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Ikea Expedit TV Storage Unit

Once you have all the Apple hardware you need for a killer media center, including an HDTV and Mac mini, you just need to find the perfect way to show it all off. A budget option our editors like is Ikea’s Expedit TV Storage Unit ($229), an extremely clean-looking cube-based design with space for everything from your Mac and television to a receiver, game consoles, and much more. Read More


Bluelounge StudioDesk XL

Did you know that removing clutter from your workspace can help de-clutter your mind as well? Yup, and the Bluelounge StudioDesk XL ($800) was designed for exactly this purpose. Featuring a hidden, secret storage compartment, it lets you stow enormous power bricks, cords, cables, drivers, hubs, and other electronic junk out of sight, leaving your working environment as cord-free as possible. Read More

$400 and Up

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

When you work in front of a computer all day, you end up spending nearly as much—if not more—time in your computer chair as you do in your bed. As such, you want to get one that’s as comfortable as possible without breaking the bank. And the Herman Miller SAYL Chair ($400 and up) fits the bill. Read More

$2100 and up

Gallotti & Radice Air Desks

In the right designer’s hands, glass and metal office furniture pairs spectacularly with Apple’s glass and metal Macs. The Air Desk series ($2100 and up) from Artisanal Italian design house Gallotti & Radice is a clear example - crystal clear, actually, thanks to transparent 12mm tempered glass panes that form the top and sides of the basic Air Desk, the extended Air Desk L, and the smaller matching Air Desk Console. You get to choose from an anodized aluminum, stainless steel, white embossed or black lacquered metal bar to hold the glass together; it can support the weight of current iMacs and all MacBooks. Read More


Heckler Design OneLessOffice

Looking for a new desk? Office stand? Filing cabinet? How about all three pieces in a compact design, capable of being compressed for easy storage when not in use? Heckler Design has you covered with OneLessOffice ($1097). Made of heavy-duty steel, this nesting office set has everything you need to set up a small but effective and modern-looking workspace for your Mac. Read More

$4,900 and up


Without a doubt one of the coolest desks we’ve ever seen, the MILK ($4,900 and up) line demonstrates that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionality. Available in a Classic, extra large Grande, multi-person 4MILK, or half-sized Mini, the desks provide the same clean European design across the board. Colors and finishes are customizable; in fact MILK must be ordered through a licensed dealer who help in individualizing every detail.The modularity of the desk makes it that much more personal. The two or four compartments (depending on the model) can be accessorized with everything from stylized lids to toolboxes to wastepaper baskets. At the same time, built in drawer spaces allow for easy storage and charging of an iPad or MacBook. Read More

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