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FastMac External Slimline USB 2.0 Blu-ray Optical Drive

Steve Jobs may still think that Blu-ray’s licensing terms are a “bag of hurt,” but if you want to burn these high-capacity discs on a Mac, you do have some options, as FastMac is now offering a whole line of External Slimline USB 2.0 Blu-ray Optical Drives ($200-$350). Consider this fair warning: they’re mostly for authoring. Since Mac OS X doesn’t support Blu-ray playback, you need to rely upon third-party software for recording, and Boot Camp over to Windows if you want to watch Blu-ray discs on your Mac’s display. Read More

Kanex C247DL

Just what are you supposed to do if you have an older Mac—a machine with a Single- or Dual-Link DVI port—and a newer 24” or 27” LED Cinema Display? In the past, there would’ve been no easy way to make them play nice together. But now Kanex has jumped on the problem, adding another adapter to its already extensive list: C247DL ($149). This little white and gray box actively converts the DVI signal to Mini DisplayPort, allowing you to hook right in. Read More

iFixit Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit

The new Mac mini has plenty of space inside for a second hard drive, but Apple charges a huge premium to install a second drive or SSD inside. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take advantage of the space. To help you out, the folks over at iFixit have come up with Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit ($70), which has all the pieces you need, except for the hard drive, which you choose yourself. Read More

Mobee Technology The Magic Bar

We’ve already seen Mobee Technology pull off a similar trick with the Magic Mouse, so it is not a huge surprise to see the company unveil The Magic Bar ($60)—but we’re still interested in this neat accessory, which we first checked out at CES in January. Just like its little brother, The Magic Bar is an inductive charging station, but this time it’s for Apple’s Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. It’s an easier and more environmentally-friendly solution than having to replace and throw out your AAs every few months. Updated August 11 and 30, 2011: Although it took a few months longer than expected, Magic Bar has finally been released. We’ve added detailed pictures to our photo gallery. And subsequently, we added new detailed impressions below. Read More

Moshi Zefyr 2

Under light usage conditions, Apple’s base-model MacBooks, Airs, and Pros tend to run almost silent and pretty cool to the touch, but there are times when even the latest power-sipping machines can get hot. So it’s great that Moshi’s just-introduced Zefyr 2 ($80) to cool them off, using a unique folding aluminum housing and three-speed, USB-powered fans. One model is designed to accommodate any Apple laptop from 13” to 17” in size. Read More

PNY 16GB Hook Flash Drive

Take a quick look in your drawer and you might just find more flash drives then pens—they’re super-common these days, but most of them are terribly forgettable. So if you’re going to carry one, it might as well look good and have plenty of storage space. Enter PNY’s 16GB Hook Flash Drive ($45), available at your neighborhood Apple Store. Read More


Kanex SnapX

Up until now, if you used an Apple Cinema Display with more than one Mac, you’d have to manually change the plugs each time you wanted to switch machines. Kanex decided there’s a better way to manage cables, and that’s why it has introduced SnapX ($69). This switcher allows you to use all of the features of your display—the FaceTime camera, audio, and USB ports—with two different Macs, toggling between them at the push of a button. Read More


Henge Docks Docking Stations

If you’re planning to use a Thunderbolt Display or some other external monitor with a MacBook, you’re probably looking for the least obtrusive way of storing the MacBook Pro it’s connected to. Enter Henge Docks’ Docking Stations ($60-$75). Unlike some other docks, they stand your notebook computer up on its thinnest edge, making the footprint a lot less intrusive than it otherwise would be. Read More

Apple Wireless Keyboard

New software warrants new hardware. We saw a few fresh Macs pop up alongside Lion last week, but as Apple is wont to do, it also quietly revved an existing product without even mentioning it. In this case, it was Wireless Keyboard ($69). Since it first launched, Apple’s typer has been among the best, and now it’s just a bit better. Read More

$38 and Up

OWC RAM for Mac Mini (Mid 2011)

Having only 2GB of RAM in any Mac really doesn’t cut it these days. Lion claims to only need that much, but everyone knows 4GB is the best starting point. That’s why we were pretty surprised to see that the base model of the new beefed up Mac mini still comes with 2GB. Apple let’s you double that for $100, and go up to 8GB for $300. Luckily there are companies like OWC with memory modules that are a lot less expensive—and they give you options Cupertino doesn’t. Read More

August 2011

Canon X Mark I Mouse Slim

There are several ways to describe the Canon X Mark I Mouse ($60). “Insanely clever” might be one. “Insanely cool” might be another. Just plain ol’ “insane” might be a third—but whatever your feelings about it, it’s certainly unique. Read More

Apple MacBook Air SuperDrive

So you just stopped by the Apple Store to pick up your new MacBook Air or Mac mini, and you’re wondering how you’re supposed to rip your CD collection. If optical media are still part of your life, then you might want to consider dropping $79 for Apple’s MacBook Air SuperDrive. Don’t let the name fool you; it works with both of the company’s drive-less Macs. Read More

6-8 Weeks

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27-inch)

It looks the same as the now-discontinued LED Cinema Display, but Apple’s brand-new Thunderbolt Display (27-inch) ($999) has a whole new set of tricks up its sleeve. Rocking the same huge, beautiful screen as its predecessor, it’s the perfect desktop enhancement for your MacBook, especially the MacBook Air. The under-the-hood changes bring it up to speed with the latest Mac computers, too. Read More

Numark DJ2GO

So you taught yourself to DJ, and now you want to spin the ones and twos pretty much wherever you are. You could use your mouse or trackpad to control your favorite software, but dedicated hardware is better, right? That’s why we’re checking out DJ2GO ($60) from Numark. It weighs less than a pound, and has everything you need to spin. And how’s this for easy: it’s powered by the USB port on your Mac. Read More

Apparent Doxie

Going paperless sounds like a great idea for any office, but a mountain of dead trees—well, old papers—may keep you from getting there. Hundreds of scanners are available for Mac users, but few are as compact and easy to use as Apparent’s Doxie ($149). Don’t let the pink hearts fool you; this USB-powered feed-through scanner is a powerful solution for documents, receipts, photos, and whatever other printed materials you want to convert into digital formats. Read More

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