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    3M Privacy Filter

    We’re not about to judge you for what you’re looking at on your MacBook—we understand the need for privacy when you’re out and about. Rather than hiding in a remote corner at the coffee shop, you might want to check out 3M’s Privacy Filter ($30-$60) instead. Now available in versions for each of the current MacBook Airs and Pros, this easy to apply screen film offers quite some truly nice features at prices comparable to standard ones that don’t protect your display from wandering eyes. 

    Like most privacy films, Privacy Filter allows you to see what’s on your screen when viewed straight-on, but obscures the picture for anyone who might be looking at an angle. What’s really cool about this one though is it’s reversible; one side is glossy and the other has an matte finish. Thanks to the special adhesive, it can be repositioned hundreds of times. That’s a big benefit when you consider many normal films require you to get the application right on the first time, or else go out and buy a new sheet.

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