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    Empoc Screen Vault

    Sure you can lock your Mac with a password, but everyone knows you use your first dog’s middle name for everything. Empoc’s Screen Vault ($5) lets you secure your machine while you’re away in a more old school way: with a combination lock. That’s right, this Mac App Store title takes you back to the days of high school lockers, but it’s a lot more high tech and you don’t have to clean it out at the end of the year.

    Rotating the lock works just like it does in real life, except you use your Multi-Touch trackpad to spin it to and fro. If the combination lock isn’t your thing, there’s an Android-style pattern lock as an alternative. Either way, the whole app is very customizable, with a number of different themes and widgets that can be displayed while in use. It’ll even snap pictures and video if someone tries to break into your machine.

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