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Ikea PS 2014 Secretary

Ikea’s new PS 2014 line is all about taking advantage of small spaces without sacrificing style. Just because you live in a studio apartment doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have nice things. Secretary ($189) is a perfect example of that ethos. A compact computer desk, it’s functional when you need it, and gets out of the way when you don’t. Read More


Artifox Desk 01

Just like iSkelter with its SlatePro, Artifox has a vision for a Mac-centric desk. Desk 01 ($1,199-$1,399) is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right, but there are a number of touches that make it quite smart for Mac users. Available in walnut or maple, and for lefties or righties, it may cost more than an Ikea desk, but it looks like it’s worth it. Read More

July 2014

iSkelter SlatePro

Sure, you can put your Mac on any desk, but why not pick one that’s made for an Apple lifestyle, such as iSkelter’s SlatePro ($498+)? It’s much more than just a flat surface and four legs. This desk is specifically designed for a modern workflow, with plenty of amenities for all your gadgets. Read More


Stir Kinetic Desk

With all the research coming out that says sitting is bad for your health, it’s no surprise that standing desks are becoming more and more popular. The latest comes from JP Labrosse, a former Apple employee who worked on the iPod, and his new company, Stir. Stir Kinetic Desk ($3,890+). It’s a fully mechanized, touchscreen-, Wi-Fi-, and Bluetooth-equipped beast, that actually learns as it goes. That’s part of the reason you might choose this desk over a stack of phonebooks on top of your current one. Read More


Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

Your Mac is as minimalistic as can be; it only makes sense that your desk should be, too. That’s why Prepac’s Floating Desk with Storage ($250) is so appealing. Available in white, black, or espresso brown, the desk hangs from your wall rather than sitting on your floor, and has enough space to accommodate an iMac in the center. Read More


Re:form Designs Crunching Numbers G4

Devoted Mac users often keep their old computers around gathering dust, a reality that Re:form Designs has created a seriously cool repurposing business to address. Following up on an earlier version that used prior-generation Power Mac G3s, Crunching Numbers G4 ($600+) is the latest design from the company, turning two Power Mac G4 towers into one of the nerdiest tables around. Read More


Haworth My Table Foldable Notebook Table

Having a huge desk isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if you’re not the most organized person in the world. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of papers, gadgets, and coffee cups. That’s part of the reason we like Haworth’s My Table Foldable Notebook Table (£200/~$314); it’s small, yet functional. Now popping up in Apple Stores all across Europe, this compact desk would look pretty darn nice in the States, too. Read More


Turnstone Office Sets

Whether you’re working alone or in a group, a great office can make all the difference between productivity and lethargy. You could cherry pick each individual piece and assemble them together, or you can let a company such as Turnstone put it together for you. The company makes all sorts of nice office furniture and accessories, with four different pre-designed office sets available; packages range from Office for One ($1,865+) for the solo worker to Office for Four ($6,904+) for groups. The base model includes a handsome, Mac-ready desk, with larger versions growing in size and price from there. Read More


Biomorph Pro Desk

Anybody who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk—at home, at work, or wherever it may be—knows the value of a good work surface. Sure, it’s easy to slap a couple of legs to a piece of wood, but that doesn’t make it the right tool for the job. Biomorph’s Pro Desk ($2,165-$5,080), is far more than just legs and wood. With a smart design, lots of room to work with, and adjustable height, it’s a very practical solution that looks pretty nice too. Read More


Herman Miller Teneo Storage Furniture

No matter how uncluttered your workspace, odds are your Mac has acquired some peripherals while you’ve had it, and in some cases, those peripherals—printers come to mind—might need supplies of their own. Herman Miller Teneo Storage Furniture ($TBA) lets you stash your extra stuff in Mac-complimenting style. Read More


La Boite Concept LD 130

Not content with just giving you a surface to put your laptop on, La Boite Concept has unveiled its LD 130 (€1,480/~$2,054). The “LD” stands for laptop dock, and the “130” denotes the wattage of the speaker—yes, this desk has a built-in speaker system, and a powerful one, too. The desk itself is made out of high quality wood and leather, contributing to the sort of premium look and feel one would expect for the price. Read More

£651 and up

Supporto Ltd. System Supporto

Apple’s Jonathan Ive is a ridiculously talented designer, and like all great creative minds, his work has been inspired by outside influences. British furniture designer Frederick Scott is credited as one of them, having created System Supporto, a family of office furniture (£651 and up) that Supporto Ltd. says is amongst Ive’s favorite designs, and is in heavy use within Apple’s industrial design studios. If the black-on-silver and glass designs look familiar, that’s no surprise: it’s been speculated that Ive channeled Supporto’s look into the current family of Macs.  Read More


MotoArt Airplane Desks

If you liked the Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk we featured last week, then you’re going to love MotoArt’s Airplane Desks (~$5,500+). These guys are the real deal: actual repurposed plane parts, modified to become your new work surface. That’s assuming, of course, that you can work with the distraction of something this awesome sitting immediately beneath your Mac’s screen. Read More


Restoration Hardware Aviator Wing Desk

Most of the desks we’ve featured in iLounge + Mac have the same kind of clean, modern aesthetic as your Mac. If you want something a little different, you’re going to love Restoration Hardware’s Aviator Wing Desk ($2,195). It’s much more 1940s than 2010s, but the balance of new and old works, and the desk offers a distinctive twist on Apple’s favorite metal. Read More


Sauder Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter

As the spiritual successor to the desk used by one of iLounge’s editors, Sauder’s Studio Edge LS 1000 Workcenter ($200) offers iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini users an affordable and fairly elegant way to set up a computer—maybe even two—in a corner. With twin tempered glass tops that are capable of holding even a 27” iMac with plenty of room to spare for peripherals and desktop work space, LS 1000 has a pewter-painted steel frame that works nicely with the lighter-colored aluminum Apple computers. A corner nook is right-sized for a printer or fax machine, assuming you still have a need for one of those. Read More

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