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Incase Icon Sleeve

Incase’s neoprene sleeves have long been a staple on Apple Store shelves, and that means plenty of people have ended up with one to accompany their new MacBook. The company has just taken a big step forward with its newest iteration, Icon Sleeve ($70). Available for the 13” and 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display, it uses a special material and construction to keep your computer safe. Read More


Booq Cobra Pack (2014)

We’ll be the first to admit that a price tag of close to $300 seems high for a backpack, but at least when it comes from Booq, you know you’re getting something good for the money. The 2014 edition of its Cobra Pack ($295) is one of several bags the company has released this year. It’s also the sequel to a pack of the same name we first covered in 2011. Read More


Tenba Air Case for Mac Pro

There are only a handful of companies making cases and bags for the current-generation Mac Pro, including Tenba with its Air Case for Mac Pro ($440). It’s definitely not cheap, but then again, it’s a protective carrier for a machine that costs a minimum of $3,000—it may be worth it to spend a few bucks. While most people will leave their towers at their desks, pros on the go could very well need something like this, whether for carrying themselves or for shipping. Read More


Cargo Works MacBook Module Sleeve

Cargo Works understands that a sleeve that just carries a computer isn’t enough anymore. There has to be room for an iPad as well, and pockets for accessories certainly don’t hurt, either. The company started with its MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve, but now there’s a solution for MacBook Pro users as well. MacBook Module Sleeve ($50-$60) comes in 13” and 15” sizes. Read More


Spigen SGP New Coated 2 Backpack

It’s not like there’s any shortage of backpacks out there, but here’s another to consider: Spigen SGP’s New Coated 2 Backpack ($100). The name may be unwieldy, but the bag itself isn’t. In case “new” and “2” didn’t give it away, this one’s a sequel to an earlier backpack from the company, while “coated” refers to the water-resistant finish of the nylon. Read More


BAGGU Duck Bag

Coming in three patterns, BAGGU’s Duck Bag ($40) strikes us as a perfect tote for the summer months. Two different sizes are available—one for 11” MacBook Airs, and one for 13” machines—but they both hold a computer along with an iPad and iPhone in dedicated pockets, and more in the main cavity. This bag is an Apple Store exclusive. Read More


Griffin Beamhaus Portfolio for 11" MacBook Air

Leather may just be leather for some people, but for others, premium materials and descriptions are appealing. The latter group is the likely audience for Griffin’s Beamhaus Portfolio for 11” MacBook Air ($150)—the envelope-style sleeve will keep your Mac protected, and look good doing it. Read More


Hex Marquee Laptop Briefcase

When it comes to bags, there are carriers designed for functionality, and others designed with style in mind. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find models that fit both categories, such as Hex’s new Marquee Laptop Briefcase ($280). Like most Mac bags these days, it’s made to hold both your laptop and iPad. Constructed from real leather and set up as a briefcase, it’s going to work in many situations where a backpack may not. Read More


Waterfield Designs Mac Pro Go Case

When it comes to Apple accessories, there are always bound to be multiple options in any given category, no matter how niche it may be. Take Mac Pro carriers. Right after we featured The Flight Case Company’s Mac Pro Reinforced Padded Case, Waterfield Designs jumped into the space by introducing its Mac Pro Go Case ($129). Coming in at a lower price, it offers enough space to carry not only the tower, but also a multitude of accessories. The only thing it can’t hold is a display. Read More


The Flight Case Company Mac Pro Reinforced Padded Case

It’s more powerful to be sure, but one of the other big advantages to Apple’s most recent Mac Pro in comparison to the one that was around for years before it is portability. Weighing only 11 pounds, it’s a heck of a lot easier to carry than the behemoth towers of the past. But if you plan on lugging your Mac Pro around, a bag is a good idea. The Flight Case Company has developed an option: the Mac Pro Reinforced Padded Case ($134). Read More


Booq Boa Flow

One might think that with MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones able to do more and more everyday, people wouldn’t have to carry as much with them as before to accomplish the same tasks. While this can be true in some instances, photographers know that even though an iOS device can snap some nice shots, there’s no ditching their DSLRs. That’s where Booq’s Boa Flow ($225) comes in. Read More


Incase Icon Slim Pack

The smaller sibling to Incase’s flagship backpack, Icon Slim Pack ($150) is still an impressive carrier in its own right. Available in black, red, or gray nylon, it’s a classic design that works in many different settings. For professionals, students, or anyone else needing a protective backpack for their Mac and more, it seems like a very nice option—particularly if you really value slender design. Read More


Cargo Works MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve

Pretty much every laptop bag or backpack we see these days has room for an iPad too, so it’s not much of a surprise to see a sleeve that does the same. Cargo Works’ MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve ($30-$35) goes beyond the traditional Incase-style neoprene pocket — it’s got an urban aesthetic, an extra pocket, and more. For times when a backpack is too much to carry, but you need a Mac and a tablet, this may be the way to go. Read More

May 16, 2014

Waterfield Designs Outback Solo for MacBook Air

It’s been a while since we’ve covered any accessories from Waterfield Designs, but the company has continued to produce beautiful products using quality materials. Its latest is designed specifically for the 13” MacBook Air—convenient, considering last week’s update left the body design intact. Outback Solo ($109) is a handsome pack for carrying along a computer and more. Read More


Hex Convertible Laptop Briefcase

Everyone has his or her favorite style of laptop bag. Some people like satchels, others, messenger bags, or any of the other options out there. With its Convertible Laptop Briefcase ($110), Hex is offering the best of two different worlds. With next to no effort, you can switch the waxed canvas bag from a briefcase to a backpack and back again. Read More

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