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Just Mobile AluRack

We’ve called Just Mobile “the master of metal” in the past, and its latest creation continues that lofty reputation. AluRack ($60) is an elegant way to store an item on the back of your iMac or Thunderbolt Display—anything from a MacBook to an external hard drive. The largely metal holder fits into the hole in the computer or monitor’s leg, perfectly matching its look while becoming ready for whatever you want to place on it. Read More


Yantouch JellyWake (2012)

We have a soft spot for Yantouch’s lamps; they’re really unlike everything else out there. That’s as true for its new 2012 edition of JellyWake ($129) as anything else it’s put out. Unlike the previous version, this one is designed to serve primarily as a clock, with several notable changes that help it fulfill that purpose. You might still have a hard time finding it in the States, but design fans might want to seek this one out.  Read More


ClearCal Anti-Glare Film

If you’re still looking for a Mac with a matte display, the only remaining option is the pre-Retina display 15” MacBook Pro, built with a $100 factory matte screen customization. The 17” model is gone, and none of Apple’s other notebooks or desktops offer the anti-glare finish. We’ve covered Power Support’s Anti-Glare Film before, but the $35 asking price may be prohibitive for some users, especially since you only get one shot at installation. One of the reasons we’re intrigued by ClearCal’s Anti-Glare Film is it costs only $20 for any size of MacBook. The company even offers anti-glare film for the MacBook Pro with Retina display.  Read More


Apple One to One

If you’ve ever bought a Mac from the Apple Store, you might well have been encouraged to sign up for One to One, a program to help customers learn how to use their Macs and various applications. Believe it or not, the $99 a year training program is actually really useful for switchers, and can help experienced Mac users, as well. Before reading on, note that One to One is only available at the time of purchase of a Mac from an Apple Store, retail or online. Read More


Twelve South BackPack 2

Twelve South is back at it again. This time, the Mac-only accessory maker has updated one of its first accessories to version two: BackPack 2 ($35) can now be ordered from the company’s website. It’s not a dramatic departure from the original iMac shelf, but has been tweaked and tailored enough to stand out on its own. Whether you’re using it for an external hard drive, MacBook Air, or even just your wallet, Twelve South outdid itself in renewing one of its signature products. Updated August 6, 2012 with comparison shots and hands-on details! Read More

Available for Pre-Order

Kensington SafeStand iMac Keyed Locking Station

While the chances of someone waltzing into your house and leaving with your iMac are probably pretty low, security can be a real concern in schools and business settings. Kensington is now offering what it calls its ultimate iMac lock for those who need it, with a particular focus on those institutions. SafeStand iMac Keyed Locking Station ($100) comes in 21” and 27” variations, ready to keep your all-in-one from moving an inch.  Read More


Master Lock dialSpeed 1500eDBX Electronic Combination Lock

While the rest of the world is evolving rapidly, padlocks haven’t changed much in decades. Thankfully, Master Lock has found a cool way to incorporate modern technology within a classic shell: its dialSpeed 1500eDBX ($25) is a unique digital combination lock—and a cool way to confound thieves familiar with traditional lock-picking techniques. Gone are the days of turning right, left, and then right again: dialSpeed instead relies on a code of your choosing, set with a four-way directional pad on its face; if you forget the combination and need access to the lock, you can use your Mac to retrieve a code to open it. Read More


Quirky Scribe

It can be a pain to use a MacBook in bed or anywhere else there’s no hard flat surface—angling the computer relative to yourself can be a challenge. Quirky’s Scribe ($35) attempts to solve that problem. Described as a “modular desk,” the plastic workstation provides an easy way to elevate and use your computer even when you’re curled up in your sheets. Read More


Rockpool Designs CableStrip

Cords, cords, cords. Apple’s trying to reduce the need for them, but they’re not going entirely way, and will still clutter our desks and yours for some time to come. We’ve seen many cable organizers over the years, but few have been as simple or inexpensive as Rockpool Designs’ CableStrip ($10). Read More


Ken Segall Insanely Simple

It was his official biography, but Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson wasn’t the last word on Apple’s former CEO or his ability to “think different.” In fact, Jobs’ death seems to have opened the floodgates for behind-the-scenes information about Apple, as new books about the man and the company are now debuting every few months. The most recent is Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success ($26) by Ken Segall. Having worked for Jobs as a marketing executive assisting both Apple and NeXT, Segall now gets to relay some of his experiences in this fascinating book, which starts out so strong that you’ll forgive it for softening a little towards the end. Read More


3M Privacy Filter

We’re not about to judge you for what you’re looking at on your MacBook—we understand the need for privacy when you’re out and about. Rather than hiding in a remote corner at the coffee shop, you might want to check out 3M’s Privacy Filter ($30-$60) instead. Now available in versions for each of the current MacBook Airs and Pros, this easy to apply screen film offers quite some truly nice features at prices comparable to standard ones that don’t protect your display from wandering eyes.  Read More


APC Back-UPS Pro

If you’re an iMac, Mac mini, or Mac Pro user, you’ve probably been through this before: a power outage that prevents you from doing some critical work on your computer. Our recommended solution is APC’s Back-UPS Pro family ($140-$250), which provides a variety of safe alternatives for emergency battery-fueled electricity. “UPS” stands for “uninterruptible power supply,” and the Pro family includes four models that vary in battery power—the lowest-end version will keep an iMac running for around 25 minutes per battery, while the top model gives you around an hour of emergency time, assuming nothing else is connected to the unit. Spare batteries can be hot-swapped in without interrupting power, too. Read More


Braun BNC010 Alarm Clock

Is Braun’s BNC010 ($100) the alarm clock Apple would make if Apple made alarm clocks? Well no, probably not, but it’s easy to see that the two companies still share a design aesthetic. Looking at this clock, we can’t help but think of an old white iPod tilted on its side. It’d be a great fit in the bedroom or office of any Mac lover.  Read More

May 2012

Kibardindesign White & White Clock

You can always check the current time by glancing up at the right corner of your Mac’s screen, but a good standalone clock can add sparkle to any room—and functional value when your Mac’s turned off. Kibardindesign’s White & White Clock ($179) strikes us as particularly cool: modeled after a traditional digital clock, this LED timekeeper has great style, ideal for mounting on a desk or hanging on a wall. Read More


Might Tees His Steveness T-Shirt

At this point, serious Mac fans likely have Apple’s famous “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” commercial memorized. Since Steve Jobs’ passing in October, not only has the version he narrated been watched 1.9 million times on YouTube, but the text has been reprinted over and over in a number of different mediums. One of our favorites comes from Might Tees’ His Steveness T-Shirt ($29). The copy from the ad has been typeset and sculpted to form Steve’s face and hand—one of the more iconic images of the former CEO. Read More

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