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    Booq Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air

    When you hear the words “laptop sleeve,” the first thing that comes to mind is likely a padded neoprene case with a zipper. Booq’s taken a different approach with its just-released Viper Sleeve for MacBook Air, offered in versions for both the 11” ($40) and 13” ($50) laptop. Most notable is the unique closure mechanism, coupled with materials that are similarly distinctive.

    Viper Sleeve’s body is made of reinforced halves covered in natural fiber—the same kind of material we’ve seen on a number of Booq’s iPad cases. They’re held together with magnets along the open edge, which puckers up in the middle. Simply slide the thinner edge of your Air in, and the opening will snap shut behind it. The sleeve comes in black, gray, purple, and sand, each of which has a nice earthy feel.

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