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Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air

Think different, right? We do it with our computers, so it makes sense to do the same with our computer cases. Most laptop sleeves are the same—slide your computer in and zip it up. Acme Made takes a somewhat distinctive approach with Skinny Sleeve for MacBook Air ($40). It ditches the zipper, and a lot of the bulk too. Read More


Hard Graft Leather MacBook Sleeve

Ever wondered what you would get if you left British and Austrian designers alone in a room with some leather and wool? Straight from Vienna—or as Hard Graft calls it, the heart of Europe—comes the answer: the Leather MacBook Sleeve (€189/$271). We’ve seen plenty of high-class sleeves before, but this one is undeniably stylish, and at this sort of price, it has to be. Read More


Twelve South BookBook for Air

We chuckled a little at Twelve South’s original version of BookBook—a MacBook case designed to look like an oversized, aged book—but every iteration gets a little better. Today’s just-announced BookBook for Air ($80) is the coolest one yet, sold in separate versions for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air. Each is made from padded genuine leather, and the 11” version is small enough to actually pass for a book. Or at least a “short story,” as the company puts it. Read More


Manfrotto Unica VII Messenger Bag

If you find yourself regularly toting around a DSLR, a larger MacBook Pro, and various other effects, odds are you’d fall into the “Pro” category of gear—which means you need an equally “Pro” bag to match. And the Manfrotto Unica VII Messenger Bag ($110) is certainly that. With enough space for a full-sized DSLR with lens attached, 17-inch MacBook Pro, and plenty of extras, it’ll carry pretty much everything you need. Read More


RadTech RadSleevz

Looking for a super simple sleeve for your MacBook? Something that’ll add virtually no thickness, but still keep the machine protected? RadTech has the answer for you: minimalist sleeves called RadSleevz ($25-$30). Tailored versions are available for all current model Apple notebooks—as well as classics like the iBook and PowerBook G4—in your choice of six different colors. We’re partial to the gray. Read More

$22 and up

NLU Products BodyGuardz for MacBooks

To say that we’re fans of MacBook-protecting film would be an understatement: this is the very first accessory we order after buying a new laptop. Burned by Zagg InvisibleShield films that yellow and go brittle over time, we switched to NLU’s BodyGuardz ($22 and up) and haven’t looked back. The glossy clear film is eye-catching enough that Apple Store employees have asked us where to get it, and durable enough that we feel safe carrying MacBooks around with nothing else - or tossing them into bags for travel.  Read More


Fabrix Black Satchel

Leather, nylon, fabric—most laptop bags don’t stray too far from the usual materials. When something different pops up, the change of pace is always refreshing. That’s part of the reason we’re excited about Black Satchel for the 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, fresh from Fabrix. The name almost says it all with this one, but the photo is worth a thousand words. Read More


Incase Perforated Hardshell Case for MacBook Air

It’s an ongoing challenge for the MacBook Air: how do you keep the ridiculously thin and light notebook ridiculously thin and light while preventing it from getting scratched or dinged? There’s no shortage of solutions, but we’re really digging the looks of the new Perforated Hardshell Case for MacBook Air ($60) from Incase. While pretty similar to the company’s traditional Hardshell Case, this new version ups the ante by dropping the weight, and incorporating the tiny holes we’ve loved in prior Incase designs. Read More


Killspencer Special Ops Backpack

You don’t need to be a gun-toting operative to appreciate the military-inspired minimalism of the Killspencer Special Ops Backpack ($340). This premium bag sports a dedicated, padded laptop zipper pocket that can accomodate MacBooks up to 15 inches in size, letting you carry your Mac without advertising to passerby the precious cargo inside. Read More


Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve for MacBook Air

Hard Candy made one of the earliest sleeves for the original iPad—Bubble Sleeve, a cool ballistic nylon sheathe with double zippers running around the thin edge. Now it’s back with versions for the 11” and 13” MacBook Air ($50 each), and they’re just as impressive: sphere-shaped bubbles dot the front and back sides, while repositionable red corner grips hold the Air in place inside. Read More


BoutiqueID Felt Animal MacBook Sleeves

Been looking for a laptop carrier with a bit more character than your average nylon bag can provide? These BoutiqueID Felt Animal MacBook Sleeves ($72-$97) should do the trick. Available in a variety of sizes fitting anything from the svelte 11-inch MacBook Air up to the comparatively gargantuan 15-inch MacBook Pro, they come in two main designs: Owl or Wolf, with a Penguin option for 11-inch MBA owners. Read More


Silva Limited Custom Bamboo MacBook Case

Sometimes opposites attract - it’s the whole yin and yang thing. That’s why the Custom Bamboo MacBook Case ($180) from Silva Limited gets us so excited. Bringing together natural, handworked wood and the aluminum and plastic of your 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro leads to balance—and results in a really handsome way to carry around your computer. Read More

£80/$131 - £100/$164

Tuff-Luv Saddleback Brown Genuine Leather Case Cover

Let’s be honest: when was the last time anyone came out with a new kind of case for a MacBook? Sure, there are clip-on hard-shells, bags, and plenty of sleeves. Leave it to the Brits to turn cowboy fashion into a great new option to protect your MacBook Air: this is Tuff-Luv’s Saddleback Brown Genuine Leather Case Cover (11” - £80/$131, 13” - £100/$164). Looking like a distressed leather portfolio, the Saddleback has flaps that hold tight to the bottom corners of the Air. Brown leather covers the entire body, and the halves are held shut with a magnetic closure. Read More


PKG Rubber Bag

Computer bags are made from all sorts of common materials—leather, fabric, nylon, neoprene, and on and on. But PKG’s Rubber Bag (Small - $80, Large - $90) is sort of unique: the body is made from reused and recycled truck inner tubes, and the shoulder strap from seat belts. All of the parts were found in Delhi, India, and the bags were assembled there too. Read More


Gumdrop Surf Convertible

Looking for a way to protect and show off your MacBook Air without making PETA mad? Gumdrop’s new Surf Convertible ($50) for the 11- and 13-inch models might just be the right thing for you. Available in either blue or black, this folio is made of faux-suede microfiber, so no need to feel guilty about carrying this one around. Read More

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