Just Mobile Drawer

Need a bit of extra room on your cluttered desk? Want to raise your Mac’s screen up a bit? Like aluminum? If your answer to these three questions is “yes,” you’re going to want to check out Just Mobile’s newly-released Drawer. Created by the award-winning Apple accessory designer as a stand for your iMac or Cinema Display, it lives up to it’s name with—yup—a built-in drawer, extra storage space that will definitely come in handy to tidy up your desk. Updated with new details!

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$110 | Decor

The Oatmeal “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product" Signed Print

The Oatmeal is one of our editors’ favorite comics—equal parts brilliant and grotesque, it never fails to be funny. One of Oatmeal’s most spot-on strips was the “What It’s Like to Own an Apple Product,” and we’re pumped that it’s now available as a framable signed print ($25). For digital comics who haven’t seen a “print” in a while, that’s a copy of the black and white comic on a piece of actual paper, complete with the author’s scribbled name on the front.

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$25 | Decor

Apple Think Different Posters

You don’t need to be a longtime Mac user to recognize Apple’s “Think Different” slogan — the advertising campaign that accompanied it remains one of the most memorable in history, so much so that references to it are still made in Apple-oriented articles today. Now you can own a piece of this legacy with these Apple Think Different Posters ($20-$900).

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$20-$900 | Decor

Chris McVeigh LEGO iMac

Admittedly, more than one iLounge editor keeps some LEGOs near his workspace, so it’s not too much of a surprise that we’re digging this LEGO iMac ($100). This unofficial set is the closest thing you’re going to get to that fake Playmobil Apple Store from April Fool’s Day.

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$100 | Decor

Jake Harms Macquarium

Classic Apple products have been repurposed into everything from clocks to iPad docks. Jake Harms’ version of the Mac de-evolution is Macquarium ($199), which is exactly what it sounds like: a fully functionting aquarium made out of a G3 iMac, complete with a built-in filter and lights.

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$199 | Decor

Spielmann & Engelchen PinPuc

The best way to get that mess off of your desk is by… well, throwing most of it out. Or you could move it to the walls. A standard cork board is always an option, but PinPuc from Germany’s Spielmann & Engelchen is a whole lot prettier.

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€30 | Decor

Design Within Reach Lim C Table Lamp

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not a lamp can be sexy, here’s your answer: Lim C Table Lamp ($250) from Design Within Reach is a gorgeous source of illumination for your desk. The metal arm is slim and clean, perfectly complementing your Mac. And not only does it look great, it’s environmentally friendly too.

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$250 | Decor

Susan Kare Classic Mac Icon Prints

Whether you’re an old-time Mac user or just an aficionado of computing history, these Susan Kare Classic Mac Icon Prints ($90-$500) are a perfect addition to your Apple-themed workspace. A variety of icons are available, including the “Smiling Computer,” “Watch,” “Bomb,” and “Trash,” on a similarly varied number of colored backgrounds.

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$90-$500 | Decor

BirdAve Mac OS X Shortcuts Print

Whether you’re new to the Mac or simply need to brush up on your skills, this Mac OS X Shortcuts Print ($20) from birdAve should help you on your way. Available in a wide range of colors—we just happen to be fond of the orange one—it offers keyboard shortcuts for basic commands, the Dock, the application switcher, the Finder, screenshots, and more, all in a stylish print that will help brighten up even the most drab of work areas.

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$20 | Decor

Coalesse Power Pod

Two of the biggest concerns at the desk are storage and power, issues that Coalesse has addressed with their Power Pod ($99). Designed by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, Power Pod is composed of an almost seven inch diameter, three-section storage cup in a milk finish. When that is removed from the brushed aluminum base, a six outlet surge protector is revealed.

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$99 | Decor
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