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Elecom Ultra-Compact USB Memory

Flash drives are—almost literally—a dime a dozen, so to catch our attention they really have to stick out. Or, as is the case with Elecom’s Ultra-Compact USB Memory ($60-$93), barely stick out at all. Not only is the company’s storage device minuscule, but it matches your favorite Mac perfectly. Read More

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad T651

Apple’s Magic Trackpad went two and a half years without an equally appealing third-party competitor for the Mac. Finally, someone has taken a stab at improving on our favorite input device: Logitech’s Rechargeable Trackpad ($70) looks like a real contender. It has all the same features and functionalities of Apple’s controller, plus a built-in rechargeable battery, for roughly the same price. Read More

Pioneer DDJ-WeGO Compact DJ Controller

We’re big fans of Algoriddim’s djay software in all its iterations: iPad, iPhone, and of course the big Mac version. That’s why we were excited to find out that Pioneer’s most affordable DJ controller, DDJ-WeGO ($299) is now compatible with the popular app. Available with a white, black, red, green, or violet trim, the unit is attractive and brings all sorts of mixing power right to your fingertips. Read More


Kanex 4-Port USB 3 Hub + USB 3 Gigabit Adapter

With Apple’s new iMacs finally making their way to stores, the computer maker’s entire lineup is now outfitted with USB 3.0—save, of course, for the neglected Mac Pro. Kanex has a couple of new accessories to take advantage of the super fast ports: its 4-Port USB 3 Hub ($59) and USB 3 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter ($49) may not be glamorous, but they’re useful add-ons.  Read More

AT&T MiFi Liberate

Now that every LTE-enabled iPhone and iPad has the ability to share its cellular connection, portable hotspot devices aren’t as important as they once were. AT&T decided to pump up its new MiFi Liberate ($50 with two-year contract) with a handful of unique features to make it more appealing. The most noticeable is the 2.8” touchscreen on the front, used to control all the device’s functions. A long battery life and media sharing capabilities are packed in too. Read More


Apogee Electronics Quartet

Because of the price and functionality, it’s easy to say that Apogee Electronics’ new Quartet ($1,295) isn’t for everyone. But for those looking to do high-end desktop audio recording on their Macs, this is an appealing option: a sophisticated new USB audio interface with a beautiful design, giving professional musicians total control over the recording experience. Plus, it comes from Apogee, a company that knows sound quality.  Read More

mLogic mLink Thunderbolt to PCIe Expansion Chassis

With the Mac Pro continuing to stagnate, and Apple’s portable computers growing more powerful with each iteration, mLogic’s upcoming mLink ($399) makes sense for professional users. The chassis holds a half-length PCIe card, allowing it to be connected to any Mac with a Thunderbolt port—a plug and play design that allows pro-grade accessory cards to easily be swapped in and out. Read More

Velocity Micro VMultra Drive

For most, Apple’s decision to jettison the optical drive from pretty much all of its computers isn’t a big deal. But we know there are some who still need them, especially on the now SuperDrive-less iMac. VMultra Drive ($200) seems like a pretty intriguing solution for those users. It’s more than just a disc drive; extra inputs and even additional storage are built in too. Read More


LaCie CloudBox

Wireless storage and backup is clearly the way things are going, and LaCie’s new CloudBox ($120-$180) is one of the cleanest implementations we’ve seen. Like many of the the company’s drives, this one is designed by Neil Poulton and it looks great: it’s a simple white box with just two ports: one for power and another for an Ethernet connection. With it you can store and stream files from multiple devices and multiple users, in the house or outside of it. Read More


Seagate Backup Plus

Unlike Thunderbolt, which is still being adopted at a trickle-like rate, USB 3.0 has seen quick and wide adoption from Mac hard drive makers. The latest to update its Mac drives with support for the speedier transfer standard is Seagate, with its Backup Plus Portable ($110-$130) and Backup Plus Desktop ($130-$180). They pack all the features you’d expect from Mac-specific backup drives, plus a few extras exclusive to Seagate. Read More

Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam

After photos leaked out without specific details, Logitech’s new Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam ($199) is now actually available for pre-order. While at first glance it looks like just another webcam, this Apple-centric unit is different from the pack: it connects to your Mac wirelessly over Wi-Fi, allowing you to move away from the traditional view of the camera at the top of the display, and packing in other cool features as well. Read More


Promise Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution

Promise is racing to create the fastest—and most expensive—external solid state drives around. The Pegasus J2 SSD Thunderbolt Storage Solution combines two costly technologies—SSD storage and Thunderbolt connectivity—into a palm-sized package. Retailing in Apple Stores at $799 for 256GB or an astoundingly high $1,499 for 512GB, the drive does have some impressive features that aren’t immediately obvious. Read More

Kanex mySpot

Kanex didn’t make the functionality of its mySpot ($60) crystal clear at first, but now that we’ve had a chance to explore it, it makes sense and is actually pretty darn cool. Heavily advertised as a solution for hotel rooms, it’s a tiny wireless router—although that term is never used by the company. The 2.75” x 1.0” x 0.75”, 1.1oz device turns any wired internet connection into a Wi-Fi network for use with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or any other wireless devices. Read More

AOC i2757fh 27" IPS Monitor

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is a thing of beauty, but the static $999 asking price keeps it out of reach for many users. If you’re searching for a similarly giant display that won’t break the bank, check out AOC’s i2757fh 27” IPS Monitor ($349). The name’s nowhere near as elegant and the specs aren’t completely equivalent to the Thunderbolt Display, but it’s definitely worth considering as a budget solution. It looks pretty nice, too. Read More


LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series

LaCie’s new Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series is the kind of external hard drive we can get behind. We use the term “hard drive” loosely, though—while Rugged comes in a 1TB spinning disk configuration for $250, it’s also available with a 120GB SSD for $200 or 256GB SSD for $350. It pairs super-fast storage with super-fast transfer rates, supporting both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt. Read More

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