of reasons why you might not be able to make it to class. There’s the time commitment of course, and it’s definitely not a cheap hobby. With Rainfrog’s Pocket Yoga ($5) though, there are no excuses. The Mac app is plenty affordable, and it allows you to practice yoga whenever and wherever you’d like. Read More

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