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Sanho HyperJuice 1.5 External Battery for MacBook/iPad/USB

Sanho’s HyperJuice 1.5 ($170-$550) is an external battery pack for your Mac, ranging in capacities from 60Wh (16,000mAh) to 222Wh (61,000mAh). As you might guess, the large batteries allow you to juice up your favorite Mac on the go, and run for up to an extra 53 hours, depending on the machine and capacity you’re using. Each also has twin 12W USB outputs that are capable of recharging even the power-hungriest iPads at full speeds. The hitch: MacBooks use the proprietary MagSafe standard to draw power. As a result, there’s some work to be done before HyperJuice can make an electronic connection for charging. Update: We’ve received HyperJuice 1.5 to check out; click through for our thoughts! Read More


PKparis K'lip Flash Drive

PKparis enjoys playing around with flash drives—we previously covered its minuscule K1, and now the company is back with K’lip (€17-€25/~$23-$34). Coming in 16 and 32GB capacities, it’s not the physical size that’s the star here, but rather the waterproof metal casing and integrated carabiner clip. Read More

November 20, 2013

Atama Sesame

Concerned about safety on your Mac? Worried someone might break in when you step away? That’s exactly the issue Atama’s Sesame ($40) is made to address. A small fob, Sesame uses Bluetooth 4.0 to automatically lock and unlock your Mac, all based on proximity. In an office setting, it could be a really valuable solution. Read More

November 15, 2013

Connected Data Transporter Sync

There’s no question that cloud storage is a valuable technological advancement, however many people have understandable security concerns about sending personal information to big companies’ servers. With its Transporter products, Connected Data provides the benefits of providing access to your data from anywhere while keeping it stored safely in your own home, instead of on somebody else’s server farm. Transporter Sync ($99) is the latest member of the family, and also the least expensive.  Read More

CalDigit Thunderbolt Station

Consumers may not be clamoring for Thunderbolt accessories, but considering the number of products that continue to be introduced, we have to imagine there’s a market for them at the professional level. The latest is CalDigit’s Thunderbolt Station ($199). Much like Belkin’s long-delayed, finally-released Thunderbolt Express Dock, this breakout box turns a single Thunderbolt connection into a handful of useful ports. Read More

November 2013

Promise Pegasus2

Thunderbolt 2 is real! We expected the new standard to make its debut with the Mac Pro, and while that was the first machine with announced support, the new MacBook Pro with Retina displays have the ports too, and are available now. To go along with them, we’re starting to see some of the first accessories made to support Thunderbolt 2, including Promise’s Pegasus2 ($TBD). Read More


PKparis K'1 USB 3.0 Flash Drive

We never cease to be amazed by how small storage devices are becoming. Take PKparis’ K’1 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (€35-€65/~$48-$89). Available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, there really aren’t any words to describe it other than tiny. Plug it into your Mac, and it almost disappears, adding additional storage without adding much profile. Read More

Satechi Smart Travel Router/Travel Adapter with USB Port

There are some combinations in the technology world that are hard to see coming. Satechi’s Smart Travel Router/Travel Adapter with USB Port ($45) is one of them. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea, but packing a world outlet adapter, router, and USB charging station into one device certainly isn’t something that would pop into our heads. To travelers though, this combination may in fact make a lot of sense. Read More


LaCie Porsche Design USB Key

Porsche Design is known for its industrial aesthetic, often incorporating metal elements and simple, clean lines into established accessories. The new LaCie Porsche Design USB Key ($30-$50) takes the company’s theory to its logical endpoint: it’s a brushed steel stick, packing a USB 3.0 connection and your choice of 16 or 32GB of storage space. A square opening at the back end allows you to clip it to your keys. It’s not a stretch to call it almost undesigned. Read More


Western Digital My Cloud

Between iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and every other cloud storage system out there, there’s a good chance your files are spread far and wide. Western Digital’s new My Cloud ($150-$250) offers a personal cloud for your home, initially in 2, 3, or 4TB capacities. While the box itself may look like a standard hard drive, there’s a lot more to it than just that. Read More

Epson Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-One Printer

Even as we share more and more content online, it’s important to be able to print out a page or a photo when necessary. Consider Epson’s Expression Photo XP-950 Small-in-One Printer ($350)—“small-in-one” is definitely the company’s phrase, not ours. It’s capable of printing pretty much anything you may need, and quickly, too. Read More

Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

Belkin’s YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad ($60) is exactly what it would look like if you took a Magic Trackpad and stuck some numbers to it. If Apple were ever to make a number pad of its own, we’d imagine it would look just like this. For the accountants and other number crunchers out there, it’s worth checking out.  Read More

September 23, 2013

Sonnet Echo Express SE II

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for a Thunderbolt 2 accessory, good news: we have one to show you… sort of. Sonnet has announced its Echo Express SE II ($499), a Thunderbolt expansion chassis for PCIe cards. It’ll be available on September 23, and at that time, it’ll ship with a standard Thunderbolt connection. Whenever Apple ships its new Mac Pro this fall, Sonnet will allow you to upgrade to Thunderbolt 2, for free. Read More

October 21, 2013

Orée Touch Slab

If you were to ask us what materials we’d expect to see a Magic Trackpad competitor made of, wood certainly wouldn’t be at the top of that list. In fact, we’re not even quite sure how that would physically work. But apparently it does, as Orée is launching its Touch Slab (€150/~$200) on October 21. Read More


OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini

Available in a wide array of capacities, ranging from 240GB of SSD storage to 3TB of traditional spinning hard drive space, OWC’s Mercury Elite Pro Dual mini ($192-$1,028) is more interesting than the standard portable hard drive. Each different model actually comes with two equal size drives, preset to either RAID-0 or RAID-1, based on your preference. If you want to take advantage of the total storage space, go with the former, and if you want data redundancy, choose the latter. Read More

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