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Using Find My iPhone from a PC or Mac
By Jesse Hollington | 10.09.12

Q: I have the Find My iPhone App on my iPhone and can use it from my iPhone, but I would like to know how to use it from my computer. It doesn’t do me any good to use it if I know where my iPhone already is.

- Darlene

A: Although there is no standalone “Find my iPhone” application for the Mac or PC, you can easily access this service simply by logging into your iCloud account at from just about any modern web browser.

Once logged in, simply select the “Find My iPhone” icon. You may be asked to supply your password again for additional security and privacy after which you will be taken to a map view. The Devices button in the top-right corner will drop down a list of all of the iOS devices and Macs associated with the current iCloud account, and the location status of each.


Clicking on any of your devices will centre the map on that particular device, with controls for zooming in and out and options to play a sound to help you locate the device, remotely erase the device, or lock the device in iOS 5 and earlier or enable “Lost Mode”  if the device is running iOS 6. The latter option locks the iPhone and allows you to enter a phone number and message that will be displayed on the screen to assist an honest finder in getting your iPhone back to you. “Lost Mode” also begins tracking the movement of your device so that you can see where it’s been while it’s lost, rather than merely reporting its current location.


If the selected device is offline (e.g. out of network coverage or turned off), then instead of a map you will be shown a screen with the same options along with a checkbox to send you a notification once your device comes back online. Any other options you choose here—Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase—will also be performed as soon as your device comes back online.


Note that the web interface will not work from an iOS device, however the Find My iPhone app can easily be downloaded and used with your iCloud account on any device, regardless of whether it is otherwise configured with your iCloud account or not, so using a friend’s iPhone or iPad is always an option if you find your iPhone missing when you’re out and away from your computer.


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i’ve lost my ipod but not sure where its their a way to find my i pod/phone on my pc laptop… plzzz respond asap i need this back!

By Greg on 11.10.12 at 08:51 AM

hi someone his stolen my ipad and i download find my ipad and i cant locate it.please help is there any other way i could find it cause in other too track it who ever got it must have internet there any other way i cound track it even if the person dont have internet

By brent mathew on 02.19.13 at 12:48 PM

Wow, just used the icloud from my pc and located my phone within 1 minute.  I am thankful that it was at home. 

Thanks for your help Jesse H.

By C. Joyc on 05.13.13 at 12:02 PM

i need help and cannot find it. i had downloaded find my iphone app to my pc. itworked fine for two months i can no longer use any of my icloud apps whrn i log into my icloud account. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx dp

By donnie piacentine on 06.06.13 at 12:36 AM

This article is totally sweet and helped me find my iphone! to whoever wrote this article thanks a million!!

By J. Storey on 07.02.13 at 03:48 PM

I lost my iPhone but the Find My iPhone won’t find my phone because my phone is off. Is there another way to find my iPhone or is there a way to turn on my iPhone from my computer?

By Donovan on 07.13.13 at 06:18 PM

i lost my iphone,but i never turn on my find my iphone app,is there any way i can turn it on from a computer ,itunes or whatever?

By Ivanpoketron on 09.18.13 at 08:12 AM

i got my ipod tooken away for a month how can i get find iphone on my msi touch screen computer

By juda on 09.21.13 at 08:13 PM

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