STM Bags Impulse Medium Laptop Backpack

We’ve come to expect that when STM sends us a bag to check out, we’re going to be impressed. Its new Impulse ($100) is no different in that regard. The polyester backpack is a solid option, especially for those who need to carry books, a tablet, and other gadgets along with their MacBooks.

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$100 | Cases

Côte&Ciel Diver Sleeve for Evernote

For many people, Evernote has become an essential tool—a smart app with a great ecosystem that just makes sense. The company has started to branch out, moving into the accessories market with items such as last year’s Moleskine notebook, and its new collaboration with Post-it Notes. Now add to that list Côte&Ciel’s Diver Sleeve for Evernote. Where does a MacBook sleeve fit in to the equation? It frankly doesn’t. But it does look pretty nice.

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$42 | Cases

Cocoon Slim Backpack

Cocoon has based its business around its Grid-It! elastic band accessories, which are available as standalone products and built into various accessories. The latest, currently an Apple Store exclusive, is Slim Backpack ($80). Designed to hold any current Mac laptop up to a 15” MacBook Pro, the waterproof ballistic nylon bag is attractive enough from the outside, though not terribly different from the pack. It’s the faux suede-lined interior design that makes this one stick out.

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$80 | Cases

Toast Tech Covers for MacBook

Wood and aluminum may seem to make odd bedfellows on paper, but the combo can work under the right circumstances. Toast has seized on this, creating an entire business out of selling thin wooden stickers for Apple devices. Recently added to the lineup are Tech Covers for MacBook ($60+), currently including covers fitted for the non-Retina 13” and 15” MacBook Pros, 13” Retina Pro, and 13” Air.

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$60+ | Cases

DFWcomposites Carbon Fiber Sleeves

Carbon fiber is a fashionable and generally expensive material, more commonly used to accent objects than completely fabricate them. Yet DFWcomposites has gone all-in with its new line of Carbon Fiber Sleeves ($76-$79), which are made from sheets of carbon fiber and plastic. The company is currently offering pre-orders for 13” and 15” MacBook sleeves, in both Retina and regular thicknesses.

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$76-$79 | October 2013 | Cases

Toffee Bleecker Brief

Few cases can both protect a MacBook while it’s being used, and carry it when it’s not. If you have a 13” MacBook Air or Pro and are looking for that kind of functionality, Toffee’s new Bleecker Brief ($90) might appeal to you. The briefcase-style carrier is a classic-looking option, coming in either black or tan.

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$90 | Cases

Booq Viper Courier

Booq says its new Viper Courier ($100-$110) falls “somewhere in between a MacBook sleeve and a slim bag.” Coming in 13” and 15” versions, it’s smartly designed to hold plenty, without taking up too much space. Booq knows bags, so we’re not too surprised to see them pull this one off with style.

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$100-$110 | Cases

ECBC Rolling Luggage Collection

We cover plenty of backpacks, messenger bags, and other day-to-day carrying options, but luggage is new territory for us. ECBC’s Rolling Luggage Collection is made up of Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag ($399), Pegasus Wheeled Backpack ($399), and Falcon Rolling Duffle ($349-$399). Other than nice design, we’re choosing to spotlight them for their computer and tablet compatability, and the portable recharging unit each has inside. That’s right, these bags can juice your stuff up on the go.

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$349-$399 | Cases

Incase Leather and Canvas Mini Messenger

Incase generally makes nice bags, but it hasn’t tried to directly compete with luxe brands. That’s changing with Leather and Canvas Mini Messenger ($150), which shows that the company has the chops to go toe-to-toe with premium accessory makers. The key is the materials: Incase uses pebbled leather and coated canvas for the bag that can hold an 11” or 13” MacBook, plus accessories.

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$150 | Cases

Timbuk2 Slide MacBook Backpack

Timbuk2 knows what it’s doing when it comes to bags, so seeing it apply that expertise to a MacBook-focused option is exciting. Made with Apple in mind, but not exclusive to the company’s stores, the new Slide MacBook Backpack ($79) is certainly worth checking out. Coming in four color combinations, this one is made to fit an entire Apple product lineup, including an 11”, 13”, or 15” Mac, an iPad, an iPhone, and more.

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$79 | Cases

Brenthaven BX2 Sleeve + BX2 Sleeve Plus

Brenthaven has put out some really impressive products recently, so when we heard it was releasing new MacBook sleeves, we knew they would be worth checking out. BX2 Sleeve ($50) and BX2 Sleeve Plus ($60), both come in black or white, and in 11”, 13”, and 15” versions. Three features set these sleeves apart from others: a handle that you can easily slide your hand through to hold the case securely, protective foam in the corners, and a soft bubble lining.

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$50-$60 | Cases

Chrome Mini Metro Night

We already know Chrome makes high-quality bags, but now it’s making even smarter ones. The hipster-friendly company has introduced a lineup of its classic bags under the “Night” moniker, including Mini Metro Night ($140). It’s not the shape of the bag that’s original, but rather the reflective panels on the outside. As Chrome says, it’s “perfect for urban commuting … and raves.”

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$140 | Cases

Epiphanie Austin

Long-time iLounge + Mac readers know that we’re always looking for novel bags that are capable of holding both a MacBook and a DSLR with accessories. Designed as a unisex option by Epiphanie—a company with numerous female-focused bags—Austin ($156) uses a messenger-style enclosure to accomplish this, including one pocket capable of holding a 15” MacBook Pro, and a segmented compartment with enough space for multiple DSLR bodies and attachments. Even though it looks pretty traditional from the outside, Austin’s water-resistant synthetic leather and real brass accents give it a leg up on typical messenger bags, while the DSLR compartment’s dividers can be removed to convert it to whatever needs you may have.

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$156 | Cases

Snupped SpaceSuit

Customizable cases are easy enough to find for iPhones and iPads, but there aren’t too many options for Macs. Thankfully, Snupped makes personalized Mac cases, and the lineup includes SpaceSuit ($50+). Available in pretty much whatever size you need, the vinyl and rubber sleeve can be had with any of more than 60 pre-designed images, or your own uploaded photo.

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$50+ | Cases

SwitchEasy Thins (Magnetic Closure)

When it was released back at the end of 2011, Thins was SwitchEasy’s first case for Macs; it came in variations for the 11” and 13” Air. Now the company is back with a brand new version of Thins ($50-$60), which is notable for its extended lineup, and new magnetic closure. Gone are the bright colors that made the series so eye-catching before, replaced by a more neutral anthracite black.

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$50-$60 | Cases
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