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Satechi Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Satechi is continuing its run of desktop accessories made to match the Mac’s aesthetic, this time with the Flexible LED Desk Lamp ($70). Clad in silver with metal and plastic elements, it’ll look right at home next to a MacBook or iMac. Touch controls, a flexible neck, and iPhone-ready charging capabilities all make it that much more interesting. Read More


Replaceface Steve Jobs Prints

Steve Jobs may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten for a long time. Now you can salute his imperial glory days with one of the many prints ($12-$150) from Replaceface. Available from Society6, the Jobs print is one of many designs featuring a modern day hero or celebrity in classic European military garb; Steve is joined by the likes of Ricky Gervais, George Lucas, and Patrick Swayze. Read More


Pablo Floor Lamps

If you’re searching for a lamp to match your Mac, lighting maker Pablo likely has just what you’re looking for. While it has a number of different lighting solutions available, we especially like Cortina ($240-$500) and Elise ($108-$500), two lamps that make great complements to Apple’s design aesthetic. Each is available in sizes suited to either floor or table mounting. Read More


Yantouch Black Diamond Lamp

Having gone through a fairly major feature evolution since it was originally conceived as an iPhone dock, Yantouch’s new Black Diamond Lamp ($29) has become a cool little decor item for Mac users: a color-shifting LED lamp that connects to your Mac’s USB port or a wall for power, offering a pass-through USB port to charge your iPod, iPhone, or iPad while it beautifies your room. Capable of shifting through 1,500 different colors or maintaining whichever single color you prefer, the Black Diamond Lamp looks similar to earlier Black Diamond designs, but it’s much more affordable, while preserving the same whimsy and lighting capabilities Yantouch is becoming known for. Read More


QisDesign BE Light

Although Apple would likely come up with a simpler design—and definitely a less complicated name—if it built lamps, QisDesigns’s BE Light ($490) certainly will complement your favorite Mac nicely. Sure, it costs as much as a new iPad, but the cool folding mechanism and premium materials are sure to appeal to design fiends who have some money to throw around.  Read More


Yantouch JellyWake 2

Yantouch’s new JellyWake2 ($150) will look very familiar if you’ve seen our coverage of this company’s earlier JellyWake—a beautiful ambient lamp that caught our editors’ attention last year. But this sequel sports some major improvements: in addition to its unique color-shifting LED light system, JellyWake2 now doubles as an analog desktop clock, adds an Infrared remote, and includes new audio effects. Now you can experience the up close magic of its novel gesture-based controls, or use buttons to change its light show from afar. Read More

Ships December 12, 2011

Brightwurks Here's to the Crazy Ones Letterpress Poster

Although Steve Jobs will be remembered for dozens of different quotes, the Here’s to the Crazy Ones voiceover from the 1997 commercial will always be at the top of most people’s list. After hearing the unaired version of the spot with Steve’s narration, it became an even more powerful message for many. What better way to keep those words in mind than with this beautiful, limited edition letterpress poster ($95-$195) from Brightwurks? Read More


Martin Konrad Gloeckle Bendino Lamp

Flat lighting just took on a whole new meaning. Check out designer Martin Konrad Gloeckle’s Bendino Lamp ($72), available from online retailer Sleek Identity. It’s a playful take on a standard lamp that takes what you’re used to and shrinks it down to two dimensions, creating something that almost resembles your Mac’s icons. Read More


Pop Chart Lab The Insanely Great History of Apple Print

Pop Chart Lab says it was started “to render all of human experience in chart form.” That’s why it has prints ranging from The Evolution of the Video Game Controller to The Breweries of the Original United States, and the newest one will certainly appeal to Mac fans: The Insanely Great History of Apple ($20). This 18"x24” poster is printed on 100 lb. archival recycled stock, and would make a cool addition to any Mac-centric office. Read More


IMG Lighting Beacon 600 + 600LE

IMG Lighting’s Beacon 600 and 600LE desktop lamps ($130-$150) are somewhat funky-looking, but they’ve been designed to complement Apple’s MacBook Pro. Other than the obviously unique design, the big selling point is how they produce light: these lamps use 600 Lumen LEDs rather than conventional bulbs. Not only do they give you the bright light that you need, they’re better for the environment, too. Read More

$100 and up

AllPosters.com Steve Jobs Poster by Ted Thai

Steve Jobs may not be Apple’s CEO anymore, but he’s still an iconic figure, and a legend to legions of Mac fans. What better way to honor and seek inspiration the man than to hang a handsome photo of him with one of his creations on your wall? Some people may prefer the classic Steve in black turtleneck and jeans look, but there are plenty of other famous Jobs images, including this classic pose ($100 and up), available on AllPosters.com and shot by Ted Thai. Read More


Yantouch JellyWake

We loved Yantouch’s amazing color-shifting lamp JellyWash+, which we first spotted at CES earlier this year. Now Yantouch has released a tweaked version called JellyWake ($139), which has been modestly redesigned to make use of the unique sleep and wake timers easier. The result is in some ways an even more impressive LED-powered lamp—a beautiful way to change the look and even the sound of the office or bedroom where you use your Mac—but there is one reason that some users may prefer the original JellyWash+ design. Updated: We’ve had the opportunity to fully test JellyWake and have revised this article with new details and photos! Read More


Yantouch JellyFish Black

We’ve previously discussed our love for Yantouch’s LED-illuminated, color-shifting lamps, the highest-end versions of which are still a little challenging to find in the United States. So here’s a more affordable version: JellyFish Black ($85), which we’ve actually located in stock—for now. JellyFish Black has the same general look and illumination features as the $139 JellyWake model, but is controlled with a front-mounted touch panel rather than gestures, and leaves out the audio and timer functionality in favor of pure lighting. It’s an inexpensive way to radically change the color of the otherwise dull room where your Mac lives, and it’s a lot of fun to play with, too. Read More


Just Mobile Drawer

Need a bit of extra room on your cluttered desk? Want to raise your Mac’s screen up a bit? Like aluminum? If your answer to these three questions is “yes,” you’re going to want to check out Just Mobile’s newly-released Drawer. Created by the award-winning Apple accessory designer as a stand for your iMac or Cinema Display, it lives up to it’s name with—yup—a built-in drawer, extra storage space that will definitely come in handy to tidy up your desk. Updated with new details! Read More


The Oatmeal “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product" Signed Print

The Oatmeal is one of our editors’ favorite comics—equal parts brilliant and grotesque, it never fails to be funny. One of Oatmeal’s most spot-on strips was the “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product,” and we’re pumped that it’s now available as a framable signed print ($25). For digital comics who haven’t seen a “print” in a while, that’s a copy of the black and white comic on a piece of actual paper, complete with the author’s scribbled name on the front. Read More

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