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Incipio Performance Armband for iPhone 6
By Phil Dzikiy | 10.21.14

Incipio has brought its Performance Armband ($30) — last seen for iPhone 5 — to iPhone 6, with a reduced price. It's the first athletic accessory we've seen made specifically for either of Apple's new iPhones. Like the last version of the armband, Performance for iPhone 6 uses water-resistant materials and includes a small slot for holding a house key. An opening at the bottom of the iPhone compartment allows access to the phone's headphone port. The armband fits snugly around the iPhone 6, leaving no room for a case. While the touchscreen will work through the plastic window, Touch ID won't. Keep in mind that due to the increased size of the iPhone 6, some users may find the latest Performance Armband more awkward to wear; this will especially be true for smaller users.

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