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Ikea Expedit TV Storage Unit

Once you have all the Apple hardware you need for a killer media center, including an HDTV and Mac mini, you just need to find the perfect way to show it all off. A budget option our editors like is Ikea’s Expedit TV Storage Unit ($229), an extremely clean-looking cube-based design with space for everything from your Mac and television to a receiver, game consoles, and much more.

Available in black or Apple-esque white, this modular shelving system has a central box for your TV, surrounded by 16 square shelves and twin rectangular ones right in the center. A number of inserts personalize the unit, including drawers, doors, and the Lekman box, all of which we’ve tried and liked. If you dig the style but aren’t looking for a place to put your TV, the Expedit Bookcase starts at $129 and features only the boxes. We’ve used them for everything from shelves to room dividers, and though they’re not the fanciest furniture we’ve ever seen, the prices are right.

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