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Kanex DualRole

Connecting to a wired network on modern MacBooks already requires an adapter, so if you’re going to plug something in anyways, you might as well get extra functionality out of it. That’s the thought with Kanex’s new DualRole ($69), at least. In addition to a Gigabit Ethernet connection, it packs three extra USB 3.0 ports, too. Read More

Moshi Cardette 3

Apple is sticking with SD card readers on almost all of its Macs, but the chances are slim that it’ll be adding any new memory card slots to its hardware. If you use any other type of card, then you should check out Moshi’s Cardette 3 ($49): this third edition of the company’s compact card reader is the strongest yet, packing support for plenty of high speed standards. Read More

Dev-Audio Microcone

If you’ve ever tried to record an in-person meeting on your Mac’s mic, or even on an external microphone, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with a bunch of different voices all on the same channel. Dev-Audio’s Microcone ($359) is made to solve that problem—the company calls it an intelligent microphone array for groups. Inside the hexagonal accessory are seven omnidirectional condenser mics, which can be used in a mix or separately with beam-forming DSP assistance to capture six separate audio channels at the same time. Read More

LaCie Blade Runner

And the award for most striking external hard drive goes to: LaCie’s Blade Runner ($299). Designed by Philippe Starck, it’s drastically different from accessories we’ve seen from his studio in the past, as well as virtually everyone else for that matter. Rather than the normal boxy enclosure most hard drives use, this one situates an “anthropomorphic metal interior” inside a cage-like series of vertical blades. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a limited edition. Read More


Satechi Aluminum External Hard Disk Enclosure + Multifunction Card Reader

Satechi has unleashed a pair of new aluminum clad accessories to go along with your Mac, and both are sporting USB 3.0—a very good thing for owners of more recent machines. Aluminum External Hard Disk Enclosure ($40) and Aluminum Multifunction Card Reader ($30) offer two different ways to transfer media to and from the Mac. The black and silver design means they’ll fit right in especially well with your favorite Apple computer. Read More

Mimoco Mimomicro Card Reader

Since Macs don’t have any direct way to access a microSD card, you’re going to need an adapter or reader if you want to use one. And if you need a reader, why not pick a stylish one? Mimoco—maker of Mimobot flash drives—has a lineup it calls Mimomicro ($13). Like the flash drives, they come in a variety of cool character shapes, although the selection here is more limited. Read More

Matias Laptop Pro Bluetooth Keyboard

If you like the look and feel of Matias’ Quiet Pro Keyboard, but don’t want to deal with cables, the company has come up with a solution for you. Laptop Pro Bluetooth Keyboard ($170) takes the best elements of that wired keyboard, then cuts the cord. You get the same Quiet Click mechanical keyswitches and sculpted plastic keys, all with a Bluetooth connection to your Mac. Read More

Q3-Q4 2013

Henge Docks Horizontal Docking Station

Henge Docks has been making MacBook Docking Stations for a few years, but up until now they’ve all been vertical units that stood your computer up and added passthroughs to the ports. At the 2013 International CES, the company decided to turn its flagship product on its side—literally. Coming in the second half of this year, Horizontal Docking Station ($249-$349) gives your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display a home on your desk, complete with plenty of extra ports. It seems ideal for those who hook a laptop up to an external monitor at home or in the office. Read More

Macally MKEYE 103 Key Full-Size USB Keyboard with Short-Cut Keys

Apple may be moving away from wires wherever it can with the Mac lineup, but that doesn’t mean you have to, too. If you’re into computer-powered keyboards, you still have options—including Macally’s new MKEYE 103 Key Full-Size USB Keyboard with Short-Cut Keys ($20). That’s right, only twenty bucks gets you a full-sized keyboard for your favorite Mac; just plug it into a USB port, and you’re ready to go. Read More


Artwizz Induction Charger Pro

Induction Charger Pro (€50/~$66) isn’t the first wireless charging system for the Magic Mouse we’ve come across, or even the first from Artwizz; we’ve previously covered Mobee’s The Magic Charger and Artwizz’s own Induction Charger after that. Although it’s similar in design to the earlier iteration, this version of the charging pad features modest improvements that make it worth a look. The idea is the same, though: pop the included battery pack in your Magic Mouse, plug the charger into a USB port or wall adapter, and just toss the mouse on when you want it to charge. Read More

Mobee Technology Magic Feet

We’ve been waiting almost a year for it, but now Mobee’s Magic Feet ($150) has finally launched. If you’ve ever wondered what you would get if you assembled the company’s Magic Charger and Magic Bar, wonder no more. Magic Feet is an all-in-one inductive charging unit for Mac users, and even adds a few bonus features for good measure. Read More


Kanex Thunderbolt Cables

We all know the deal with Thunderbolt by now: it’s Apple’s superfast, new-ish transfer medium, capable of transferring data at up to 10 Gbps. At this point, every Mac but the Mac Pro has at least one Thunderbolt port. Other than Apple, only a few companies are making the cables. Kanex is now offering not only the least expensive basic Thunderbolt Cable ($43-$69) we’ve seen, but also varying lengths. Read More

Early 2013

Amped Wireless 802.11ac Router, Range Extender + USB Adapter

Amped Wireless is one of the early champions of 802.11ac, the upcoming wireless broadband standard. Today, it unveiled three new devices that’ll be available in early 2013: the RTA15 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Router, REA20 High Power Dual Band AC 700mW Wi-Fi Range Extender, and ACA1 High Power Dual Band AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter ($TBD). Yes, that’s a lot of letters and numbers, but summary point: by next year, expect gigabit Wi-Fi speeds thanks to this router, range extender, and USB Adapter. Read More

OWC Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis

Following on the heels of mLogic’s mLink, OWC’s Mercury Helios PCIe Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis ($349) has arrived as a less expensive alternative in a slightly less attractive package. They both achieve the same end: any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac can use a half-length PCIe card that was formerly compatible only with the Mac Pro. PCIe cards can be used for everything from flash storage to video capture, enabling Mac Minis and iMacs to serve as professional-class workstations. Read More


Elecom Ultra-Compact USB Memory

Flash drives are—almost literally—a dime a dozen, so to catch our attention they really have to stick out. Or, as is the case with Elecom’s Ultra-Compact USB Memory ($60-$93), barely stick out at all. Not only is the company’s storage device minuscule, but it matches your favorite Mac perfectly. Read More

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