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    Free with OS X Mavericks

    Apple iBooks

    Readers, rejoice! Once you update your Macs to OS X Mavericks this fall, there’ll be a few new apps in your dock, and iBooks (Free with Mavericks) is one of them. Assuming that you’ve been building a book library on your iOS devices, the same content will transfer right over to your computers.

    iBooks works pretty much like we’d expected: your content can be sorted by collections, authors, categories, or just as a list, and all the content stays in sync across your devices. Make a note on your iPad, it’ll transfer to your Mac; read to page 99 on your Mac, it’ll match up with your iPhone. Of course the iBookstore is there too, all the skeuomophism has been removed, including the wood shelves and even page-turning animations.

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