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    DaisyDisk DaisyDisk

    Let’s face it: it’s ridiculously easy to fill your hard drive with junk, and picking through it all is tough—who wants to sift through files and folders? That’s where DaisyDisk ($20) from the eponymous company comes in. It gives you a visual representation of all of the drives attached to your Mac, making it easy to perform a quick clean up of their contents.

    Not sure what a given file is? Quick Look is built in, and especially helpful with large media files you’ll probably be deleting. And just in case you immediately regret your decision, there’s a five second timer once you hit the delete button, allowing you to make a last-minute save if necessary. It’s a great way to get your Macs cleaned up before Lion, especially since it’s half-price in the Mac App Store right now.

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