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Apple iPod touch loop
By Nick Guy | 10.11.12

Although every fifth-generation iPod touch comes with a single, color-matched loop, Apple is also selling the iPod touch loop ($9) as a standalone accessory. Further indicating that Apple's product naming team has an odd disregard for proper pluralization -- remember the single-packed iPhone 4 Bumpers? -- each loop package actually comes with two wristbands. One is either pink, yellow, black, blue, or red, while the other is always white. The accessories appear to be made from thin, bonded layers of microsuede and a neoprene-like material, with a sliding fabric O-ring that can tighten the strap, reducing the chance your iPod will fly off your wrist. They're identical to the those that ship with the iPod touch, but allow users a bit of color customization ahead of the inevitable release of third-party alternatives.

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