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Adding other users to Find My iPhone
By Jesse Hollington | 09.11.13

Q: How do I add my boyfriend’s iPhone to my devices under Find My iPhone?

- Kim

A: Apple’s Find My iPhone feature is only designed to be used with devices that are configured under a single iCloud account—essentially for your own personal or family devices. This means you can’t actually add your boyfriend’s iPhone unless he has signed in to Find My iPhone with your iCloud Apple ID and password on his iPhone, or unless you sign into the Find My iPhone app with his iCloud Apple ID and password.

Note that you can enable Find My iPhone on a secondary iCloud account under iOS 6, which may be a solution if you really want to share a keep both of your iPhones under a single Apple ID for the Find My iPhone service. However, in iOS 7—scheduled to be released next week—Find My iPhone will only be supported as part of the primary iCloud account.

If you’re simply interested in keeping track of each other’s locations while keeping your own separate Apple IDs and passwords, you may want to take a look at Apple’s Find My Friends app, which is designed expressly for the purpose of sharing your location between different users. This app also provides additional features such as allowing you to receive alerts when friends arrive at or leave from specific locations.


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Sadly you can only have Find my iPhone enabled in the main iCloud account in iOS 7 :(

By Khaled on 09.12.13 at 05:11 AM

I have a question. I accidently deleted my daughter’s iphone icon from “Find my Iphone” app. How do I add her phone back on the list so that when I signed into Find my Iphone, her phone will appear as it did before? Thank you.

By kelly on 09.19.13 at 10:36 PM

I have two iphones with different numbers.I installed find friends on the two phones. I wanted to keep one in the car and usinr the other one to find where i parked. when I send a request to add a friend on them I get ” you cant send an invitation to your self. Any help?

By Lotfi on 07.03.15 at 07:55 PM

That’s pretty much expected behaviour. Find My Friends is designed for sharing locations between separate iCloud accounts, so you’d have to use two different accounts for it to work out that way. Further, you can only report location from one device per account, since the point is to let your friends know where you are.
You’d probably be better off simply using the Find My iPhone app, which will provide location information for all of your devices registered to a given iCloud account.

By Jesse Hollington on 07.06.15 at 07:48 AM

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