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Mobee i-Vesa iStand, iStand Duo + iStand Duo Pro

Mobee, best known for its wireless charging accessories, is expanding its product family with a whole new sub-brand called i-Vesa. The lineup is composed of three different mounting options—iStand, iStand Duo, and iStand Duo Pro ($797-$1147+)—tall metal holders for iMacs and Apple displays. While iStand holds a single unit, the Duo models hold two, with iStand Duo stacking them on top of each other, and iStand Duo Pro placing them side-by-side. Read More

June 2014

Henge Docks Vertical Docking Station

Henge Docks is back at it again, this time giving 13” and 15” Retina MacBook Pros some love with its latest Vertical Docking Stations ($90-$120). Available this month, the docks come in your choice of glossy white plastic, or, our preference, Mac-matching brushed metal. Both sizes come with pre-installed passthrough cables, making them ready to go out of the box. Because it stands your Mac up on its edge, the Vertical Docking Station is a good choice for hooking up to an external display on a desk with limited room. Update: Our original preview from May has been updated with new hands-on impressions and photos! Read More


Made by Cardinal Lifta

If there’s a material other than aluminum that Apple accessory makers seem to love, it’s wood. Time and time again, we see products that use the natural material, which plays so well against the silver and black of today’s Macs. The newest addition to that club is Lifta ($125), from Made by Cardinal. Billed as a “minimalist desk organizer,” the wooden lift seems like a great complement to the iMac. Read More


Twelve South BookArc möd for MacBook

After multiple iterations over the past four and a half years, Twelve South has just introduced the biggest update to its BookArc lineup yet: wood. BookArc möd for MacBook ($80) takes the tried and true design and renders it out in one of three natural wood finishes. Twelve South, much like Apple, is all about evolution when it is successful in a product category. While a new material may not seem like a big deal, it’s a clear departure from the aluminum we’re used to seeing. Read More


The Roost Stand

The big problem with most MacBook stands, as well-designed and functional as they may be, is they’re not portable. They fit perfectly on a desk or table, but not in a bag. The Roost Stand ($75-$80) from The Roost is different. Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, it was uniquely designed to fold up, making it perfect for working on the go. Read More


H-Squared Air Mount for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule

While some brands choose to stretch their focus out over all sorts of products, others stick to one category. H-Squared focuses on mounts for Apple devices, including Apple TV, Mac mini, and now the company’s routers. Air Mount for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule ($45) is just what it sounds like: a sharp-looking holder for the newest generation of AirPorts. Read More


Ergotron WorkFit-A + WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstations

Standing while you work surprisingly isn’t cheap. Just a few weeks after we featured Stir’s $4,000 Kinetic Desk, Ergotron has introduced significantly less expensive (but still costly) WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations. WorkFit-A ($649) supports iMacs, including all 21.5” models and the current, slim, 27” model, while WorkFit-P ($329) is for MacBooks. Both designs feature the same aluminum construction and adjustability, allowing you to raise your Mac up when you’d rather stand than sit. Update: We’ve received WorkFit-P to check out; click through for our thoughts! Read More


Twelve South GhostStand for MacBook

Many terms can be used to describe most Mac accessories—modern, clean, and shiny are just a few. But “hauntingly beautiful?” That’s a first. GhostStand for MacBook ($35) is a somewhat surprising design from Twelve South: instead of the metal and leather the company is known for, this one’s made of clear lucite, making it invisible-ish on your desk. The stand is a made from a pair of intersecting risers, which lift your MacBook several inches off your desk. Silicone rails on their tops prevent the computer from slipping off. Twelve South says the stand was inspired by Philippe Starck’s Ghost Chair, and we can definitely see the resemblance. Updated on August 28, 2013 with new photos and hands-on details! Read More


Belkin Loft for MacBook

MacBook stands aren’t the most complicated accessories out there, and they don’t need to be. Consider Belkin’s Loft for MacBook ($60), which is elegantly designed to do one thing—raise your computer up off your desk—and do it well. You may be able to use a phonebook or two to do the same thing, but this will look a heck of a lot better. Read More


Just Mobile AluDisc

It should come as a surprise to no one that Just Mobile is back at it again, with yet another handsome metal Mac accessory made to fill a need you might not even know you had. This time, it’s AluDisc ($70). If you guessed it’s a disc of aluminum, you’re right on. It’s a stand, giving your iMac or Apple display the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Updated with new photos and hands-on impressions! Read More

Sonnet xMac mini Server

It’s not secret that Mac minis are powerful little machines. Whether you’re running the standard consumer version, or opted to upgrade to the server edition, it can be used for some heavy duty tasks. Sonnet’s xMac mini Server ($1,295) makes the most of that by fitting your computer into a rack mount, and adding expansion support. It’s not for everyone, but power users and businesses should take note. Read More


Esoterism Tesseract Intelligent Mobile Device Station

A tesseract is defined as the four-dimensional analog of a cube, and while Esoterism’s Tesseract Intelligent Mobile Device Station ($79) isn’t precisely that, it’s still a pretty cool stand. What you get are two machined aluminum cubes, together ready to hold your MacBook, or even an iPad. The price is higher than some users would prefer to pay for a stand, but Tesseract has a distinctive style. Read More


Macessity Mi360 Rotating Mount Bracket for Mac mini

It’s hard not to love the Mac mini—despite its power, it’s really small, and runs so quiet that you mightn’t even know it’s there. That said, the desk space it occupies might be a valuable commodity. If you’re going to mount it under your desk, consider checking out Mi360 Rotating Mount Bracket ($55) from Macessity. Designed for 2010 and newer Mac minis, it has the unique ability to spin all the way around, handy for accessing everything that’s hidden on the computer’s back. Read More


Rain Design mTower

Aluminum MacBook stands aren’t uncommon these days, but most of them look pretty similar to one another. Rain Design took the basic concept and elevated it—literally. Attractively designed, the mTower ($50) holds your laptop a few inches off the ground, and frees up desk space by aligning the computer vertically. Read More


TotalMount AirPort Express Mounting Kit

When Apple released the newest version of the AirPort Express, it changed the shape. In doing so, it removed the ability to mount the router on a wall outlet. If you’re lacking a flat surface for the device or just want to get it out of the way, TotalMount’s AirPort Express Mounting Kit may be the solution. It’s listed at $30, but Amazon sells the mount for $16. Read More

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