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Hatje Cantz Apple Design

We’ve been searching for a great Apple coffee table book, and Apple Design ($38) from German publisher Hatje Cantz looks like just what the doctor ordered. It’s a history and explanation of the company’s design principles, presented in a large hardcover layout. The 320-page tome doesn’t go all the way back to the company’s earliest products, but rather focuses on Jony Ive’s work—arguably the best and most important products in Apple’s storied history. Read More


Workerman MacHook

Any accessory that helps free up some desk space is good by us. If it looks nice too, that’s a definite bonus. That’s why we’re digging MacHook ($15) from Workerman. This handmade hook is the perfect way to raise your headphones out of the clutter that is your workspace by hanging them from the side of your iMac. Read More


Henge Docks Clique

It’s not the first accessory we’ve seen that joins Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad together, but Henge Docks’ Clique ($25) still has some neat tricks up its sleeve. Unlike Magic Wand from Twelve South, Clique is more than just a bar that holds the peripherals together at the top. Instead, it’s a tray with recessions for both devices. That structure allows you to use your keyboard and trackpad without needing a flat surface to place them on, making it perfect for the couch or bed. Read More


Susan Kare ICONS

We’ve featured Susan Kare’s work before; she and her icons played a large role in Mac history. If you’re looking to dive in to a broader array of her images, check out her new book ICONS ($40); it features 80 of her favorite images.  Read More


Moshi iVisor Air

Although we’re generally pretty big fans of screen protectors for Apple’s pocket devices and tablets, installing film can be a big pain. If you don’t get everything lined up perfectly on the first try, you might be out of luck; even if you do, you may be forced to accept dust and air bubbles trapped between the film and screen. That’s why Moshi’s iVisor Air ($37) for the MacBook Air is so appealing; it reduces glare, fingerprints, and other issues on your MacBook’s screen, while eliminating installation issues. Read More


Hammacher Schlemmer Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware

We’re always looking for new office-ready beverage vessels, and we particularly love things that match the Mac’s aesthetics. After all, if you’re going to be setting the cup down next to your machine, don’t you want it to fit in? In that vein, we suggest checking out Hammacher Schlemmer’s Cold Maintaining Stainless Steel Drinkware ($50). Not only does this four-glass set look great, but it helps keep your drink chilled longer too. Read More


Magic Connector Magic Trackpad Base

Apple’s Magic Trackpad is the pointing mechanism of choice for our editors’ desktop machines, and the Multi-Touch glass and aluminum accessory can be useful away from the desk too: it’s perfect for controlling home theater machines such as a Mac mini hooked up to your TV. But unless you have a hard surface to set it down on, you’ll lose the ability to physically click with its buttons. A solution has arrived in Magic Connector’s new Magic Trackpad Base ($20). Read More


Bluelounge Sumo

Bluelounge has done a pretty good job of establishing itself as one of the top makers of cable management solutions, and its newest product Sumo ($12) only furthers its reputation. This simple “paperweight for your cables” will be a welcome accessory, and if your desk is anything like ours, you may even want a few of them to keep all of the cords organized. Better yet, the price is as close to fair as Bluelounge’s designs get these days. Read More


Simon & Schuster Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The timing of this book’s release could hardly be better—almost like an Apple product. Originally scheduled to be released in March 2012, and then later bumped up to November 21, the official biography of Apple’s former CEO has been published just 19 days after his passing. Succinctly called Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson ($33), the book is now available in three formats: printed physical copies are in stores today, while Kindle and iBookstore editions are available for immediate download for $17 each. Read More


Stadler Form Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier

If you’ve ever spent long days in an office, then you likely know the value of a good humidifier—air conditioners and computers (even nearly silent Macs) heat up and suck moisture out of the air. Unfortunately, humidifiers tend to be large and clunky, which is why we were glad to come across Stadler Form’s Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier ($140). This 0.8 gallon humidifier mimics the clean, minimalist Apple design aesthetic—especially the white version. Read More

October 2011

Mobee Technology The Magic Numpad

Is it just a matter of time until Apple releases a Multi-Touch keyboard for the Mac? Mobee Technology’s not waiting for that to happen: the maker of The Magic Bar and The Magic Charger has announced The Magic Numpad ($30), which isn’t a standalone accessory; instead, you get a set of stickers and a custom app that transforms a Magic Trackpad into a wireless number pad. Mobee’s idea is to offer double the functionality without having to add another piece of hardware to your desk. Updated October 19, 2011 with new pictures and hands-on impressions! Read More


SoapLane Apple Bus Soap

Apple fans generally recall the company’s storied history with the mouse: Steve Jobs loved the idea when he visited Xerox PARC in the late 1970s, and introduced it to consumers starting with the Lisa. Since then, there have been a few hits and misses, the latter notably including the puck that shipped with the original iMacs. One of the most iconic pointing devices the company released was the Desktop Bus Mouse, or ADB. Now, thanks to Etsy seller SoapLane, you can clean yourself with Apple Bus Soap ($7.50). Read More

September 2011

Sifteo Cubes

Announced in 2009 as Siftables, Sifteo’s Cubes ($149) will finally become available this month, and we’re seriously intrigued by what they’ll mean for the future of interactive gaming. The basic kit includes three of the Cubes, a charging dock and AC adapter, as well as the USB wireless adapter that hooks into your Mac. Your computer beams games over to the tiny-screened Cubes, which serve as interactive displays and toys, with a minimum of three and a maximum of six Cubes working together at a time. Imagine a bunch of iPod nanos interacting with each other’s screens and you’ll have the right general idea. Read More


Braun BN0032

Braun is well known for its industrial design, particularly in the work of Dieter Rams, which Apple’s design team has used as inspiration in Macs, iPods, and other products over the years. That’s why we wanted to showcase Braun’s BN0032 watch (£120-£140)—a traditional analog clock face surrounded by clean, timeless lines. You’d be hard pressed to miss the resemblance between it and Apple’s current lineup of products. Read More


Griffin TechSafe Cable Lock System

You already know that unsavory people would love to steal your Mac. Most people lock their machines up by sticking something in the Kensington-style lock slot on the side. But there are other options, right? Of course! Griffin has a solution: the TechSafe Cable Lock System ($30), which works with any laptop, regardless of the holes on the sides. Updated with new pictures! Read More

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