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Cobra HH500 Floating VHF Radio with Bluetooth
By Jeremy Horwitz | 09.16.13

Pitched as an iPhone speakerphone and speaker alternative for marine use, Cobra's IPX7-rated submersible and floating handset HH500 ($170) looks like a walkie-talkie and packs a 1/3/6-Watt VHF radio, rechargeable battery pack, and other useful features. In addition to wirelessly pairing with Apple's devices, HH500 enables nautical users to tune into U.S.A., Canadian, and international channels, including all of the NOAA's weather channels, as well as receiving weather alerts. HH500 also includes a noise-cancelling microphone and "Burping" speaker that can vibrate water out of its grille for better performance after submersion. A charging dock is included, as are wall and vehicle power adapters, mounting screws, a handstrap, and a second battery pack that you can self-supply with five disposable AA cells as a backup.

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