2014 iPad iPhone iPod Buyers' Guide from iLounge.com


Carbon Fiber Magic Magic Mouse Vinyl Cover

Sure, Apple’s Magic Mouse is cool, but they all look the same. If you’ve been looking for some way to personalize the multi-touch mouse, here’s an option: the Magic Mouse Vinyl Cover ($29/$99) from Carbon Fiber Magic. No, it’s not real carbon fiber, but the textured sticker comes in four shades and might make your Mouse stand out from the crowd a bit. Read More


Tkaro Bottle

iLounge + Mac’s mission is to feature cool products that make your Mac experience better in different ways—including things that look great next to it. Take Tkaro’s Bottle ($37), which is pitched as “the glass you take with you.” It’s a gorgeous vessel for your favorite cold beverage, and thanks to glass and stainless steel construction, it just happens to complement the industrial design of many Apple computers. Read More


Panic Spinner T-Shirt

If you’ve ever used an Apple product, odds are you’ve seen the spinner at least once or twice—and power users likely see it multiple times a day. Now you can pay homage to your iconic buddy with a Panic Apple Spinner T-Shirt ($19). Read More


PowerbookMedic My Devices

Yes, Mactracker offers plenty of great information about the different generations of Apple products, but My Devices (Free) from PowerbookMedic digs deeper into something you might care about more: your Apple products. It’s kind of like Apple’s My Support Profile page, but with a lot more info about the components inside each of your Macs and other devices. Read More


You probably know that January’s Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. But did you know that a summer version is starting up again in New York City? Today marks the start of CE Week, a week-long collection of events at which many of 2011’s hottest technologies will be debuted. And our team of editors will be covering CE Week live. Here’s some of what you can expect inside. Read More


Adafruit iCufflinks

Who says you can’t let your nerd flag fly in even the fanciest of situations? Adafruit has you covered with its new LED and aluminum iCufflinks ($128). If you can imagine tearing the power buttons off a couple of MacBook Pros, making them gently pulse like Apple’s famous status lights, and throwing them on the sleeves of a tux, you’ll understand what’s being offered here. Between the outfit and the accessory, you’re bound to impress somebody. Read More


Megawing Hookeychain Magnet

If you often lose your keys, you’ll appreciate anything that eliminates those countless hours of searching. That’s why Megawing’s Hookeychain Magnet ($16) is a welcome addition to the world of keychains. It’s a simple, stylish way to hold and mount your keys, and it doesn’t take up much more space than the keychain bottle opener it’s going to replace. Read More


Zoomdoggle Buckyballs

Everybody needs that one thing at their desk to fiddle with during conference calls. Maybe it’s an action figure or even just a clicky pen; for at least a few of our editors it’s Twelve South’s Compass. If your workspace is devoid of just such a thing right now, you may want to check out Buckyballs from Zoomdoggle ($35-$38). Read More


Newer Technology 11 Piece Portable Toolkit

Of course the guys and girls behind the Genius Bar at your local Apple Store are always appreciated. After all, you really don’t want to be the one to clean up your MacBook Pro after you spill coffee on it. But sometimes it’s more convenient to get in the machine yourself, and if you’ve ever tried before, you know you need the right tools. Thankfully Newer Technology has collected all the instruments you’ll need in its 11 Piece Portable Tool Kit ($18). Read More


Vaja Mouse Pad

A hundred thousand throwaway mousepads have been designed for PCs. Only a few have been created specifically for Apple’s mice. Vaja’s entirely leather Mouse Pad ($69) is one of the best of them. Offered in twin tones—one for the border, one for the center—the Mouse Pad can be had in a white and red color combination immediately, or customized with 18 border and 5 center colors. All of the colors are in Vaja’s soft, wonderfully padded Caterina leather, which the company notes is more sensitive to showing marks in lighter colors; after two years of active use, our sample (originally covered here) is still in pretty great shape. Read More


GelaSkins Magic Trackpad Skin

Some might say that your Magic Trackpad looks boring—just another silver, glassy item for your silver, glassy computer. If you want to recapture the customization options that mousepads used to offer, GelaSkins’ Magic Trackpad Skins ($15) might be right up your alley. We like the company’s stickers for the iPad 2, and now you can get a version to make your pointing device just as distinctive as you. Read More


Apple Wallpapers

Great wallpaper can completely change the look of your Mac’s desktop. That’s why we really dig the collection of images at Apple Wallpapers, a site devoted to collecting and organizing Apple-themed artwork and photographs. Whether you’re looking for something to fill a 30” Cinema Display’s giant 2560x1600 screen, or a small, old 800x600 monitor, you’ll find it in the collection of over 500 images. And they’re all free. Read More

$32 and up

Creative Dexterity Mac Keyboard Jewelry

If you can’t get  logo clothing directly from the company store in Cupertino, there’s still a way to show off your fandom: Mac Keyboard Jewelry from Creative Dexterity ($32 and up). Read More

Lion Beat: Dress Like Steve Jobs

You know every Apple product by name. There’s a little stage in your basement for reenacting Stevenotes. So it’s only natural that you’d want to dress like your favorite Apple executive, too. Of course, there’s more to Apple than just one guy with black turtlenecks and Levi’s jeans—all the big names at Apple now have signature looks. In Lion Beat, we’re going to look at a bunch of them. But before we move on to the dreamy Scott Forstall, rugged Eddy Cue, or men-about-town like Bob Mansfield and Phil Schiller, we’re starting with the company’s most iconic dresser: Steve Jobs. Read More


Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock

If you take your MacBook out in public and walk away for a few minutes, there’s a fair risk that someone is going to try to steal it. In fact, there’s probably someone looking over your shoulder right now just waiting until you get up to use the bathroom. Locks are generally too much of a hassle, but they’re also a lot smarter than just trusting your Mac to keep itself safe in a room full of strangers. So Kensington is making things easier with its ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Lock ($45). There’s a carbon-reinforced cord and a special lock to attach to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Read More

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