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Etsy MacBook Stickers

Apple’s new Stickers commercial for the MacBook Air is one of our favorite ads out of Cupertino in a long time. Featuring quick shots of dozens of different Airs decorated with stickers, it shows how people actually personalize their Macs; not everyone keeps them pristine. We’ve found Etsy to be the best source for these stickers, with literally tens of thousands available to choose from at various price points. Read More


Grovemade Keyboard Tray

While it’s certainly not the only company making wooden accessories for Apple devices, Grovemade seems to be in a great position. It’s expanded its lineup well past iPad and iPhone cases and bamboo MacBook stickers. Recently, it introduced a whole new family of desktop accessories, including its Keyboard Tray ($59). Pictured here in walnut, it’s also available in maple. Read More


VectorWerks Cup Holder

Sometimes, new products appear that you knew you needed. Other times, the thought may never have crossed your mind, but once you see it, you realize the value. VectorWerks’ Cup Holder ($50) falls squarely in the second category. No, the company is not being cheeky with the name. We’re actually talking about a cup holder here, suitable for use in a surprising number of places. Read More


Bluelounge Kickflip

Anyone who’s used a laptop for an extended period of time—that is, most people—can tell you that it can get uncomfortable to type on after a few hours. Bluelounge isn’t the first company to address this issue with an accessory, but its minimalist approach may really appeal to some users. Kickflip comes in two different versions, one for 13” MacBooks ($18), and one for 15” computers ($20) Read More


APC Back-UPS Connect

If you’re familiar with UPS systems—uninterruptible power supplies—you likely know they’re usually designed for devices with huge power consumption requirements, such as desktop computers or even servers. APC had a pretty brilliant alternative idea: why not offer an inexpensive option to keep laptops and tablets online when the power goes out by guaranteeing enough energy for your router and modem, which require a lot less juice? That’s what Back-UPS Connect ($50) is for. The compact, reasonably-priced system strikes us useful both at home and in the office. Read More


Apple Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter

It appears Apple realizes that putting $3,000+ of supercomputer into a cylinder that can easily be lifted with one hand may pose some problems, if the wrong people are around. For the first time we can recall, it’s introduced a physical security accessory, the Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter ($49). Much like Maclocks’ version, it helps secure the newest Mac Pro, adding an attachment point for Kensington-style locks.  Read More


Arnoldsche Keep It Simple by Hartmut Esslinger

As Steve Jobs famously said, “Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” Of course, the outside world rarely gets to see those any of those 1,000 things, as Apple only publicizes the few products that got the thumbs up and made it out to store shelves. Publisher Arnoldsche and designer Hartmut Esslinger are finally giving people a look into what could have been. Keep It Simple (€30/~$41), subtitled “The Early Design Years of Apple,” tells the story of the company’s beginnings, and includes photos and drawings of prototypes that haven’t been seen before. Read More


This Is Ground Cordlupa

This Is Ground has products called Cord Taco and Cordito; Cordlupa ($25) only makes sense to round out the family. The faux leather band serves just one purpose, and that’s to wrap up your MacBook’s power brick and cord, keeping them bundled when you’re on the go. Read More

February 25, 2014

Maclocks Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket with Security Cable Lock

Unlike its giant and hard to steal predecessors, the new Mac Pro is… portable enough to make a purchaser worry about leaving one out in the open. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when we came across Maclocks’ new Mac Pro Lock Security Bracket with Security Cable Lock ($126*). The company known for securing Macs and iPads of all kinds is back at it again, this time prepared to lockdown Apple’s newest and most expensive machine. Read More


Universal Studios Jobs

It made big news through its entire production, from casting to its limited theatrical run, and now you can buy your very own copy of Universal Studios’ Jobs ($5+). While we’re still holding out for the Aaron Sorkin-penned adaptation of Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs biography, this should tide many people over in the meantime—after all, it has to be better than iSteve, the movie Funny or Die threw together. With a score of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, go into this one looking for a fun reflection of Apple’s founder, rather than a cinematic masterpiece.  Read More


Flipside Wallets Flipside 3X

In an ideal world, our iPhones would already have replaced our wallets for almost everything, holding credit, debit, and ID cards as data rather than plastic. But with Apple’s Touch ID sensors limited solely to iTunes Store purchases via the iPhone 5s, and Passbook making only slow progress towards holding tickets and passes, it looks like we’ll all be using physical wallets for some time to come. That’s why we sought out Flipside Wallets last year, falling in love with its hard plastic, spring-loaded, RFID-shielded model 2X. This month, the company released a new model called Flipside 3X ($40), and it’s quite literally the best modern wallet design we’ve been able to find—something we will always carry along with our MacBooks, and one that’s notably offered in colors to match the iPhone 5c. Read More

End of November, 2013

Just Mobile HoverPad

Hey, remember mouse pads? The once ubiquitous and usually foam mats may have disappeared from most desks around the world, but they’re not totally dead yet. Just Mobile’s newly introduced HoverPad ($30) is a fancier take on the accessory, suitable for sitting next to your Mac, and beneath your Magic Mouse. Read More


Maclocks MacBook Pro Retina Lock Bracket

The name might not be totally clear—Maclocks uses several different product names on its own page—but what’s obvious is the purpose behind the company’s MacBook Pro Retina Lock Bracket ($70). It secures your 13” or 15” MacBook Pro with Retina display, making sure the computer doesn’t wander away when you get up. Because Apple has all but eliminated Kensington lock slots on its machines, third-party options such as this one are necessary. Read More


Kor Delta, One + Vida Hydration Vessels

If you can look past Kor’s eyebrow-arching use of the phrase “hydration vessels,” one sip will immediately demonstrate why the company’s beautifully-designed products aren’t just your standard water bottles. Unlike other bottles we’ve tried, Kor’s threadless “Perfect Spout” has been specifically designed to feel smooth on your lips, using a flip-open locking top to stay shut when you’re carrying it around. And between the original model One ($30-$35), more easily-toted Delta ($20-$23), and metal Vida ($22-$25), there are plenty of options to match the look of any Mac you may be using, from early iMac-like bright plastic colors to the varied metals of later and recent machines. Read More


Ridgewood Publishing Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

There’s never been a question that Apple makes beautiful products; that fact is built into the company’s DNA. Ridgewood Publishing’s new coffee table book Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation ($75-$300) celebrates the history of Apple’s designs in photographs. Broken up into chapters covering desktops, portables, iDevices, prototypes, and packaging, it’s a journey through the history of the company, and its products. Read More

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